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  1. They should be combo spindles and VW, aka "wide 5"or 5x205, bolt pattern for the wheels.
  2. Anyone have a takeoff in their parts bin? Maybe you kept one from an upgrade to a sequential?
  3. Great idea. I think the plan is to get her running as a reliable family cruiser for the little ones this season. We'll see what next summer has in store tho?
  4. Update: I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Come to find out it is actually a J32 with a factory computer so who knows where he pulled those numbers. Got ahold of Kyle from S&S and he remembered the car and was very helpful and patient with my newbie questions... The car will need a trans rebuild and some other maintenance that is questionable, like a new shifter, heims, cvs and boots, etc. We were able to negotiate a price I think we were both happy with, and now the project starts with the hopes of making the first trip the weekend before Thanksgiving. Thanks again all who gave feedback.
  5. Thanks. Thats just the kind of insight I'm looking for. Its a 5 hour drive to go inspect it, so I'm trying to find as much info like this ahead of time.
  6. Ok, Thanks for the advice. It has bypasses in the rear, and appears light enough that I'm thinking that should be sufficient for a good time. The last 2 are photos of the repaired and gusseted trailing arm mount.
  7. Thanks everyone. All of this good to know. I tried getting a hold of Kyle today and planned to ask if he can recognize the car, and if its a chromoly cage vs steel, or how I can tell. But I will try again tomorrow. And I'll get some more information on who did the trans and the work done, and see if I can confirm a 2d. I'll ask for a close up pic of the nose cone as well and see if the flanges are a 2D. And a buddy in our group had a N/A 3.5 in his 2 seat car before an LS swap, and I'm sure I'll be asking you all about recommendations for adding a turbo next summer! But it should do the trick for now as an entry level car while I figure out driving a 4 seater.
  8. I'm looking to pick up my first 4-seat car, and came across a pretty clean looking S&S with a N/A Honda 3.5 and 2D that fits the budget. I'm looking to see if anyone has any advice on areas of concern with these cars, structurally or mechanically. The car did have a failure at an inner trailing arm mount, which was gusseted up, and am wondering if that is a normal thing for the chassis? Anywhere else on the car specifically to look over? He's also claiming 375 rwhp from a stock ECU, and upgraded intake, exhaust, and a tune. I don't care about what the actual dyno says because this is a reasonable powertrain for the family for now, but this seems a bit exaggerated, especially because he can't tell me if anything has been done to the internals. Do you think 375 hp is possible if its built with a cam, bore, etc.? (I was highly amused reading Alper's latest hp thread after I heard this). I plan to inspect CV's and he says the trans was just freshened up with a new clutch, etc. What noises in particular should I be listening for that would be a sign of imminent failure? Anyways, I've been following these forums for a couple years now, and I appreciate all your advice in advance. Thanks.
  9. Bump for a clean, well maintained and RELIABLE car. Hate to see it leave the group.
  10. 56 hours and 414 miles Powder coated SDR Cage. Powder coated stock A-arms and trailing arms Aftermarket bumpers and doors Polaris Helixir Beadlocks 30” Mongrels PRP seats and bench in rear Dragonfire harnesses Rugged Radios 4-person Intercom 2” lightbar Custom Vinyl Wrap Tastefully upgraded with some normal cosmetic wear and tear. $20,000 949-933-7345

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