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  1. I don't think any of the Gecko people will move to the Washes. I think most of the Wash people will turn into Gecko people. It won't take long for the circles to start dissapearing. People would start camping close to the road, just like on Gecko. Instead of Vets weekend in W22 where now we have 3 or 4 intertwined circles in the wash going from the sugar dunes to the road we will have nose to tail rigs with a few parked 40 feet from the others. The washes instead of circles going deep into the dunes we will have a few squares right by the road and a sand highway will appear about 200 yards from that. Thats how it will end up like Gecko
  2. My buddy Joe has the best luck when it comes to deals, we just call them Joe deals everything from property to chrome parts for his ATV, to winning a Corvette from some stupid drawing in Vegas ( got to go to Kentucky see the thing being built and afterwards goes to some Corvette days at some track outside Vegas.. And that is the second Vette he has won, first one he gave to his son. Said drive this to college but don't screw it up because after you finish school we sell the car and pay off your education. on another deal, After taking a car into be painted at a body shop he ends up with yet another 60's Corvette and a 60's Mustang in payment for labor for plumbing the owners house. Something about the DEA was seizing the cars and the shop owner had to sell them only for what was owed and could not profit. They were in pieces and he did have to put them back together. I swear the guy could fall into a pit toilet and find the hope diamond
  3. As I said in the other thread it will ruin camping on the east side of the dunes, It will make it just like Gecko with all the packed in like sardines, ghost camping, space saving bullshit that goes with paved roads in the dunes.
  4. My mom had a place in Lakeside which is up past Show Low, and the winters did get cold and snowy. It was about three hours from the Valley or as my step dad use to say far enough to keep you kids from dropping in every weekend. Payson is better about an hour from the valley but on a Sunday afternoon in July the seep little town ends up bumper to bumper with the flatlanders going home to the Valley, I have only driven up during off peak times and only made the mistake of driving down during them once.
  5. Prescott is good, The only ehh factor is the road from Prescott to the I-10 avoiding the Phx Metro area. Until they do some serious upgrading on that road driving up and down it can be a little stressful, I believe Beacheads MRS. was quoted as saying NFW. which means you have to come down the hill on the East side of town aka the I-17 and then take the 303 around to miss the metro traffic. Here is the thing with the unbearable Arizona heat..... You are going to be a retired muther effin person. Who the eff cares. Do what Bob and Karen do, as soon as the temps hit 100 degree's take your big ass diesel pusher and drive someplace where the temps are more to your liking. Then return to the heat in late Sept as the nights start to cool off. Your retired you don't have to be anyplace anytime soon. Buy a home in Havabrew or Fort Mohave and 2 acres in the mountains someplace where it might get to 75 and park your happy retired ass 's Big ass pusher there and sit and be retired. Thats my plan.
  6. I am sure it wouldn't be to hard to design a switch so that when engaged the 7 way would do some fancy stuff that would make it so the thief would drop the trailer and run like hell. Like once plugged in first thing it would do is short everything from the truck to ground. This would make is so the truck no longer had brake lights or blinkers. That would be easy enough to figure out. It would also make the thief easy for a cop to spot later in the evening. Then once enough power was used to blow the truck's fuses it would blow a fuse on the trailer that would run thru a flasher that you would have wired up to the running lights and brakes of the trailer. This would work until the secret switch was reversed or the battery went dead, so if they removed the 7 pin connector it would not stop flashing. Hell even hook up a siren on the inside of the trailer
  7. If you set off trailers the break away brakes the on-board battery locks the brakes as soon as the little plastic piece is gone. It will continue to lock the brakes until your battery is dead.
  8. MWB

