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  1. Thanks for your reply, do you happen to have any pics of the work you did?
  2. Hi all I have a 2007 Weekend Warrior 3400FS that has broke 2 plastic propane covers. I'm thinking the tongue is flexing and squeezing the propane cover between the front cap and tongue. Does anyone have any info or pics on the typical Weekend Warrior tongue reinforcement that was being done when all the lawsuits were going on?
  3. Yes it's the electric raising bed model.
  4. Need to replace cause one of the 4 straps finally snapped after being frayed for a couple years, I'm pretty sure it's a common problem with the electric bed riser model Weekend Warriors. But what your saying makes sense and is what probably happened right before the ol'lady kept raising the bed even though it was uneven and eventually snapped the one strap.
  5. Yours must be a different setup cause mine are around 1" wide straps with loops on each end. The top end connects to the pulley and rod to the motor and the other end to the bottom bed where a pin goes through the loop to hold it to the bed.
  6. Hey guys I have a 2007 3400 FS and had a rear bed strap snap and was wondering if anyone has replaced the bed straps. I need to find somewhere that sells them or find out the lengths of the front and rear straps so I can have some made. I know I can remove mine but I heard they stretch over time so new they're supposed to be shorter than my used ones. Any help will be much appreciated.

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