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  1. Goodyear Endurance are on my hauler. Goodyear says they have the highest weight rating for a E rated tire......
  2. Holly S*** It’s whole new experience now! Way better!!!!!
  3. My boss is selling 22’eliminator tunnel hull. 2.5 mercury outboard
  4. Good to hear. Are the front jacks any faster than the typical electric motors?
  5. Hey all, I’ve been seeing this on more and more new trailers and when I was at a dealer Looking a new Keystone Carbon 5er it had the hydraulic 6 point auto leveling system. Questions for those who have them on their trailers. Any issues so far? How much throw do the jacks have? Meaning how much leveling capability do they have ? Does the trailer have to be a few inches from level to “auto level” ? camping in Octillio our spots can be fairly unlevel, 3-6 inches off on one side. Just looking for people with experience with this system.
  6. Tribal Whips. Simple base that says in the car and the whip slides in and insert lynch pin. Pretty simple and quick.
  7. When my sons quad was stock I put a 90 main and left the needle in the stock position/the position I found it in. Ran great
  8. And what do you put in there? Im looking at a 2016 Genesis 37GS (39’ DUAL axle) and looking at the specs online it might just barley fit my cargo needs. I haul a Maverick Max X3 and soon adding 2 450 quads. Ideally I would like to drive the maverick (front end strapped to narrow it) all the way into the kitchen and drive the quads straight in behind it side by side. I’m also questioning the GVW of the trailer with my toys and water, etc maybe to much for the dual axles? Looking for input and what other people haul in theirs. Thanks.
  9. Take the cardboard tube from a paper towel roll, slide it up the hole in the skid plate all the way up to the oil drain plug. Get a long extension for your wrench to get to the drain plug. The cardboard tube funnels all the oil and no mess at all. Easy peasy.
  10. Right! Got some low offers from CL people. It’s the cheapest 06 Dodge diesel with the amount of miles it has. Maybe people would rather have to deal with all the emissions equipment on the newer trucks???
  11. Original owner. Title in hand. 151k miles Laramie pkg. Kore lift kit with fresh rebuilt FOX shocks. Brand new Toyo AT2's 35x12.5x17. Just installed the 2009 dodge steering upgrade(stronger and better). PAC BRAKE installed ( no need to use the brake when towing down hill). Trailer brake controller, AMP steps. Built transmission better than stock billet rebuild kit with Suncoast torque converter. $6000 stereo( Flip out alpine screen, Alpine speakers in the front doors, Eclipse speakers in the rear doors, custom fiberglass box holding 2 JL 10's under rear bench seat and hidden, amps mounted under driver and passenger seat. Amazing sound!) Also have a Pull Rite Super Glide hitch I could work into the deal. Its been a great truck. The clear coat is flaking on the roof and some other spots.Cell: 760-FourSevenZero-9249, Lee. $20000 obo.

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