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  1. Didn't Gene work for NAVAC? I know it was a facility position. He loved it there as far as I remember. Another buddy of mine works in HVAC, in control of my location and Point Loma (among others I believe). He too loves it there. Not sure if those are the answers you were looking, if not give me a call and we can talk. Either way I have heard of VERY few people going Govie and regretting it. (I thought that was your original planned path anyways?)
  2. Hey brother. Fam is doing good, other than the boys going nuts being stuck in the house. How bout you guys?
  3. According to a person in the know (across the street) rest area is open, HOWEVER, more importantly for you, the dumps have been permanently closed. Dip sheets dumping hazmat down them closed them for everyone.
  4. Yeah, I have gotten pretty lucky, and did major research at ratemyprofessor.com before picking my professors each semster, and have only had 2 professors that were bad/worthless. Unfortunately there are classes that they only offer one section a semester and that is who you are stuck with. When I got those professors I just had to tell myself suck it up buttercup and put in twice as much effort as I should have if I would have had a good professor just to pass the class. I applaud your son for going to JC and not giving up. That was the route I went. Got all my GE courses (freshman and sophomore yr) done at JC and then moved on to SDSU for my upper level class. And I have to agree for the most part the professors at JC put more effort in. Although with that said I have had professors at SDSU that I loved and really worked at being able to get us to understand the subject. My biggest problem is that the new good professors the dept seem to burn out by over working them (at least in the ME dept) and the end up quiting. My one teacher was teaching 4 classes plus background work for the dept. He was working roughly 14hr a day sometimes more. Needless to say he is not there anymore. Yeah had hoped to take it last semester with Kilne but just didn't work out with my schedule last semester and I think he only teaches it in the fall. Ofcourse this semester there was only 1 section for me to choose from. Thanks for the offer but like you said I don't think we were taught the same thing (surprise surprise). We haven't talked about airfoils at all in this class (sounds like you are AE).
  5. Here is what I have for parts 1 and 3 of the problem. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if you see any mistakes with what I have so far.
  6. I am currently a senior at SDSU in my final semester and with everything going to virtual teaching due to C-19 things are going sideways fast. Unfortunately for this class that means a Professor that is not very responsive to email questions about the homework. I am always blown away by the knowledge base her at GD.com so I hoping to leverage that in asking for help with this problem. Is there someone with a solid knowledge of vibration that can walk me thru this problem. I don't just want the answer but am hoping to get a better understanding of how to do a problem like this by going step by step. I am pretty sure that I have answers to parts 1 and 2 (but that is only with about 65% confidence). But as soon as I get to part 3 and past that I a get lost. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  7. Might be what she heard about. Can't find any other info or news reports regarding it though.
  8. Wife was talking with a coworker today and he told her his employee's son had died out in the desert this weekend. I tried to find any info on it but can't find anything. Was wondering what had happened to him. Anyone hear about someone passing away this past weekend? (not positive if it was Glamis, Gordons, Superstition or OW, was just told out in the desert)
  9. Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you have a great one. Here is to many more awesome years!
  10. The new one isn't White with Orange and Yellow Strips on it is it? (Had a flash back when I read your response)
  11. Went and found what is bring said is the video of the crash. The video is in fact a video of a crash from 2018. Yeah I had heard of one witness talking about "Engine Sputter" but then multiple others that said it sounded fine. I did listen to the aircraft control audio of the flight (making a large assumption that it is real) but the ATC was just radioing out to the aircraft that they were to low seconds before they crashed. I have a feeling it will come out that it was caused by a pilot trying to fly in conditions he probably shouldn't have been. Regardless of why, sucks 9 lives were lost.
  12. RIP to all that passed in this accident. So many lives changed that day. First I have heard of there being video of the actual crash. From what I heard the fog was thick and may have been the major contributing factor as the pilot was flying with SVFR clearance.
  13. Hey Coobie, Any update on how F11 held up? Have you continued to use it on other vehicles? True questions, did it work well enough that you bought more?
  14. Weird, I didn't see that on my cable. I will have to double check. Thanks for correcting me on that. Was going to be a long season if there was no TV coverage.
  15. So just to be clear, if you do not have the NBC streaming app (NBCSports Gold) you CAN"T watch this season of supercross on anything else? Wow, are they trying to alienate all their fans? So you have sponsorship that is based on viewers watching the sport and you are now making it more difficult for those viewers to watch that sport (lowering you viewer numbers)? Sounds like whoever is steering their ship needs to go back and reevaluate this business plan. They already alienated a ton of their fans in San Diego buy allowing Feld to keep the event from moving back to Jack Murphy (Ok Qualcomm, oops I mean SDCCU...) where people were more willing to pay their ridiculous ticket prices because they could tailgate and make a day out of it. And now you are basically making it so I can't watch it on TV. Well it was a fun run watching supercross but I guess I am just going to wait for Esco's highlight and results and anything I see on the YouTube. <rant off>

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