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  1. We have been a client of Don’s for years and highly recommend him. Couldn’t be happier with him and his team and their awesome service. Best rates I found for our toys. Just renewed yesterday
  2. CONGRATS to you Air450 and your other half !! This is quite the milestone in this day and age. Cheers to you both and wishing you many more to come!
  3. Listen to Kevin.....He knows what he’s doing on a grill/Bbq 😁
  4. Combo Retirement and 40th wedding anniversary party tonight 🎉 Sleeping In tomorrow
  5. No ...........He's a Dentist.................. has the urge to fill every cavity
  6. Don't forget to go to Mission Brewery. Right across the street from this lot
  7. I believe if it's a federal ticket you can have the court appearance transferred to a federal court near your home This info should be on the back of the ticket, I got one a few years back and did not find out this was an option until after I paid the fine Good luck
  8. 500 MIKE

    GDS App?

    QUIKSTOR is the app Site is 148. Enter your space #, then gatecode without the * at the end It is a great feature
  9. Lost key for Maverick at Flagpole ceremony, most likely at T-shirt table.
  10. Well said Grant !! Please keep doing what you do. Funco has always been the standard by which others are compared to. Our sport has evolved and you guys have set the pace with your product If people will buy it, why not make it ? Here's to many more years of success.......Carry on
  11. This is my exact set up also......Awesome whips and those brackets are the best ones on the market
  12. I had Cal Rayborn III in my Metal shop class at MVHS for a couple years.. Way cool guy, no one even had a clue who his Dad was...........except the cool peeps
  13. Inside the park at Trailer Village is where we stayed. Full hook-ups and plenty of room for your rig. Get reservations they fill up fast. The park has an awesome FREE shuttle bus system that has a stop right at trailer village, so you can get anywhere you need to go inside the park. Do not try Mather campground, very tight spaces and roads, we did it in a 26ft class C and it barely fit. For a cool side trip take your truck and go see the east end and the view tower, really awesome views. The Canyon is one of our favorite trips, it is awesome..........Enjoy
  14. 500 MIKE

    Bloody Marys

    Ballast Point (Cutwater Spirits ) spicy mix is very good !!

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