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  1. My buddy just read online "SOLD OUT"
  2. Thanks Mike! Great to meet you today
  3. Sent you a message, I'm interested Mike
  4. Wish I would have joined the military right out of school. I also wish I would have gotten in the Fire Service earlier than I did, I was 30 before I became a FF
  5. I have a 2006 DD and I love it. Coming from a mid travel Explorer beam car I couldn't be happier
  6. Yep, I remember it well...3 days on an engine going from fire to fire. Only time in my career that we had people aim their guns at me. It was after that when the Department started to assign vests to us
  7. Beautiful Exhaust! Where did you get it done?
  8. I'm a gearhead, I've had it for over 10 years for NASCAR radio.
  9. I may be interested if he doesn't want them
  10. Sold! Thank you Parker and GD.com! Due to a death in the family, we are not able to use our tickets for the Phoenix Nascar race March 8-10. I have 2 tickets second row from the top and 2 RV spots side by side near the market 50'x25' each. Thanks, Mike
  11. I tried for weeks to get him to build me replacement upper arms for my car but always had an excuse. Ended up having Carr1 build them. Anyways, this is the contact info I got from Dave: (760)524-6136 10602 Mountain Rd., Pinon Hills, CA
  12. Beautiful!Just what I'm looking for(next year)!
  13. b1stin

    Aquaman movie

    Yep, it was good!
  14. Went with the wife to see Aquaman yesterday afternoon. Anyone else looking at lines through the dune scene? Those were some beautiful dunes!
  15. I'll take them! I'm the one in Murrieta that was messaging you. I'll get ahold of you tomorrow Mike
  16. Nice job Kevin! Presentation looks good!
  17. Would you split them up? How much for just the stock yellow?
  18. Not trying to hijack your thread but who did your flooring? I have the same coach with the old checker board flooring and original carpet. Thanks, Mike

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