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  1. I bet you have never done any work with / for or around UP. They make the .gov pencil pushers look like sensible people in the private sector. I did one project with them. It was a Yard Office, with no access to the tracks it was a 90 day project that they turned into 180 days with Changes they made to the scope. Took me 8 months to get the changes approved thru there corporate channels. It also took another 10 months to get paid full and final. Getting everything permitted and designed will take at least two years to even get to Omaha let alone back from stUPid
  2. What would bother me is not the fact there is a check point or not it would be the cluster eff they would make in the area while doing the check point
  3. Dead to Me and Russian Doll are both Netflix Originals that are pretty good. There is only one season of each but are enjoyable. The new Showtime series City on the Hill with Kevin Bacon has started out pretty good. I have also heard lots of good things about the HBO series Barry but I am cancelling my HBO
  4. The County is on board, The BLM is on board, The CHP on board as well. Now comes the hard part. Even though all they are looking for is a new graded crossing adjacent or near the existing one. This means the Eco Nazi's will show up in droves to protest. Then we have one final hurdle to get over and that will be the Union Pacific Rail Road even if they are willing to approve this I bet it will take 5 years before they can allocate a crew to do the work. If you think I am joking just remember this you can't spell stupid with out the UP.
  5. Craigslist is the worst. What is the least you will take, IDK what is the most you will pay. Are you interested in trades, yes for legal tender what would you say to 3k less than you listed it for, how about paying 3k more how would you feel about that
  6. MWB

    Trailer Issues

    I believe so......... Won't find out for sure till after the 4th though.
  7. If you ask me that is what is missing from movies these days. Now you get car chases that are just CGI and green screen back then if they needed a car to jump over a river, They had to find a river and a driver crazy enough to jump over it. Sure the car chase scenes in that movie Baby Driver are great but they feel more like a video game than a car chase.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. You can tell us what really happened, your in a safe space here.
  10. My favorite quote of all time, and the line I plan on using if I ever get pulled over in Cali while towing.
  11. Unless you plan on using the SxS for other area's I wouldn't bother getting one. You being the retired type you could do all kinds of other destinations though So a SxS would be more useful than say a Jeep. If you have both a SxS and the Rail and they both fit, I would bring it with you when you go to the dunes. But I wouldn't do the two trailer shuffle. Sure you would use the Rail 90% of the time but running to the garbage cans or to another camp or even across camp the SxS would be fine. Having the SxS would expand your destinations year round and you might find yourself going more places with a lot of different groups.
  12. Been a busy weekend so far. Mowed the lawn , dropped the SxS off for a complete fluid change. Had the dodge detailed and took pictures so I can get it sold. That was yesterday, today I am going to take it a little easier.
  13. Been blackmailing the moderators for years. Finally spending some of my hush money. You to can get in on it just send them a PM with Hawaii trip in the tittle.
  14. So this is my hitch set up for the Mighty Dodge. Right now the trailer is just a little nose down on that hitch the way it sits. now comes my latest issue. The Dodge sits higher than my new truck by a few inches. So now the trailer will be nose down quite a bit. So the question for all the experts out there has anybody ever flipped one of these over?
  15. For some reason a post I started about  my trailer issues was archived. Can you open it up please

  16. No, Work uses Yahoo and I use Gmail for personal. Don't access Gmail from desktop, phone only but do access both from phone, so i guess that would be where they are getting stuff . Sure seems like it is instantaneously though
  17. I can see that for the advertisers between here and Youtube I visit both from the desk top, But I do not go to facebook from the desk top only from the phone and I don't go on here from my phone. Yet advertisers are showing up on my phone.
  18. All I know about this is. I was looking for a truck, went to Carguru's on my work computer. Now There ads are showing up on my cell phone on Facebook. There was a thread about the face masks on here and I clicked on one of the links. Now every 3rd ad on Youtube on my desk top is from them and they are on my Facebook. I don't log into Facebook on my desk top but I do use the wifi here at the office with my phone. Does this mean that anybody who is using our wifi is getting those ads ?
  19. After you get this fixed you might want to check your rollers to make sure you don't have something adding friction to the opener. If you don't have a bad roller or two you might want to have an pro come out and adjust the spring. Something besides just cheap ass metal caused that to tear more than likely.
  20. Maybe if you were not a foot taller than every body else you could blend in better
  21. Funny one of the richest self made people from my high school days..... Runs an excavation business
  22. Problem with big green bags is I have to just about empty them to see what is inside . Oh and the totes all go out with stuff in them so if they come back empty and take the same amount of room where is the rub, It's not like the bed of my truck shrank My Car isn't going to fit into the bed so it's not like I am saving space for something else.

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