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  1. MWB

    Green new deal

    That's insulting to rocks
  2. They must be finally paying off past clients with the windfall of money they are taking in
  3. You in the double deuce yet ? 

    1. HozayKwarvo


      Negative, still home and have to load up. Probably not leaving Murrieta until late morning, hoping to get in around 2ish

  4. MWB

    Ok how is it out there...rain in glamis

    Depends on the amount of rain..... And the amount that they are calling for, is not enough. The 20-25mph winds over the weekend are more of a concern to me.
  5. MWB

    SU Mid-Engine

    If Mac can do it........... Anybody can
  6. MWB

    Calif Vanity Plates, lets see?

    We all know this guy
  7. MWB

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    The 78 from Blythe to Glamis is nothing but rollers. So what I do is roll on the coal as I go downhill up to 60ish then roll back the oil on the way up the hill till 55 then roll it back on. I can keep in OD but I will average over the 55mph. The ticket is still cheaper than the transmission bill I would get stuck with if I let it bounce around.
  8. MWB

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    The 78 from Blythe down to Glamis they patrol pretty heavily and will snag you for going over the 55mph. I try the best I can to keep it right at 55mph my biggest problem is my truck shifts out of drive and into overdrive at 52-54 mph so I find myself to keep from shifting all the time going a little over. but I am always watching my mirrors and scouting the oncoming for the CHiPPY .
  9. MWB

    My Buddy’s New Dog.........

    That's been around almost as long as the 5th wheel hitting the ATM
  10. MWB

    What're You Listening to Now?

    For your listening enjoyment
  11. MWB

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    He only uses the brakes when he stops so he can wait for everybody to catch up...
  12. MWB

    What're You Listening to Now?

    Way Cool Junior..................
  13. There is also a Napa in Holtville as well as Blythe.
  14. MWB

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    I get on the 101 and Elliot the only lane change I need is once I get on the 60. There is usually no traffic heading west in the afternoon either so as long as I can be in the HOV lane by 2pm I have no worries driving alone. If I have to leave late alone then it''s sit in the house till I can or head out dead cow.
  15. MWB

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    I see it everyday too. Hell I even do it when I can..... alone even. Can you imagine the chaos that happens in states where it is free to drive where you want to drive and where it's safe to drive instead of having to stay in your appointed lane. From my house I can get on one freeway transfer to another go all the way to the left hand HOV lane and not change lanes till I get all the way across town where the HOV lane ends and the freeway becomes a highway where I get in the right lane unless I am going to pass. Do you even have a clue how much safer that is not to have to change lanes at least 10 times to avoid must exits and freeway splits? How much easier and stress free that is. Of and I am doing this all while going the same speed as everybody else
  16. MWB

    Pay to Play

    If you are looking for a wall to go between the car and living quarters and meet your size restrictions you will be building something from scratch. This is about as short you will find in a toy hauler in a 5th wheel.
  17. MWB

    Pay to Play

    Are you looking for a separate garage area ? As Weekend Warrior FS3000 would have a bed in the front a bathroom and kitchen area you can access without unloading the car but will not have a separate garage area. That is a thirty foot trailer plus tongue. On this side of the country you can find these that are 10 years old and pay under 20K for real nice ones.
  18. MWB


    Big Dopey eyed guy who drank way to much and would get loud and out of control.... Still don't know how you mixed him and Bansh up though
  19. MWB

    Somebody hook a Brutha up!

    After seeing the video's you want to go ? After seeing the video's I will wait for the Pay-per-view is on Netflix. The one where Eric screws up the intro and he already triggered the samples of Paul singing are all over the internet. So if you want to see KISS just throw on Kiss Alive II you will get about the same % of live.
  20. MWB

    Guy gifts a car to a stranger

    And then the State of California sent her a bill for the tax due .........................................
  21. MWB

    Next step up from lt80

    A used TRX250EX is the best quad for kids for a couple reasons. 1.) It is indestructible and as long as there is oil in them and the filter has oil on it, they will not kill it. 2.) When you buy one for your 5 or 6 year old for $2,200.00 and try to sell it because your now 13 year old has outgrown it you can list it for $2,200.00 and get it.
  22. MWB


    I have a feeling it was one of Pimpshack's friends that got that thing. I remember that thing in camp. Even with nobody in it and the engine running you couldn't even move it . It just sank like a shopping cart in a sand box
  23. MWB

    Wall frame advise

    Just like you have seen things in Automotive electrical systems that just make your skin crawl what you did to an Electrician is about as bad as letting a plumber run conduit for you. Will it catch fire and burn to the ground? probably not. Will it become a point of trouble in the future? Maybe maybe not. This is the equivalent to me using solid wire to wire up the stereo in my truck to you. Oh and I have seen way worse

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