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  1. I agree with Hondajimz. If you have health insurance and have a doctor you trust to get you healthy don’t get a lawyer. Get healthy and then see what the other insurance company offers. If it is fair take it. If it’s not or you think there might be some long term effects from the accident and they are not responding to your liking, then lawyer up. You can always get a lawyer after they make an offer and it would be my last negotiation tactic. “If the best you are going to fear me above my medical costs is $X I think I need to retain a lawyer at this point to gain a sati conclusion “
  2. Was sitting at a light one night and a drunk plowed into the back of my car. Me and my buddy were both Ok but my neck started to tighten up and he ha a cut on his little finger. Truck was drivable so after the cops arrested the drunk in a rental car we left and I decided to go to the ER , because my neck was tightening up. Mty buddy who had no ride from the ER and had good insurance decided to get checked out also. I was told nothing broken or out of place was going to be sore for a few days. They pulled a tiny piece of glass out of his little finger. My neck tightened up a lot and I got a Lawyer. Lawyer sent me to a Doctor the Doctor saw me 3 times a week for 2 months. My friend didn't do anything After I was released from the Doctor the Lawyer called and said they were willing to pay out 15K, Doctor bill was $5K , Lawyer took 1/3rd so he got $5K leaving me with $5K in my hand about 2 months after I was released. Just after I picked up my check from the Lawyer my buddy stops by wants to thank me for convincing him to go to the ER that night he wanted to show me the check he got for $7K from the insurance company. They contacted him he told them he was Ok and just had that cut and the ER cleared him and he had no lasting injury or pain from the accident. They asked for a copy of the bill from the ER that his insurance covered he was out his $50 co-pay and that was it. He never asked for a penny and got $7K .
  3. You are 100% correct. And are one hell of an internet detective
  4. Face it your sticking with the duals out back. As far as brand I say pick your trim level and make the stealerships earn your business. Can’t go wron with any of the big 3 big trucks. Give them all a drive and take home the one that gives you the most bells and whistles for the least amount of denaro
  5. On a job site, they were playing Howard Stern who I a man not a fan of. Heard them talking about it and was pissed I thought it was pretty low even for him. We changed the station and the other station a classic rock station was switching over to ABC Wes or something. here is something that stuck in my head today about it. The NYFD trainees who were quickly put into service after the department had lost so many are now the leaders in that department. The people who signed up to serve in the military on 9/12 if they are still in are getting close to retirement. The children who grew up without a parent because of that day, are probably parents now. and were still over there
  6. What's that? The cart you took the Mrs to the senior prom in ?
  7. Depends if you want to go and look and touch or get ideas for something it's a wash maybe. If you think you are going to save the price of admission over a Chaparral parking lot sale, your not.
  8. Keep your rig and just slow your roll to get there and getting back home. Just start stopping at every rest stop so they can pee and stretch, Even if they don't have to because if you don't 5 miles down the road they will. You will get there when you get there. Disable the clock function in your brain.
  9. So I am on the complete other side of this. I was adopted and have known I was as far as I can remember. Never once for one second had any interest to find those people. I think I just had turned 18 when my grandmother took me to lunch one day and asked if I wanted to know anything about them or had any questions. I just said doesn't make a bit of difference in who I am. I was adopted at 13 months and the people who raised me are and always will be my parents. My middle sister she was also adopted, She was the polar opposite of me. Like me she was told as early as she could comprehend that she was adopted. She was brought home 2 days after she was born but was the type who was always going to run away and go back to the orphanage. She was never a happy person and always blamed it on her being adopted. One day when she was around 15 I want to say she was bitching about going back to the orphanage and my dad had enough. He came walking out of his room and thru a large envelope at her and said here is papers. She was pissed it had changed nothing even her name was the same. Everybody is different and I am glad you were able to do what you wanted.
  10. With only 21 days till I want to be ready to roll to the dunes. I have been working in the garage getting things done. Next up after an extensive garage cleaning is getting to trailer ready to roll. 21 days until October it’s go time folks we survived another summer
  11. When I was young and we went on a RV trip up into Oregon. All of the State and private RV parks had a $5.00 additional fee if you were from California. My dad called it the We don't want Californians here tax.
  12. Bought in 97 for $71.00/ sq foot for a block house with pool built in 1980 Selling currently for right around $196.00. Mortgage is under $700.00/ month
  13. Everyplace has taxes it’s what they do with your taxes that counts. I think we are all in agreement, well probably 99% of us at least we are just tired of paying for somebody else’s quality of life . We tired of paying for a better quality of life only to see our quality of life to get worse.
  14. Government only does two things well...... Taxes people Bombs shit

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