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  1. Legit Duner

    Need Some Jet Fuel

    Ask for Jethro, He usually hangs out behind 7-11
  2. Legit Duner

    Honda 3.5

    J30A4 heads, ported 07 TL-S cams ported intake runners and intake J32A3 block J37 forged crank J37 forged rods 05 RL forged pistons and rings J37 OE bearings J32A3 gaskets Stolen from av6.net IIRC, just the single port heads on a j35 were 25+ hp
  3. Legit Duner

    Game Of Thrones

  4. Legit Duner

    Honda 3.5

    J36 is the best you'll get N/A. Otherwise, a3/a4 bottom and J32s top end. Both tried and proven If I ever do it again, I'm going all in on a j37. Have not seen one built up and boosted, but should be a monster
  5. Legit Duner

    Honda 3.5

    Damn!!! Well that makes it a no brainier.
  6. Legit Duner

    Honda 3.5

    Wasn't aimed at you my man. No one in particular really. For the record, 850 for a ball bearing turbo, 1200 for an ecu, 500 in bov and wastegate, 500 for a tune, Exhaust work and fuel line work and you're 425+ hp.. Buy used stuff and it's only cheaper. I've seen 500hp Dyno sheets on 10psi motors but I don't believe them. Mathematicaly you need 13psi+ You would need rods 1200, pistons 1000, closed deck block 1600.00 and the labor to put motor back to get into 500-600 hp. EASY motor to work on though, so if mechanical inclined could save a grip on assembly.
  7. Legit Duner

    Honda 3.5

    It's so tiring to hear the ls is best crap I used to run with v8 cars in my camp , all 500hp or better.. They couldn't beat me at the drags, and we always started from a dig, they didn't jump out ahead of me, and I lugged around in 4th duning with them. The only time they smoked me was fast dune runs and that was just driver skills. With the right turbo and tune ( lower vtec rpm for monster flat tq and big hp curve), you're not missing out and the fun factor is x2. Who doesn't like the sound of a turbo car??!
  8. Legit Duner

    The debate over abortion

    We did too and were disgusted by the way it's run. It's seemingly impossible to have a successful adoption. The actual case worker that would be assigned to us was running the class and she was certifiable. They aren't doing these kids any justice. That was 5 years ago and I'm still angry about our encounter with them.
  9. Legit Duner

    The debate over abortion

    Yep... They make that very clear. Isn't plan B over the counter here? There's a bigger picture here. We weren't supposed to live so long, we weren't supposed to be so promiscuous, the birth rate wasn't supposed to be so high. This planet is 7 billion people over-populated. I can go on. Maybe if we go back to the times before intervening life, (extending it, modern medicine, etc) things would balance out and every life would be precious to everyone. At some point it's just a belief and beliefs should not be pushed on anyone.
  10. Legit Duner

    The debate over abortion

    Saw this and thought there was some merit.
  11. Legit Duner

    The debate over abortion

    It's all about energy. I may believe life starts before conception. I will not go into details. lol.. Bottom line. A woman's right in my eyes. Sucks for the father, life isn't always fair.
  12. Legit Duner

    The debate over abortion

    The heart is a muscle.. The brain is "us".
  13. Legit Duner

    Honda 3.5

    Just went on there and looked. Place is DEAD... In the display options on the bottom, select show all years posts. There are 100's of posts about modifying J motors. Lots of 300whp N/A builds.
  14. Legit Duner

    The things you see on the freeway

    Or with for sale signs... :legit:
  15. Legit Duner

    Honda 3.5

    If you're not going boosted, stick with an a4.. Later if you want to bolt stuff on, grab some RLs cams, or swap over some j32A heads and intake.

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