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  1. That a good one. I actually got a super quiet genney cause I still thought my genny in the toy hauler was still to loud.
  2. Have fun, talk when not out riding feel free to just sit an chat it up.
  3. Some of the questions I see make me think they may just be looking for options and opinions. I have built several street cars and offroad cars. I worked in heavy machine for years but still ask what people think and take the advice. Some is good and some is bad best to know the difference.
  4. I think a good leader is just that a leader. He learns, You know your group, break downs happen and some times as I have experienced you push your ride father than ever. That's how we get better but I will say that if your not the leader be honest with yourself if you need to tell the leader your uncomfy do it. If he is doing great let him know. The leader should give you some advice at a stop if you ask. To help you improve your driving.
  5. Best of the best here. Driving a a car that 18 years old pin it. When in dought throtle out. Lol reality is I drive to have a good time with my passengers. Can I go harder yes but having people puke in the car is never good.
  6. This is a great event and a great way to kick off the season.
  7. Just called ADS and it's a bit of a wait to even get in I'm looking at end of August middle of September. Ugg
  8. I will check on avaiblity to get it dialed in with them. I shill have the question of which workes better off road running a maf or not? I can see it getting dirty and giving a false reading and the fact that when clean being the best way to get most out of the car. I just want to set it up to have the most fun and reliable as I can.
  9. Where that at? Any options on running speed density over maf.
  10. My thought was to ask cause running for the sand is very different than tuning for anything else.
  11. Ok got any good timers that you can recommend in Phoenix? I'm in the west side.
  12. So just did a major update new trans and went form a stock ls1 to a 6.0 block wit cam and head work. I'm running a Delphi blue pcm and needing to get tune. Wondering if purchasing a hptunner and being able to make my own adjustments or just get a single dyno tune. What are your all thoughts on it.
  13. Still waiting to get the 5er back and the motor going in the car this weekend so my fingers are crossed.
  14. I still have yet to get solar. I would love it but I have no faith in the industry right now and it's not just the sales practices it's the science. The panels are advancing at a rate that last years tec is not this years and in 10 years that gap will be better. I think that is some of the problem with the price variation between companies. What are they installing and how up to date is it. Is it on my list yes not that it will lower my bill but its clean enegery and I'm all for it.
  15. I like both clean skin and good ink. I think it's a style thing I see some with buteafull ink that compliment their body lings and there the ones that look all willy nilly and such.

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