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  1. I might have some 300s. ill check tonight.
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  3. This thing seems to fill a nice segment of the market. How many times have you had to stop on a ride because someone broke a belt? it sucks. Now, how many times have you had to stop multiple times on a ride because multiple belts broke? right off the bat, it has its selling point. Honda hasnt been on the cutting edge of performance for so long, its practically a given that they will never be again. What they do build, is stupid reliable vehicles that just plain work, and work well. They handle well right out of the box. It will be fast enough, to have a good time in. People complaining about 10hp, or 20 hp, sound like nit pickers. if hp was REALLY the main selling point, you wouldnt be in a SXS in the first place. Old VW rails were making more hp than these things. The Honda looks cool enough, is fast enough, and as long as the reliability is there, it will sell. Then you can slap an exhaust, a wrap, and a metric shit ton of LEDs on it, and most people still think its a RZR anyway...
  4. Sorry, for some reason the text didnt post. Not sure about a frame model or anything like that. Ill see if there is any other markings or anything on it tonight.
  5. Im selling my trailer since I no longer have my sand rail either. It was built by SU specifically to transport sand rails. It is 16 ft x 99" Inside the rails with drive over fenders. LED lights, Dual axles, and a spare tire. No wood on this trailer, its all diamond plate, so no rotting, splitting wood to replace. I used this to haul my long travel rail around without a single problem. Call or text Matt. 626-416-9978. $2500
  6. I think looking at DTV as a wireless carrier is a great example. They both are dealing with similar problems. wireless carriers are concerned about data usage exceeding THEIR bandwith capabilites. Again, the company has failed to keep up with the technology. What good is a new $1500 iPhone 13X SuperPlus that can stream 4K movies without breaking a sweat, when the carrier cant provide the bandwith to support it, and then caps or throttles your data after watching a few movies? The fact that the two industries are "bundled" together isnt really a surprise I guess.
  7. I have not been offered a lower price ONCE since I have been with DirecTV. The packages that are offered have never "gotten better" either. You must be a better customer to them than I am. I still cannot get anything better than a 720p picture through DirecTV, and thats only if I pay extra for HD. I dont think I can even buy a 720p TV anymore either. Is DirecTV that far behind? or have they neglected to improve THEIR technology to keep up with the new equipment that is out? As technology has improved, shouldnt the price for it come down?
  8. I seem to remember a member saying that parking on top of someone else was neccessary because parking their rig across the street was not possible, due to a "steep drop off"...
  9. On my 87 250R, I had some 8 paddle Dune Sliders on factory rims that came with it. I never really liked them. They actually felt like they were bogging it down on the top end. they slid "ok", but nothing special. I switched to 6 paddles Skat trak Hauler Extremes on Blue lable wheels and it was a big difference. It actually slid easier than the dune sliders, and the straight line traction was better. Im not sure if it was the lighter weight (both the rim and tire were lighter than dune sliders/stockers), or the fewer, taller paddles, but the top end felt stronger. So thats my recommendation. 6 paddle Extremes.
  10. Yes that is SP's side of the fight thing. PT claims he was threatened with a fight. SP is the one who called the cops, PT is the one publicly shaming him over it.
  11. Neither of those. In this situation one guy parked on top of another and was approached about it. the "park-er" claims he was threatened with a fight (the other side claims something different, but thats besides the point). The Park-er, claims he didnt want to fight about it, but still wanted to stay there. The Park-ee, calls the cops to resolve the issue. The Park-er publicly shames him over it. Im not saying that because the Park-er didnt want to fight he HAD to call the cops. What I am saying is that the person who isnt willing to fight usually needs the cops. Publicly shaming someone for calling the cops here sounds more like you are trying to regain some kind of street cred that you might have lost. Sure he has the right to an opinion. Its just not going real well at this point.

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