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  1. MWB

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    Yes it is, Just seems to be no particular rhyme or reason on what they accept and what they don't.
  2. MWB

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    So would i need to call the AZDMV and request a 2nd license plate for the front of my truck just because I drive into California? There are things that you do have to follow once you cross the river and there are things that they have to reciprocate. For instance we do not have that stupid endorsement for 5th wheels that you have this doesn't mean I cant tow a 5th wheel over the blah blah blah in California, but I cannot tow doubles in Cali without a doubles endorsement from Az even though I can do it in Az in a non commercial situation. If what you are saying was 100% true Az could pass a law that all cars or trucks that have a front license plate must have tinted drivers and passenger windows. Making it illegal for anybody from California to drive into Az. even though I have had friends have to remove the tint from there windows on the I-10 in California.
  3. MWB

    Last week of March 2015 Google Earth

    I was looking at Google Earth a few years ago at a Super Target job site that I had worked on. When I noticed my truck parked right where I would normally park it. Next to it was another truck with a ladder rack. I couldn't remember having one of the Service guy's on my site. Then I remembered on the first day onsite I had to hook up power to the supers trailer and one of them did come out and give me a hand pulling wire...... This is where I get famous You can see barley see me on the one end and the other guy helping me you can see his high vis shirt. But both of us were casting 10 tall shadows. In other strange things caught on camera. There was a guy who worked for me at my old job who was notorious for leaving the job site and " going for materials" for extended periods of time. It was well known that he would drive across town to go to a Home Depot. Well on this very site there was a guy selling a nice Harley. In the for sale ad picture was his truck driving by. I called him into my office one day and told him that the big boss was buying a new bike and if he wanted to see a picture of it. He just about shit his pants when I showed him the picture.
  4. MWB

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    I was told by my old boss that one weekend the CHP commercial guy's set up shop right outside of Pamona while the NHRA drags were going on. They had the pit area so screwed up due to turning the over length rigs around telling them they would have to figure out a way to be California legal before they could leave. Took him an extra 2 hours to get out of there. All it would take is one CHP commercial watch commander to say , "Hey I got an idea." and heads will start to explode.....
  5. Ummmmmm Liquor stores are owned by Indians, dot's not feathers don't you watch the Simpsons?
  6. MWB

    Gas can on SxS floorboard?

    It also makes it easier to see the ones coming up behind you. Nothing worse than getting surprised from somebody sneaking up behind you.
  7. Hey Mr China-man get back to work with your accounting degree in yore parents laundry and let the white folk discuss how yore kind has screwed up our country. BTW than your grandfather for building the Railroad.
  8. MWB

    Honda Talon

    It's a Honda it will sell great exactly where Honda thinks it will sell great. Will it out sell Can Am or Polaris in Southern California, Arizona or Nevada probably not but those states were probably pretty low on there targeted markets. Hell we were probably just above the market where you see all the Brothers riding quads on the streets doing wheelies for miles.
  9. MWB

    Sedona Camping/4WD Trails

    The trails would be dead like said . The town will have people milling about, but every place that has trees and water will be maxed out with every Zonie who can't afford to go to Mission Beach for the weekend. Slide Rock also turns into the worlds biggest toilet and could be closed.
  10. MWB

    Who wears a helmet?

    Yes to this kind of neck brace. No to the HANS type. While the HANS type has a lot more protection for the possible neck injuries it also (if properly worn) limits your viability and while wearing one on a race track where everyone is going the same direction limited viability isn't going to kill somebody in the dunes it is flat out irresponsible to wear one.
  11. MWB

    Who wears a helmet?

    The only way to keep sand out is to pressurize the helmet with a parker pumper with the neck skirt or similar type of device.
  12. MWB

    Sedona Camping/4WD Trails

    That would be much better. You would need to make sure the some of the trails that they close for winter would be open. The same thing would apply if you were looking at the fall. need to make sure some of the trails are not closed for the winter.
  13. MWB

    Sedona Camping/4WD Trails

    Not sure about that. There is grasshopper point where you can jump into Oak Creek.
  14. MWB

    Sedona Camping/4WD Trails

    Sedona in the summer is a lot hotter than you think. Sleeping in a tent is possible but first light you will be waking up. There are lots of great camping spots up along Oak Creek but you better get there early they fill up fast. I would stay at the top of Schnebly Road around Munds park and drive down then adventure out from there. Again Sedona in the summer months gets to 100+ during the day.
  15. MWB

    Carnage report 3/14-16

    I love seeing the pictures of the make shift repairs. Helps when you have seen something done before when you are in a similar situation

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