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  1. Bump for new years just replaced ls1 with a 6.0 tuned by ADS in chandler. Shoot me any reasonable offer.
  2. Nice safety advancement are amazing.
  3. Did you check to make sure everything in the barrings is correct and not warn. There should be no diffrence in the spindle length.
  4. And a pot of gool to keep it runnin🌄
  5. PBS doesn't make the brackets any more. Best to make your own.
  6. How do you have the cables run? Is it mid engin or rear set up. For the rear engin most run a loop in the cable to get the pull for up shif and push for down. Mid engin run them strait for the same shifts. Pics would help determine the changes needed.
  7. You all suck I sold all my nitro rc gear and now I'm looking at all the new shiny lipo powered trucks. Lol it never ends.
  8. We do still do gecko when group size allows. And you more than welcom to swing by just to say hi if you over this way.
  9. You rig limits you alot I would tell your welcom to hang but we have been doing alot of wash road this season. not that like it just to many rigs. Have yo be careful I been stuck once this season but lucky a little pull got me going.
  10. Bump would like further info on shock oil weight and its effects.
  11. Thank you and great meeting you.
  12. Great movie, not an fast pace action flick. That is cause there is a true story to tell and you have to do that right.
  13. Looks like great times out there.
  14. Busy busy getting ready for vets. Everyone Going to be out for this one.

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