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  1. We are looking to hire a diesel mechanic. Company is located in Perris, Ca. Experience with diesel motors for maintenance and repair on our fleet of trucks, loaders, excavators and backhoes. Please contact me at 213 216-1897. Email resume: johnf@jeffcarpenterinc.com Thank you.
  2. We are looking for a experienced diesel mechanic. We have a fleet if equipment and trucks that neeed regular service and maintenance. Excavators, loaders, backhoes, and our fleet of work trucks. Please contact me if you are interested or, know if someone who is. You can email resume. Johnf@Jeffcarpenterinc.com Cell: 213 216-1897 Thank you, John
  3. McGruff, I'm not a trained electrician. However, I have been looking at SCE job board weekly for a different opportunity. Do you know of any? My experience is management in logistics and operations. Thanks, John
  4. I'm still waiting to hear back. I hope to to hear something soon.
  5. Thanks esco & Maxx-D for heads up. Maxx-D pm sent.
  6. I am reaching out for any opportunities. After only 6 months, I have no more unemployment or available extensions. No I am in need of work to cover mortgage and living expenses. I am in the Inland Empire area (Riverside) My experience is in professional management. Operations, Logistics & Warehousing. I also have some knowledge in insurance. Several years ago. I am open for ideas. Thanks for your help. John 951 750-8944
  7. I have an 02 V-10 Excursion 4x4 that is awesome. I tow my 29' TH loaded with 6 quads with no problems. The V-10 is a great motor with low rpm's will just keep going. The family loves it since we all fit comfortably on our glamis & river trips.
  8. Jenna says hi to her babies Turbo, Marley & Max.
  9. Max and Marley are puppies from Jenna. Jewels was their grandma.
  10. We love our Bostons. Keep me posted on next litter. Just might work out for to a new Boston to replace Jewels. Also, We have a male stud if anyone is interested. John - 951 750-8944 This is Hurley.
  11. Our Boston Terrier Hurley wants to be a stud if interested. Thanks, John 951 750-8944
  12. Scotty-We did check out that link. No luck yet. Thanks for the sharing link.
  13. I am looking for a Boston Terrier for my mother in law. Her Boston Terrier (Jewels) pasted away. Jewels is the mother of our Boston's Hurley and Jenna. She is also the grandma to a few on GD that got puppies from Jenna. Please let me know if you know of any available Boston's. Thanks, John-951 750-8944 Hurley & Jenna say hi.
  14. We should start posting pictures of BLM officers harassment to see if it is the same officer(s). Also to have something to show later if needed.

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