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  1. Had he had a fishing pole and was fishing for a meal. They would have to leave him alone. Catch and release and your in deep sheet
  2. In this time it is important to take anything you hear that doesn't make any sense with a grain of salt. I just had a friend send me some video of a guy asking Alexa about the virus. It then goes on a 40 second monologue on how it is a government conspiracy. I told him well if Alexa said it , it must be true. I know you can get Alexa to say anything you want it's pretty simple actually so when I get home I plan on making a video asking the same question to my Alexa...... My friend is not going to like the answer my Alexa is going to give
  3. I think Better Call Saul is getting better than BB was. What makes it so great is we know how it ends, we just have no idea how we get there. Just when you think this is how the pieces fall into lace, They twist it further away from where we are going.
  4. As crowded as you think OC is it is nothing compared to NYC. That is why they have the curve going thru the stratosphere. 5 story walk ups, elevators to get to apartment/ offices to get in to 40 story buildings. Socals surrounding area of LA, Ventura, San Berdo, San Diego and Riverside in the same square miles you have what 5 states and how many people. Much more dense area. much quicker to spread a germ that lives 10 days infecting everybody and everything with out a single symptom. Just think everybody you have come in contact with physically in the last 9 days could have either infected you or you have infected .
  5. There is one more place you can check. When you connect to city water there is a check valve to prevent you from pushing thru the pump and when your not on city water that valve prevents the pump from pushing water out the city connection. Am I making sense? Check there as well to all the places mentioned
  6. So your looking for a Mail Boxes Ect...... on Steroids
  7. The flame thrower was from a movie about the Inglorious Basterds killing Hitler in a Paris movie theater.........
  8. It's not a parody of the Manson Gang it is the way it happens in Quentin's Universe. All of his movies are intertwined and the history from one effects the future in others.
  9. Just finished......... Your going to like it
  10. That's OK I just blast some good old Opera music starting at 7am, just before going on the morning ride....... Breaks the EDM, Cookie Monster Rock and Mariachi music guys from playing the music the next night.
  11. As somebody who builds Office buildings for a living I am more worried they will all start working from home. Oh and I figured it out all of the non-essential people are the terrible drivers
  12. If it happens and I really don't think it will only because Mother Nature will close it down in just a few short weeks. Yet If they do shut it down it's going to take a little time to get everybody out. I think a 4 or 5 day trip is still possible for this week. I am planning on going out in two weeks, I am a little skeptical right now, but if it makes it thru the weekend I don't think it will shut down till the 13th or so. Figure they will do it the same way, They will announce it on Friday , Shut it Friday night and start asking people to leave by Monday morning.
  13. No the people who use to stand on the sidelines and say that "you" don't need a AR-15 with a 30 round magazine for any reason what so ever are scared.

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