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  2. You guys are doing great work. Membership competed
  3. Building a new house and I want to I stall control 4 automation and a/v throughout the house. Would rather keep the business in the glamis community. Pm me.
  4. Job is still available. If you know about aftermarket Atv parts please pm me. Pay is very good.
  5. Posting for a friend that has a position available his company for aftermark Atv parts and accessories phone and Internet sales position in irvine. Pm me for details
  6. Helmet law needs to be removed for anyone over the age of 16.
  7. We need the mfg.'s to step up and make safer machines with real harnesses that hold the passenger in during a rollover. A helmet rule for under 18 is okay but anything past that is nonsense.
  8. Kawasaki lead the way and is the only directly attached to bill.
  9. Tell Kawasaki and mr cook how you feel about the bill http://www.kawasaki.com/OurCompany/Contact...rm.aspx?sub=prd assemblymember.cook@assembly.ca.gov
  10. Kawasaki was a sponsor of the bill and helped write it. I will never buy another kawasaki product again, they are forcing us to wear helmets instead of stepping up and putting in proper harnesses in their machines. Shame on you Kawasaki!
  11. What about the helmet provision? Why don't we push to revise that to anyone under the age of 18?
  12. Also the new law pretty much caps the engine size of sxs as we now know it at 1000cc or less. As the article states it was pushed by the mfg.'s. Califronia is such a great place but there are so many rules, yes it would safer if we all drove 55, wore helmets and fire suits in our cars but I would rather make the choice for myself. The other side of then coin is that the law will save lives, we are safer with helmets on incase of roll over, there is always a bright side
  13. Correct but smaller ones with street bike motors would fall under this law, anything under 1000cc.
  14. This laws says everyone in a sxs needs to wear a helmet and if I am reading it correctly it also includes sandrsils and dune buggies. Huge change in the way we cruise at glamis.
  15. Basically mandates us to wear a helmet in our sxs and outlaws all 4 seat conversions. The helmet rule sucks, why so many rules in Ca?
  16. You guys are funny. Irans little navy can be wiped out by us in 1 hour of airstrikes and everyone knows it. They are just pissed off that our navy is doing the same thing to them for many years, we even shot down a passenger plane with over 100 people on board by "accident". The Iran bs needs to go away, it's just the media hype, there won't be a war and the terrorists that attacked us were not from Iran.
  17. Many members on RZRforums are already receiving theirs and have them installed Check out Atv galaxy store on eBay, they have them
  18. Wow your zilla is very nice! Yes I agree the LT500 once setup correctly is a very good duner (I have one myself). I talked to atv galaxy and they can have lsr make set.
  19. I've got a 90 LT-500 as well and had thought about getting aftermarket a-arms,but was asking myself,do I really need this quad any bigger.Not to mention,the difficulty in getting aftermarket parts anymore.Rivermobster was trying to tract down a rear axle for me.The only option there i think was a Dura-blue.Goodluck,and let me know what you find. Lone Star makes a full line of LT500 parts including a-arms... check out atvgalaxy.com ebay store for best prices
  20. I want to thank everyone for the great info and help...should be buying something very soon.

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