    ASA Membership

    Pave wash road and it will look like gecko in 2 years. Rigs will line the road nose to tail from the store till the road ends. People won't be pulling off into the wash's any more they will park next to the road. Then the ghost's will show up. Sure you will be able to squeeze thru someplace to camp deep but why when the road is so close and if you do no telling if that spot you squeezed thru will be there to let you out. Pave Wash road and you will ruin camping in the dunes forever
  9. I never redlined my dodge, Just rev it up to above 2K no big deal no boost on the turbo it's only for about 3 seconds. If your rolling coal you will not pass. My dodge passed every year as long as I took the chip out, with a chip it wouldn't pass. Took me longer to remove and re-install the chip than roll thru Emissions. In Az Emissions is a state run private contractor so you have to go to one of those locations. Lines at the end of the month can be long but if you go when most are working in and out in 10 minutes. Your truck should be as cheap as you can go. My dodge was $34.00 per year but now they added some public service fee that is $35.00 so it doubled mine. Rumor around the water cooler is that the public service fee is going away or will be changed. Havabrew residents now they can go 5 years at a time and don't have emissions or at least that's what Kevin did.
  10. Two words......................................... Duct Tape
  11. Cops carry Narcan, Paramedics carry Narcan all so they can save the junkies from dying........ Stop giving them Narcan in the field, Narcan only administered in the ER Still let the cops and paramedics carry it just in case they are exposed to feytenol. That will break the junkies from overdosing twice, Lots of them start dying the smart ones will get help the dumb ones will self terminate. Sorry if this is some of your love ones but I got news for you, your watching a real slow suicide if they are going down that rat hole
  12. Complete fail........ it should of been
  13. Should of just bought a Funco kit and built it your way from the start........
  14. I agree a woman could do the job , but it is going to have to be a Margret Thatcher type, The not going to take bullshit from anybody type of woman.
  15. His similarities with Michael Jackson just keep pilling on........................
  16. If you wear them with a helmet you have to go BTH
  17. Another difference is that the Luv-2-Camp people won't leave the trailer in the same place for almost 6 months at a time.
  18. I agree that it is hard to crack down on the Ghost Campers. They can technically get around most of the rules and leave the rigs on the pads and win in court. Let's face it the people who do this will spend more money breaking the rules than some people spend all year going to the dunes and they could care less about the rest of us, their behavior proves it every year.
  19. Have had it happen a few times and it is not a big deal as long as I know your there. I use to like to roll over stuff a few times, specially if I found a nice jump. Knowing there was one or two riders behind my last rider wasn't a thing as long as I knew they were there and how far back they were. Just remember while they are looking to make sure your there, they more than likely are not looking to make sure your still there and are not likely going to come back for you if something happens, unless you are lucky enough to have one of them see you break or crash. A few years back we had a couple of guy's jump in on our line. They were just a ridge or two behind us and we could see them just out of the corner of our eye. Well one of them went down and the last guy in our line saw him go down just before he crested a dune. Had Chris not looked back that guy might not of made it. His friend was not prepared for what happened and when we got back to them his buddy was just saying stop messing around get up. That was not going to happen he was severely concussed. In the hour plus we waited for the rescue buggy to arrive he did regain conciseness he never could put together two words that made sense. FYI both times we have had to call in the rescue buggy we had GPS coordinates to give them, both times we had to guide them in. The second time when the first team sent GPS coordinates to the second team they couldn't find us either and we had to go get them and guide them in.
  20. Isn’t the YXZ radiator in the front ?
  21. Why not, we have a couple who shall remain nameless who have showed up on Friday night after all others have gone to sleep and besides a quick visit at the fire Saturday night are not seen the entire weekend. There rig is usually sitting with toys as far as I know sitting in the exact spot when they arrived Friday as I leave on Sunday morning. They are some of our favorite people to camp with and if they want to sleep all weekend who am I to tell them they can’t. I would rather have them then the what time we going for a ride, where are we going for the ride who wants to go with me to the hill because I can’t lead type who want me to entertain them from the moment they arrive till the moment they leave.
  22. We didn't come here to entertain you, participate with the group or not up to you. Don't get but hurt when we say we are going for a ride in 30 minutes and leave you sitting in your trailer eating breakfast. at the same time if you say your leaving for a ride in 30 minutes and I don't want to go to look at me like I just kicked your dog, I am not here to entertain you, you need to either be able to entertain yourself or ready to participate with the group. In camp and around the fire act like an adult, Somebody says turn down the music, turn down the music. Somebody's dog craps let them know they might not of seen old sparky pinch one off. Going to light off $500 worth of areal enlightenment give the people who have dogs a heads up.
  23. The east side is really the best side to camp on..... We all know that.... One day I hope I will be shown the secret handshake to be able to park there.
  24. MWB

    Parts Geek

    I got my replacement tow mirrors from there IIRC. They were fine arrived as promised.

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