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  1. You guys are doing great work. Membership competed
  2. Building a new house and I want to I stall control 4 automation and a/v throughout the house. Would rather keep the business in the glamis community. Pm me.
  3. Job is still available. If you know about aftermarket Atv parts please pm me. Pay is very good.
  4. Posting for a friend that has a position available his company for aftermark Atv parts and accessories phone and Internet sales position in irvine. Pm me for details
  5. Helmet law needs to be removed for anyone over the age of 16.
  6. We need the mfg.'s to step up and make safer machines with real harnesses that hold the passenger in during a rollover. A helmet rule for under 18 is okay but anything past that is nonsense.
  7. Kawasaki lead the way and is the only directly attached to bill.
  8. Tell Kawasaki and mr cook how you feel about the bill http://www.kawasaki.com/OurCompany/Contact...rm.aspx?sub=prd assemblymember.cook@assembly.ca.gov
  9. Kawasaki was a sponsor of the bill and helped write it. I will never buy another kawasaki product again, they are forcing us to wear helmets instead of stepping up and putting in proper harnesses in their machines. Shame on you Kawasaki!

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