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  1. I keep tubes just so I dont loos a trip over a hole. I did run a tube for a couple of trips last season for a big side wall puncture until I got a new ser of paddles. Seaned to work fine. As for the valve stem issue if you look for them you will find that they come in correct size to swap with out a problem.
  2. Great video Mike. Keep them comming all season.
  3. Summer bump let's make a deal
  4. Bump Car will be in glamis this weekend if any one wants to kick the tires.
  5. Bump Trans just rebuilt by AZ trans works all new gears and installed new 15gal fuel cell with fule safe fome.
  6. Aww ok I was wondering if the Bob weight were just to offset the crank but I guess I was mistaken. I realy dont think I'm ever going to by anything balanced again lol.
  7. No I think the way I'm heading a good solid motor. Who did you use for the machine work.
  8. Yes the compression ratio was fairly low at 9.5 to 1. I want to stick with just a good strong N/A motor. If I was going forced induction I would just them alone.
  9. So I got a iron 6.0 with all the ls2 transfer parts done, intake, oil pan and such. Got it in the car to fire it up and hear a knocking song so back out it comes get into the motor to find a bent rod. It is running the stock rods and a 8cc dished piston. So here is my question thinking of changing to a 6.125 h beam rod and some 2cc dishes pistons with the 72 cc combustion chamber. This would improve the geometry inside the motor and up the compression just enough to keep me out of running race fuel. Would I have to have the to send in the rotating assembly to be rebalance with changing the rods and pistons? I guess I always thought you balanced the crank. Not the assemble as a hole. I always weighed and matched the rods and pistons but I ran into an arrival that said if changing rods and pistons the balancing would need to be redone. Any input on the way this is done?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. All ready done chees n crackers keep it up
  12. Great time for sure. Thanks for the shots mikey.
  13. With out knowing how your chassis was built it's a big thing. Is it chrome molly, how is it braced and is there any current or unscene problems cracks and such.

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