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  1. For those already in G, how is wash road condition. Any problems from the rain run off. We are heading out Thursday AM to isolate ourselves
  2. Lamborghini Huracan Ferrari 488.
  3. CHEFF.......Solid advice right there. If more people did this we wouldn’t have to support them
  4. The Beat Farmers...Loud and Plowed album. RIP Country Dick & Buddy Blue
  5. Watching Mint 400 again today. Then modified and bandolero racing at the Bullring in Vegas.
  6. Since the California lawmakers decided it’s not a crime for the homeless to live anywhere they want this is only going to get worse. San Diego City and County are just as bad as that video. It has ruined the place I call home. Makes me sick.
  7. Thanks again for your helpful info Now off to spend some $$$
  8. Thanks Robert. Awesome info
  9. What wheel and offset are you running
  10. Thanks for the info. Mind is now made up for sure.
  11. Grant, do you recommend the 30 inch set for a stock X3 2 seater
  12. How do you like the SS360 tires. I’m about to buy sand tires and want an honest opinion and trust your judgment
  13. We must’ve been camped right next to you. The camp that got the grey water ticket was next to us. The ranger was in our camp just before theirs checking passes. The grey water offender showed us the ticket A $700 fine .....OUCH

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