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  1. bubbadoc

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    Thanks for the reply!!
  2. bubbadoc

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    If you don't mind me asking, I have one for sale in the Side x Side for sale section, is it just not what you are looking for or priced to high? Trying to figure this out. I am negotiable on price, plenty of upgrades and still have original parts. Understand if you just don't like it, thanks for your time.
  3. bubbadoc

    2017 CanAm X3 XRS

    Will be in the washes this weekend if anyone is interested in seeing.
  4. bubbadoc

    2017 CanAm X3 XRS

  5. bubbadoc

    2017 CanAm X3 XRS

    For Sale: In Phoenix, Arizona. Asking 32K, offers accepted within reason. 72 hours, 1090 miles Evo performance: 4RWI Tune, larger injectors, Turbo race bypass full exhaust, Silicone charge tubes with Billet BOV, 2018 Intercooler/Fuel pump, X# V-Flow Intake with prefilter and 2 new extra Donaldson filters. Car has Agency Power cold air intake with prefilter on it now. STM Rage 3 Primary, STM Gen 2 Secondary, Dyno tuned. Shock Therapy RIS Stage 2 kit, Bump steer delete kit, RockBlock gaurds, all suspension powdercoated. Geiser Radius rods CT Raceworx Billet pullplate TMW 2 seat Stealth Cage with integrated LED chase lights, TMW bulkhead kit, Rigid 40" SR LED pocket light bar, Rigid interior Light, Rigid rock lights, Dual QuickLight fiber optic whips. UTV Stereo 5 Speaker Bluetooth (WetSounds) system, Dual battery with isolator PRP Seats, 4 point belts, door bags AO cooler Trail Armour 1/2" UHMW blue skidplate. Method 401R beadlocks with 32-10/15 Tensor DS DWT Star fighter Beadlocks with 31.5 Skats Custom Cover Original Clutch Ca Technologies wheel bearing greaser.
  6. Do you happen to have the specs, width and length, Thanks!!!
  7. Tires have been sold, any Ford guys need some wheels for the F150 or Expedition..........
  8. All right, need these out of the way, $1000 for everything, come and get'em!!
  9. bubbadoc

    Powerball $620 million wed oct 24

    Here is mine!
  10. bubbadoc

    Mega Millions tues oct 23rd 1.6 billion$

    Here I go!!
  11. bubbadoc

    Mega millions jackpot FRIDAY 10-19-18

    Here is mine!!
  12. $1000 obo for tires only $750 obo for wheels only Who needs some new shoes???
  13. Ford 6x135mm bolt pattern, 2 tires brand new, 3 used (30% left). North Phoenix Text best, 6235215123 $1750 OBO, willing to separate tires from wheel if needed.
  14. bubbadoc


  15. bubbadoc

    Rv Help, How Deep In The Washes

    Thanks for the help guys, nothing like digging for a couple hours to get unstuck!!! Stay in the middle and a heavy right foot.

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