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  1. Now we are getting somewhere…. Too many news stories are written with false dichotomy. The money supply machine was underway at the election. Did the new President try to overload with too much/too long free cash? You bet until his own party member (Manchin) shut it down. We got away with one there. Bonus. There is more at play than a bunch of lazy, entitled punks that don’t want to work. Blame the parents. People have left the workforce for a better quality of life and not wanting to deal with the current state of things. Who will replace our retiring generation? We are in deep chit! I walked. California is done. I’m spending my best days in Wyoming building my fence. Oh, and diesel can be had for $5.50 here. Sorry, but Wyoming is closed. I’m sure you’ve read about it in the news lately. Stay home. Supply chain and energy costs are at the core of what we are dealing with now. The biggest mistake Biden will make is to pressure the Fed to ease rates once recession takes hold in 2024. Let the economy fall apart. Clear out the dead wood. What else ya got?
  2. You show ME. How do I call out policy that doesn’t exist? People blame their fed government for everything that affects THEIR lives. Is someone really blaming Democratic policy for our current inflation? Show me this policy? I’ll listen to facts. Our current condition is what it is. Can’t think of any policy that is a singular cause. Sanctions? Conservative leader would not have done the same? Tariffs? Hmmmmmmmm….. Is it gun control? Some minor changes have been made but mostly at the STATE level. Everything would be different if Trump won the election? How? Do Democrats tell more lies to their voters than Republicans? Probably. Is Nancy Pilosi a shitbag? Of course. Does Kamala Harris make one want to hurl? You bet. Now bring some cause and affect facts….
  3. I’m waiting….. Apparently you’ve got some news/FACTS I’m unaware of? The news is filled with rhetoric. Bring some facts. Im tired of the sniveling around internet stories that become fact just because they are written.
  4. Punched out after popping off before his bodyguard stepped in to save the day?
  5. Newsome plan is working…. https://abc7.com/farmer-john-meatpacking-plant-closing-vernon-california-smithfield-foods-inc/11945122/
  6. You sound very successful. I’m sure you paid cash for all of it and are not overextended. Congratulations!
  7. I gotta get me some o that bubble bath. Mr Bubble looks pretty happy.
  8. That pic sums it all up why I could never live in Texas! My blood it just too thick to handle that kind of sweat. My daughter lives/goes to school in Denton. She often house sits in Grapevine. Great town.
  9. Do they still recommend “watering the foundation” with a small sprinkler system when post tension is used? I owned a house in Fort Worth some time back with serious foundation issues. Post tension in homes was just starting to come on line about that time.

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