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  1. Doesn't sound like it. One was a Blue Rhino the other is a RzR 570
  2. It's all about November 2020. They want to tip the scales back to blue. Make the Red team look bad by exonerating him in battle ground states giving blue a chance then there is the big election who they don't have anybody who is able to run against him....... They don't have to turn many of the voters who plugged their noses and checked Trumps name because they couldn't stand Killary to change the outcome big time.
  3. One Thanksgiving in Gordon's just as the sun was setting we spent almost an hour trying to find the camp we had been driving to all weekend. All it took was a couple of the rigs we were using as landmarks and dust thicker than London Fog to have us riding in circles. I also remember the panic in a persons voice when they realized there kid wasn't were they thought she was in 13.5 and when she didn't answer to the calls by her father had a bunch of parents quickly going to find there kids.
  4. MWB


    Going to be a close game, might even come down to who wins the coin toss. Should be one of the more exciting Super Bowls that we have seen in a long time. Would like to see the Chiefs win though
  5. When they are mentioned in the same sentence it starts with "Hold my Beer" and ends with "Will the Defendant Please Rise"
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  7. Most of the wash's are not to bad. It just seems W11 is the worst. It can get pretty narrow and where it was hard packed one trip is deep sand on the next.
  8. So what will be the over/ under on him needing more documentation than he thought for the real ID ?
  9. My friend Gerry ( the long hair guy) still talks about the crazy ride he got thru the dunes.
  10. While airing down 10 tires isn't that bad, filling them up at the end of a trip isn't nearly as much fun.
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  12. MWB

    SX / Motorcross

    Picking the wild card rider is the hardest thing to do. Then once you pick the guy to finish 11th or 13th and he gets the hole shot your screaming at the screen telling him to slow the eff down
  13. I saw your post on Facebook but was at home. I looked as I rolled by late Friday afternoon but didn't see anybody stuck, then once I got to camp I checked Facebook and it appeared you were out. I love camping in W11 but we knew it could be bad with people getting stuck.....

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