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  1. GoatPoker

    Vw Sandrail 3x3 coilover valving

    Definitely not enough valving, but I would also worry about springs with limited travel. The 2-3” preload guideline is good for 18+” of travel but I find in the dunes a bit more spring is nice for g-outs and jumping. Even more so with 13” of travel. Less travel = more spring. Maybe target no MORE that 2” of preload. Then 12/10 should be pretty close. (Sorry, haven’t memorized the Fox #’s). 10’s might not be enough rebound control though... 15/12 is would be harsh I bet. Good control at high speed but rough in the ruts.
  2. GoatPoker

    Sandlimo season prep and midboard repair

    DId you shim for toe or camber? How much?
  3. GoatPoker

    Brake drag?

    Yeah, i’m Pretty sure the angle of the pads is different from the original mount, plus the caliper sits deeper on the rotor so the old pads has a lip that is not dragging. I’ll run it for a bit and reseat the pads,
  4. GoatPoker

    Brake drag?

    I am reassembling my front end after getting some new spindles and the drivers side brake is dragging pretty hard. Almost can’t move the hub by hand. Passenger spins freely and locks up with pedal pressure but then returns to spinning. The drivers side lock with pedal but there is still a lot of resistance when pedal is off. Any ideas? No residual valve. RBP 4 piston, 11” Did have new uprights made so the contact patch of the brake pads is likely different then the previous upright...
  5. GoatPoker


    Since your chassis is isolated with funbags you don’t need to worry about parasitic ground loops on the coolant system
  6. GoatPoker


    Honestly, in Phoenix your water will never freeze. You only need the corrosion prevention. Your car would need to be sitting unused in significantly less than 32 degrees for like 20hours before you would even get slush in the system. Never will happen here. Even athe rare 25deg morning is on;y 25 for like 2hrs. The engine block and radiator will be no lower than 50deg when this happens.
  7. GoatPoker


    Water Wetter seems to reduce my temps a bit. Didn’t see any difference between straight water and 50/50 coolant.
  8. GoatPoker

    My sand car keeps cutting out and don’t know why

    I had a loose relay cause issues in rough terrain... then a loose fuse do the same.
  9. GoatPoker

    Fuel Cell Vent

    Yes, there is a roll-over check valve on the vent. I’ve never had fuel come out of my vent valve. Your check valve is probably stuck or clogged
  10. GoatPoker

    Looking for good easy info. Setting timing on 2.0 Subi

    I went to Harbor Freight and bought 4 17mm sockets. Welded a piece of strap to them to make alignment tools. Keeps the cams in place as you put the belt on.
  11. GoatPoker

    Honda EB3000 generator $500

    Hardly used Honda EB3000. It's a nice construction style generator not the EU one. Has 3 plugs (2x 15A and 1x 20A) Also has the 12V x 12A charging plug. Probably less than 10hrs on this thing. $500 obo. Gilbert, AZ
  12. $600 OBO. Gilbert, AZ My favorite toy ever... just tired of it taking up space in the trailer and not getting much use. She needs a new home. Titled and runs
  13. GoatPoker

    S4 throwout? Engine won't go in!!!

    I got it in. Pulled the throw out bearing and collar out. It slid right in. Put them back in with the hoist all aligned and it finally went in
  14. GoatPoker

    S4 throwout? Engine won't go in!!!

    They both slide on smoothly. There are no splines showing when I have the clutch discs slid onto the spin put shaft
  15. Ok, I have a new 9' KEP double disk and a fresh required on an S4. I have been struggling to get the engine (LS) installed all afternoon. It feels like the clutch disk center is hitting the throwout bearing sleeve. I measured how far the alignment tool seats into the clutch and flywheel and then compared it to how much spline I have showing on the input shaft... It seems like there is not enough from the sleeve to the end of the splines. (see pic) Are there different clutch centers for different sleeve lengths?

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