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  1. I am intrested in what the pole says on this. From the engineering side I cant see an issue. Has one of the limiting straps streached?
  2. Lol my neighbor is the owner of S&S. The cars are good and the week points come from decisions made by the purchaser. I have seen people trying to save a dime and use mild steel and such. So you would need to know the exact chassis before I could give you any exact info. P.s. S&S is still building just alot slower pace. Not as much demand for new cars.
  3. I cant aee why the turning brake would affect the cv. The wheels turn at different speeds during turning any ways why would application of the break to one side affect them. I think you just were having fun an drove it more😉
  4. Just dropped her off and I cant wait 14 days till I'm in the sand.
  5. This might influence my Halloween trip plans. I like to see it for sure.
  6. Its sand not snow get with the times lol😎
  7. Yay getting my car into the tuner. I will give updates as I get them went with ads in chandler.
  8. Congrats and may you have following winds and full sales on the next adventure.
  9. I’m at 5 years then moving to the Bahamas and wintering in glamis.
  10. You all and your California regs just move to az and simplify your life.
  11. I run one and have never had an issue with them. I dont understand why you wouldn't.
  12. Getting to take a road trip. First thi the hotshots monument then up to Flagstaff for dinner with my sons at NAU.
  13. Seams that we over complicate things. Just fill to recomend level. I use the funnel and a long hose. Not in a rush here just something that works.

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