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  1. If the rain wins the race we are screwed
  2. My current screen saver is from a Vets weekend a few years back, now I have one worthy of replacement. Thanks
  3. My new Boss was told 5 years ago that he needed to loose weight and start watching what he was eating or else he could become a diabetic. The diet and weight loss program lasted about a year, at that time he decided he had cured it. Back to eating what he wanted......................... Fast forward to January of this year and he wakes up and his eyes are seeing double. Goes to Eye Doc and they send him to a specialist. Now for the last 10 months he has to check his blood all the time and give himself shots for insulin and every two weeks has to go to the Eye Doctor and gets a shot in each eyeball. After which he cant see for about a day.
  4. Try @dbart He gets a notice that way
  5. Your going to find as many different opinions as you would with a Subaru or V8 conversation. Some people like the sway bar others like not having it. The car is going to handle way differently without it is the only thing that is an actual fact. Remove one of the links tie wrap it up out of the way and drive the car, take the wrenches to re-install it. Will only take you one ride to figure what side of the toast you want to put the butter on.
  6. All I know is that there have been a lot of fire breathing monster V8's try and beat the green Funco /w/ A Subi and none have. A few have gotten close on those mornings in the dunes above China Wall.
  7. Ironic is that the two seat hustler the guy went to is the two seat Hustler GM has
  8. When I led on the quad I would try to keep an eye on the guy behind me as well as the person in the back. The guy behind me so that I would not turn into him when I would pull one of my Crazy Ivan turns. The person in the back so I would know where the tail was so I wouldn't step on it, In big groups this could be the biggest challenge. If I didn't see the tail I would just dune back around and pick them up. Although sometimes I could end up two ridges over from the group with just me and the guy behind me but hey I would try. Now in the cars we still run a pretty tight group and radios help but mirrors are more important. All I need to know is who is behind me and just catching a flag or bumper transitioning behind me is all I need to see to know they are still back there. Radios can be a big handicap if you rely to much on them. Just because somebody doesn't call out a witches eye doesn't mean there isn't one there and if somebody says somebody missed the transition doesn't mean you should go the opposite way of the way that person is going.
  9. Go to Service Az.com enter plate number and last two or three of the VIN pay for the year, no late fees no having to pay for the years you didn't buy. $25.00 and your done.
  10. What happens when the main breaker doesn't open all the way? Would you even know ?
  11. It's not the guy climbing the pole's fault the power is out. For the BS power outages you guys are dealing with your not going to be having a trouble shooter out trying to fix things but a traditional power outage you might.
  12. Nothing makes a Lineman nervous like the sound of generators running during a power outage. You people with back feed breakers are the reasons why. Propane is the best fuel supply. Get a real transfer switch..
  13. I would never even consider dropping a grumpy in a friends house to me it's not an option. If mother nature came calling I would be leaving, Would rather destroy the gas station's rest room over taking the chance of backing up a friends toilet. I am pretty sure most people are the same way, they are not going to walk into somebody's house and do that, Now in the garage bathroom, the possibility is there. The urinal removes the option.

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