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  1. MWB

    Game Of Thrones

    Anybody watch this show on HBO ? Anybody who had not read the books? Did anybody else see last nights episode, Anybody not shocked? Having not read the books we could not believe our eyes as we watched the end of the wedding. All I could say was WOW did not see that coming at all!
  2. MWB

    Towing with Gas powered truck

    Having gone from a gas truck where I got to listen to the thing scream bloody murder for 4 hours straight just waiting for something to let loose at any moment causing some serious anxiety every time I towed to a Cummins that is louder than my gas truck was, but it is only ticking away at 2000 rpm's and doesn't seem like it struggles pulling anything. Making my towing experience much more peaceful. I don't think I could go back to that. I am currently looking for the mighty Dodges replacement having owned it for 13 years. I would rather look at a two wheel drive FORD than a gas motor.
  3. MWB

    Trailer Issues

    Figure I will get a lot more action here than in the trailer section , but move if you must..... SO I picked up a FSC2800 from Orange R, Love the trailer but it is a lot bigger than what I had before a FS2300. My particular FSC2800 is the side hall with the large front bathroom, so it has some wieght in front of the axles. So I tow it home this weekend and my hands are still sore from gripping the wheel with a death grip for 4+ hours. The tail was wagging the dog bad. flat ground over 65 she started swaying, 60 mph passenger car comes by she wants to start wiggle, 55mph and the semis are making it want to start to dance. Get caught in the trench on the road where the trucks run and it will start to get squirrely when I come out of them. This only was happening on the I-10 where traffic was an issue. Going down the 78 the part that worried me the truck and trailer did fine but I kept it right at 55-58mph and nobody was passing me things were good. Didn't try to go any faster. But 55mph on the I-10 was a experience. I had the WD bars and the sway control connected and the car backed in. Still had about half a tank of fresh water that is right over the axles. I did drain the black and grey in Blythe but there was not much in them to begin with. If I am tongue light there isn't much I can do about it I only had about 6" to move the car forward . Only other thing I can think is that the problem could be my truck. While the Mighty Dodge had to power to tug that trailer at an easy 70mph I don't think she has the legs for it. The Dodge is a short bed with only the extra cab making it about as short of a wheel base that one can get. My questions would be this. Would a tongue heavy trailer want to sway ? Or could it be that the short ass wheel base that I am dealling with be causing this. As of right now that trailer is not moving again behind the dodge down the I-10.
  4. MWB

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    Just to make sure we are all on the same page here
  5. MWB

    For all of you SiriusXM listeners...

    Did the Satellite thing for a while. 12 stations to listen to all and all 12 will play 30 of the same songs over and over and over again. They don't play the new music by the old bands on the classic station and they don't play new bands who have old sounding music on the classic station. They get lumped in with the new suck ass bands on the suck ass new band station.
  6. MWB

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    To get the best results we may have to take this research project on the road, you know all in the name of science and stuff....
  7. MWB

    Trailer Issues

    No what I am going to do is what the video that was posted earlier went thru step by step and check to see if my WD hitch is set up correctly for this trailer. I will then see where this leads me. I can then take it out on the local freeway and get it up to speed. If she starts to dance about at that time I can take back roads to get home, unlike coming home from the dunes when I had one option and that was I-10.
  8. MWB

    Trailer Issues

    Going to check my set up on the WD bars. Think that was part of my problem
  9. MWB

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    By this post I am guessing that Yarder's little flipper incident in the dunes two weeks ago is going to be pretty costly. Hope he is getting aftermarket parts as well.
  10. MWB

    Trailer Issues

    No it is a 3/4 ton truck. I know there were people who would tow with The old Blazers(think 90’s) who had issues due to the short wheel base that is where my mind wanders to. The biggest difference between my set up and OrangeR’s is the distance between the rear wheels of the truck and the front wheels of the truck. That and instead of three quads back there I have a YXZ.
  11. MWB

    Trailer Issues

    And that’s what I am dealing with
  12. MWB

    Trailer Issues

    Top of hitch 20” Bottom of receiver 16.5” Front of trailer 16-7/8” Rear of trailer 20-7/8” Front of truck 33-1/4” that’s empty with the Jack clear Car pulled in forward, just did not want to deal with backing it in Top of hitch 20.5” Bottom of receiver 17” Front of trailer 17-1/2” Rear of trailer 20” Front of truck 33” Car in WD set like on the drive home. Top of hitch 23 Bottom of receiver 17-1/2” Front of trailer 18-1/2” Rear of trailer 19-5/8” Front of truck 32-1/2” Car out WD still connected Top of hitch 21-3/4” Bottom of receiver 16-7/8” Front of trailer 17-7/8” Rear of trailer 20-1/4” Front of truck 33”
  13. MWB

    Trailer Issues

    So here is my plan right now.. i have the trailer unloaded and still on the hitch. I will release the WD bars and lower until the Jack just becomes free. I will take a picture and measure from both the front and back of the trailer to the ground. i will repeat the process with the car in the trailer.
  14. MWB

    How far is your commute for work?

    11 minutes into work and 18 minutes home. It's just over 11 miles
  15. MWB

    SX / Motorcross

    I have hit the wild card 3 times so far. It is the toughest to predict though.
  16. MWB

    SX / Motorcross

    You have to nail the wild card pick. That is the most important pick each week and the best way to make up ground.
  17. MWB

    07 Chevy auto climate Blower issue.

    Are you on the "Auto" setting ? If so maybe you could be having an issue with the interior temp sensor.
  18. MWB

    Honda Talon

    That was KAOS so you Missed it by that much
  19. MWB

    Honda Talon

    Chaos is a ladder
  20. MWB

    Using what you got to bust a nut.........

    I am sure this is all OSHA approved means and methods
  21. MWB

    Truck Thief in Lake Elsinore

    The guy needs to get caught in an alley by a group of F-series truck owners and asked one question..... "Can You Hot wire a truck without a working thumb?" 🔨 ✋ Remember the scene in the movie Casino ?
  22. MWB

    Honda Talon

    Do you know why he made his wife's SxS so fast? It's so when she tells him to go get her an ice cream it doesn't have time to melt before he gets it back to camp. Fastest Ice Cream truck in Glamis
  23. MWB

    Honda Talon

    About the same as I did on a Quad ( YFZ450R) PajamaGuy has gone all season and has only broken a front sway bar link and he hasn't changed his riding style one bit. That says a lot
  24. MWB

    Honda Talon

    Have not experienced the struggle in rocky climbs. I just dropped it into 4WD and 2nd gear and feathered the gas just above idle... Only problem I had was the people in front of me taking there sweet ass time making it up these rocky hills. My concern was due to my car being a three pedal car and getting it going again might be a little tricky. Sure is fun in the dunes but again if the people in front of me start lugging it up climbs I can run up on them in a hurry and if I am not on the pipe in the dunes I am turning around and going at it one more time.

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