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  1. MWB

    SX / Motorcross

    Roc is legit and Webb is a real contender. Osborne and Anderson can compete at a top level. But when Tomac is on he is a freak of nature. His only problem is not being on all the time.
  2. MWB

    Reducing weight rating on my new truck

    In Az. That is how they do the permanent tags for the utility trailers, Truck registration based off the original MSRP
  3. MWB

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Don't forget his cousin, Bob Urhead
  4. MWB

    2011 Ford Super Duty 6.7L MPG

    If Ford is like Chevy it is the length of the bed that dictates the fuel tank size. The worst truck to have period... Well besides a 6.4.... Is the Chevy 8.1 with a short bed truck. You only get 26 gallons and if your towing well you can pass anything on the road but a gas station. Know a guy who had to fill up 3 times driving up to flagstaff towing one of the big Raptor 5th wheels with 3 slides.
  5. MWB

    The debate over abortion

    It is a right to choose don't want to knock her up, roll one back.
  6. MWB

    The debate over abortion

    As a man I don't think I have much to say about what a woman wants to do with her body in this situation. If I had a daughter or if my sister, mother or girlfriend got pregnant I would support her ability to make a choice. I would hope she would make the right choice and not have an abortion. If she did that would be her choice. The entire child support debate is a complete different topic.
  7. MWB

    2019 Silverado 1500

    From what I am seeing on the used market. That is where they are hiding the gold bars
  8. MWB

    parking ticket advice

    I say give it a try at fighting it. They might let it go.
  9. MWB

    Looking for a quad

    The YFZ450R is hard to beat, but it takes a rider to make it dance. The 700 is fast but it is a lazy ride. put it in 3rd gear and just lug it around she is going to do the same dance weather its an aggressive rider or a passive one. The KTM's are nice and you will pay the price to throw a leg over one The TRX's out of the box are not as quick as the YFZ450R but they ride a lot softer and don's have to be pushed as hard to get a good ride. If you liked the LTR450 you will like the YFZ450R only get the R don't get the X . Also make sure it is an R the R's have the wider stance and aluminum frames if it isn't a aluminum frame it is not an R. Should be able to find one that is a couple years old stock and unmolested for under $4K I wouldn't pay much more.
  10. MWB

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Have a friend who married ( for a short time at least) a stripper. She was to say the least the one who ran the house. Well when their daughter was born she named the kid her old stripper name. I still remember asking him if that wouldn't make coming up with her own stripper name a little more difficult when the time came. He found no humor in that......... At least until this past weekend when he told me like mother like daughter. I didn't ask what name she would be going by.
  11. MWB

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    The sad part is all of the people who think she did the right thing and the innocent people she killed deserved it for cheering when the took ole Neds head.
  12. MWB

    Game Of Thrones

    I do agree with you getting the ending right though is the hardest thing. Breaking Bad I thought was just about the best way to do it for that series. SOA & The Americans you are right they screwed the donkey for those endings. The only show I can remember that I liked the ending was the show Newheart. There were some others that the ending wasn't really an ending it just was the last episode, like Cheers. As far as GoT Episode 6 I see this Dani finds out about Tyrions role in Jaime's escape Sentenced to death Dani finds out about Davos providing the means for Cersie and Jaime to escape Kings Landing, Sentenced to death. but before the sentence is carried out he escapes Dani tells Jon to send a raven to Sansa to come to Kings Landing and bend the knee or she will send Drogon to burn down Winterfell. Jon kills her and takes the throne. The bittersweet ending will be that sense they cannot find Jaime & Cersie's bodies under the Red Keep Tyrion will die thinking he saved his brothers life. Sansa and Robin marry making them the biggest power brokers Bronn walks into Castlery Rock and takes the Lannisters place. An Older Sam is sitting in the great hall of House Tarly with two young boys and he starts to tell the tale of Fire & Ice.....Fade to Black
  13. MWB

    Mogollon rim riding

    Grab the hand drawn map they sell at the store.
  14. Doing flaming Dr Pepper shots one night at the bar and a buddy's girlfriend who was wasted couldn't drop the shot glass in the beer without hitting the side of the mug. Spilling it all over the table sending people flying. They were doing these shots all night and were telling me how wasted you could get off these flaming shots. The look on there faces when I told them just think how wasted you would be if you didn't burn off the alcohol first........
  15. Only smarter according to the story.....

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