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  1. It needs to start blowing hard on a Wednesday and stop the next Thursday. I no longer am refusing to use the word WIND while in the dunes. I am no longer not wanting to angry Mother G. I am now screaming it three time WIND WIND WIND just for the slim chance that it does show up, If it does, I am hunkering down and calling the office to let them know I am not coming in until it stops enough to get at least one good run in this year.
  2. The reason the rest area was packed was there are not a lot of good places to pull off the I-17 to sleep like there is on the I-10. There are also 2 rest area's between Phoenix and Flag and 3 between Phoenix and the River. So it's about even per mile. The truckers don't have a choice most times where they stop. They are up against a clock and if they would be over before they got down into the Valley they are stopping at Sunset Point. As far as RV dumps, As long as I have been a RV owner I cannot remember any being in the ADOT rest area's. Remember RV dumps cannot go into a normal septic tank due to the chemicals the the RV's use. It kills off the micro organisms.So this means the sate would either have to have a truck come out and remove the waste or connect it to a sewer system. Could not tell you of one rest stop where there would be a sewer system only septic tanks for the rest rooms. RV dumps are getting harder and harder to find that is for sure. As far as California they seem to be closing down the RV dump sites permanently who knows why but they are.
  3. How long before the Facebook profile pics will start having the Laker logo shadowed over them
  4. Get any pictures of the Malibu in front?
  5. Those dunes out by the swing set were the best kept secret until they built the destination of choice. Now all you see is the steering wheel in one hand and a phone in the other hand crowd straight lining it for the destination that proves they know how to dune.
  6. Sad for anybody to die like that, especially kids who had there entire life ahead of them.
  7. MWB

    Joke of the day

    There is a guy on You-Tube who does off road recovery and that is 90% of his rescues. I would put in a link but then I would be responsible for the You Tube Rabbit hole you went down.
  8. Working in the Office for a few hours today, After that going to spray some weeds and some other chores around the house. Plan on watching a little Supercross tomorrow and avoiding Esco and Social media until after I watch the race.
  9. Does It only do doughnuts clockwise ? If I drove it in Australia will it only be able to do them counter-clockwise? How many gallons per flush ?
  10. Where are you at and how far are you willing to drive ?
  11. If it was me I would either lower my price point a bunch and find that smoking deal so in a year when he wants to upgrade he is further ahead or just keep putting cash under the mattress until you can afford the more easy to sell in 3-4 year 1000.
  12. I remember that weekend..... I woke up in the morning screaming stay away from the chicken
  13. Even if the sign and drive SxS people were saints of the earth the ruts the SxS's make in the dunes make it so Quad riders just get beat to death. Hell last weekend by Saturday night the dunes were so tore up I was miserable in my SxS.
  14. Ever wonder if your old? Fall down in public, if people laugh your not old if they run over to see if you are ok, your old.
  15. MWB

    SX / Motorcross

    Well try not and post results as they happen....
  16. When the politicians reach across the isle it usually mean both parties have there hands in your back pocket.
  17. Perot was the reason we ended up with Clinton, a 3rd party sounds great as long as it is leaning the direction you want. What happens when that 3rd or 4th party leans a long way the wrong direction. The next thing is term limits, that’s great get rid of the career politicians, except for the ones I like and are doing a good job they can stay.
  18. Doesn't sound like it. One was a Blue Rhino the other is a RzR 570
  19. It's all about November 2020. They want to tip the scales back to blue. Make the Red team look bad by exonerating him in battle ground states giving blue a chance then there is the big election who they don't have anybody who is able to run against him....... They don't have to turn many of the voters who plugged their noses and checked Trumps name because they couldn't stand Killary to change the outcome big time.
  20. One Thanksgiving in Gordon's just as the sun was setting we spent almost an hour trying to find the camp we had been driving to all weekend. All it took was a couple of the rigs we were using as landmarks and dust thicker than London Fog to have us riding in circles. I also remember the panic in a persons voice when they realized there kid wasn't were they thought she was in 13.5 and when she didn't answer to the calls by her father had a bunch of parents quickly going to find there kids.
  21. MWB


    Going to be a close game, might even come down to who wins the coin toss. Should be one of the more exciting Super Bowls that we have seen in a long time. Would like to see the Chiefs win though
  22. When they are mentioned in the same sentence it starts with "Hold my Beer" and ends with "Will the Defendant Please Rise"

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