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  1. You need to update the package size and weight every dang time or it defaults to your last setting. My experience anyway.
  2. American culture is french fries in our carne burritos and green tinted sour cream called american guac! 😁
  3. 9.00 life straws. Got 6 of them. Lol! Prime day is always a scam. I have a program that shows me price history and 90% of this chit has been at " prime day" price in the past. There's a few killer deals but they get sold out in 5 minutes.
  4. I need an 091 trans from Pamona to anywhere in San Diego. Anyone doing that trip? You can text me at 619-249-1675. I would rally appreciate it! Jason
  5. Who sized that intercooler? Is it air only or water?
  6. It's a real kick in the nuts to go back out to an inspection I gave an estimate for wood repairs on, and find out illegal labor was used to do said repairs and I have to sign off on it and clear the house for escrow. Happens everyday.
  7. On a more serious note. I never see the typical day laborers at Home Depot anymore!
  8. Sell it to Mexico so they can cross the border with it everyday to use it for California work!! Everytime I see a "Smoky" truck on the I-5 they seem to always have the same lic. plates.
  9. I don't want to generalize but it sure seems that black women like to fight and black dudes like to hit their women. All I ever see on facehooker and YouTube.
  10. Is the trans stock?
  11. Booze stores well. I stocked up on everclear and vodka. Got enough to keep me numb for years. Hahaha
  12. Have a few of the xlrg gravity chairs. Super wide and long. Very comfy. Worth the hassle and weight

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