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  1. djk_rctruck

    Glamis Christmas Video part 1

    All ready done chees n crackers keep it up
  2. djk_rctruck

    Noisy suspension

    Head sets
  3. djk_rctruck

    Prayers Needed for follow Duner

    Thoughts and prayers sent.
  4. djk_rctruck

    Glamis thanksgiving part 3

    Great time for sure. Thanks for the shots mikey.
  5. djk_rctruck

    motor advice

    With out knowing how your chassis was built it's a big thing. Is it chrome molly, how is it braced and is there any current or unscene problems cracks and such.
  6. djk_rctruck

    Glamis Veterans Day Ceremony 2018

    Great time and good video. Thanks mikey.
  7. djk_rctruck

    Sand trix stx4 Ls1/2d

    Bump for any offers. I'm willing to make a good deal for a great car.
  8. djk_rctruck

    GD.com Vets day 2018 Ceremony

    It was a great time and I am very honored.
  9. djk_rctruck

    It's Saturday 11/3/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Drag Racing in vegas
  10. djk_rctruck

    Is Halloween Dead

    My neighborhood busy and all laughs
  11. djk_rctruck

    GD.com Vets day 2018 Ceremony

    I cant wait I'm kitchen already
  12. djk_rctruck

    Mother G this weekend who is going?

    Be in vegas for nhra division racing but will be there the 9th.
  13. djk_rctruck

    DS650 advice

    This is a great quad I loved mine whiskey I would have kept it the is super stable and very durable.
  14. djk_rctruck

    Sand trix stx4 Ls1/2d

    Bump for season opener.
  15. djk_rctruck

    Forum Problem

    Yep the same here.

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