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  1. I just got my S4D bellhousing today , now waiting on maincase
  2. it just sitting in the shop turning into a shelf
  3. Tuesday bump. New project in garage
  4. No issues never a speck of sand in the throttle body
  5. Cleaning shop 1 set Doug Thorley headers 150.00 1 Mastercraft seat , no tears or rips 75.00 1 DM Racing catch can with breather and drain 100.00 located in Peoria , AZ
  6. Evan , yes I am . S4D and an Alper 440 n/a with an 8 stack EFI . Basic body and BajaDesigns lights . clean and simple
  7. Looking at those cracks I would almost guarantee those pivot bolt holes are wallowed out . While repairing , add weld washers and new bolts .
  8. Yes ,this is sold . Please delete
  9. Ready to load , sand shoes and all . here is a picture of the cannon plug attached to the dash for Acefuture . My other shop that I was working on this at got robbed last week . They stole a RZR 1000, 2 of my seats , a light bar with 6 vision x lights . My first trip will be thursday to Glamis .
  10. That is a Cannon plug . Mounted behind the dash , that way you can unscrew one side anr the whole dash ,gauges and all come out in one piece. A little pricey but well worth it the first time you need to take the dash out . When it gets the new roof and curved windshield I will do one of the for my light bar and roof rack
  11. Almost done just have to re-bleed brakes,install pumper hoses and build spa re parts box .

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