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  1. That first little peanut moves to anyplace, Mrs Crusty will be saying I got to be close and by close I want to be able to drive there and home same day no problem.
  2. With your kids starting High School I don't see you going anyplace anytime soon..... But I can predict what state you will end up in. You are going to end up in whatever state your first Grand-baby lives in. Guaranteed
  3. In other words. The Juice just isn't worth the squeeze
  4. 76 in the office, Was 76 in the house when I left this morning. Truck will be a little warm this afternoon and I might burst into flames while I walk across the parking lot to get into my truck. Sitting in the pool after the shade hits it will feel nice after dinner. This will last till early September before the nights start cooling off a little bit, but it sure beats shoveling snow. So I will take sitting in my 1600Sq ft house that I pay less than $700/ month for for 3 months, because when winter hits the rest of the country it is 76 and sunny around here. Ill take it for the other 9 months.
  5. There is a member here that was over length who did get pulled over and the CHP did pull out the tape. A little bit of creative parking on the side of the road and leaning like a Chollo after the Officer had him hold one end of the tape made his over length rig pass with a couple inches to spare. So it does happen and there is no telling what would of happened had he not shrunk the tape a few inches.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Ok, I know all sand cars are one off's basically so there are no two are built or driven exactly the same, but they are close. You are asking a question that if it was an issue the other people who have this kind of car would of had this problem also. Yet it doesn't appear that anybody is jumping in with "this is what i did" . What that is telling me is that could it be something else that is binding or slightly out of alignment causing this problem? Before I slap a band-aid on one side of a car I would look into why is it that side that bolt that keeps failing.
  8. Mine is the opposite. Come home from a vacation all relaxed in a great mood about as stress free as one can get then you walk into work and the first 15 minutes have you right back to where you were before you left on vacation. The days leading up to vacation I have short timers disease.
  9. Not seeing anything I can't live without.
  10. The Irony is this. They fly a Mexican flag to protest the ICE raids........ The ICE raids are not after Mexicans they are after people south of Mexico who came here claimed asylum for whatever reason. When they arrived they claimed asylum. They were held for a short period while they waited for a Immigration Judge the judge gave them a court date and were released. They were no longer illegal they were actually legally here at that point. ICE is going around rounding up the ones who either didn't go to the court date or who were found not to have a reason for there asylum and were issued a order of deportation. Nobody seems to have a problem when they round up the dead beat parents who don't pay child support, Nobody seems to have a problem when Cops go out into the streets and find people who have outstanding warrants. Hell Dog the Bounty Hunter had a hit show for rounding up people who didn't go to their court date. It's not somebody's Nana who has been living in the shadows illegally for 25 years they are after it's the people who we don't really need here. People who are refusing to follow the rules to actually become citizens
  11. Weekend 3 of a 3 hour project of replacing the bent tie rod on the SxS and I still have not finished. The rest of the weekend went to shit and I got nothing done for the 2nd weekend in a row.
  12. Guess they are trying to get the East series going early

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