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    ISO Sandcar 60k

    https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR-SALE:Wicked-Sand-Car-179910 Not mine but a wicked is still one of my favorite sand cars I have ever driven.
  2. E85 motors love tons of extra fuel. It’s not uncommon for a tuner to add 50% more fuel because the car keeps making power. Also, make sure your tank is completely empty and use the local Arco fuel without any additives for the tune. The only additive I ever use after is the Lucas E85 stabilizer. I put 1 bottle per drum. I ran out of fuel last season and had to buy a drum of the expensive x85 and I saw no gain other than it smelling a little better.
  3. I have run distilled with a bottle of water wetter for a long time now. I believe my cars run coolest on that combo.
  4. I heard these are really strong too. https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR-SALE:Weddle-HV25-178434
  5. https://str8uptoytrader.com/vehicle/albins-transmission-with-5-speed-shifter/ https://str8uptoytrader.com/vehicle/pbs-sequential-four-speed/ besides those ones there was a 4 speed Fortin sequential floating around for a while not sure if it is still available.

    S4D S5D

    Trans sold today.

    S4D S5D

    I have had a ton of calls but I am just not flexible on the price. Supposedly someone is driving down from Vegas to buy it tomorrow. The plan is a new funco. I have a fresh 427 4.5 whipple motor, seats, 12 inch dash, big switch pro, pci system. Everything but a car!

    S4D S5D

    Understood, I really don’t want to sell. There is no going back.

    S4D S5D

    Haha, it’s probably not in my cards this season. If I do end up selling the trans that basically ends any chance of even making Idaho.

    S4D S5D

    I do but it’s 21k and it’s not negotiable. It’s on the shelf at funco.
  11. We bought a house in surprise az and love it. We are over a hour closer to Glamis and Vegas than our friends in Gilbert. Plus you can still kinda pay Arizona prices on the west side.
  12. I would only use McDowell for any transaxle. He is in El Cajon.
  13. Congrats bruh, you just extended the boozemuda triangle by 250 miles.

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