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  1. If you don't mind, yeah. See what model number. Thanks bro!
  2. Looking for suggestions on a first drone. I've googled it and come up with 1000 opinions. Anybody happy with a certain brand/model? Anything to look for or stay away from? Post a link if you don't mind. Trying to stay under 500.00 Appreciate it!
  3. If there's 10 sxs's doing 70mph and a rail blows through at 110, I could see that VC being relevant
  4. I saw a few videos of rails blowing past sxs's while bobbing and weaving through them. Could only imagine it's making them nervous. Guess we're stuck watching a sxs parade down the drags.
  5. I think everyone knows it's not all sxs people but it's just easier to explain a situation. It's just like bro's, skaters, metal heads, etc. True bro's aren't poser idiots, nor are skaters, metal heads etc. It's just their "thing" got popular by a bunch of effing idiot's and the name gets tarnished.
  6. Thanks for the grammar check, my auto-correct is blushing, I was addressing the "New generation" as in, new to glamis and already making up new rules. Like who has the right of way on olds. ( Apparently it's the people going down fyi) Not all sxs owners. I do find it suspicious thou took it so personal. I mean you had to take a couple jabs at me, for what? Don't worry, you're long winded posts lets everyone know you are a real deal duner.
  7. My guess is these days are going to come to an end. Not because of the BLM but because of this new generation of sxs snowflake owners will run them out. If you follow the FB dune pages, you know what I'm talking about. Clueless, whiney, holier than though only begins to explain them. Once they figure out why they can't camp there, it will be war. " We need more rules and laws!!" I'm curious if it's already become more hostile there?
  8. Yeah, but it doesn't bend and can take a 9mm bullet! I guess they could engineer crumple zones but with the skin being that tough I question it.
  9. He was dropping big steel bearings from 10ft on a single pane of glass he claimed was the same glass on the truck a minute before, to show us it wouldn't break. When that thing rolled out, all I could say was " Hell no!" 😜 My only question is its crash rating. He claims all the strength is on the outer skin unlike a regular truck on frame
  10. I have Rx sunglasses with the polarized amber lenses. They really bring out the details. I even wear them at night driving around town.
  11. Can't read article but does it do the same in Chrome's incognito mode?
  12. As mentioned in the GD.com Facebook group. " sxs's are the new kings of off-road, step aside crusty old sandrail owners"
  13. I would have been throwing money at it. I never think of small things like this. Good info!

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