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  1. Need a pair of 33x15 Sand Blasters #2 cut. I'm in Murrieta so I can pick up Mike
  2. Reese 5th wheel hitch adapter for Ford below bed flush mount. Used it for my 2014 Ford F-350 and a 16K Reese 5th wheel hitch. Designed for factory installed under bed mount. Saves you from having to install standard rails in the truck bed. Located in Murrieta. $75
  3. Justin Miller at Millers RV in Menifee did mine. Came out great
  4. b1stin

    Tailgate theft

    Yep, that's the one!
  5. b1stin

    Tailgate theft

    That's the one I had on. Just slowed them down. they broke it off. Found one on Amazon that is made of metal and bolts to the bed above the hinge that I ordered. Hopefully that will work
  6. b1stin

    Tailgate theft

    No, n Murrieta (I thought was a nice neighborhood!)
  7. b1stin

    Tailgate theft

    I had the hose clamp style lock but it only slowed them down
  8. Yesterday morning 2 turds stole my tailgate off my 2014 Ford F350 right in front of my house. Second time in 6 months!! After the first time I keep it parked backed up to my garage but I had my trailer connected and had to park it on the street. It was locked and I also had an after market hinge lock that was supposed to prevent it from being removed off the hinges. Didn't work, just slowed them down by a few seconds. Got it on video and police report filed. Any body have any luck with any other locking system to keep this from happening? I'm out of ideas other than putting a clasp and paddle lock on the tail gate red neck style! Any ideas? Mike
  9. Looking for someone near Temecula/Murrieta to polish a set of aluminum wheels. Any recommendations?
  10. Interested! I have a 2006 DD. I'll PM you Mike

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