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  1. People back east would go apechit over that. Very clean! GLWTS.
  2. A HP queen at 1800hp just running the drags sees the same, if not less abuse than street racers. Hitting the limiter all day with races all day and night isn't exactly driving Mrs. Daisey
  3. I wasn't suggesting it was. I'm just pointing out the stout parts, weak link is the rods on the bottom end, and some of them are truly forged, not powder metal forge which are common.
  4. http://blog.wiseco.com/aaron-oneals-1100hp-v6-swapped-civic-hatch?hs_amp=true 1000hp j35 doing nothing but 1/4 mile digs. (Stock crank and block)
  5. Try Jeff St. Clair insurance he is/was a sponsor here too. He does all my insurance
  6. Could always run an Android box or firetv through USB/cigarette lighter adapter or make a raspberry pi box to run 12vdc
  7. Of stock hp, yes. I know it's not a perfect world and it's theoretical. You would know more than I , what's your experience tell you?
  8. I can't post in that thread because mine never blew. Haha. ( Although my first Dyno tune grenaded the motor) I did say " somewhat" reliable. I will say I was at 11psi my last year before I sold the car. I know it lasted after I sold it but lost touch with new owner so I don't know how long it lasted. At 7psi I had 330whp on a stingy dyno I am told. (Efi university) Theoretically, at 14psi, it should be double the hp. In the end, we all know what it's capable of. If 500 is too much to swallow so be it. It's a performer.
  9. Ok, fair enough. How about we just say it will spank the shit out of the LS you are suggesting?
  10. You can get 500hp from a tuned stock motor with 10-11psi boost and be somewhat reliable. Over 12-13psi boost you need rods, pistons, closed deck, etc
  11. J motors are making up to a claimed 6-700whp on stock bottom ends. (Street racers)
  12. It's caused by resonance. Top of cylinders have no support.
  13. The wobble is because the deck is not closed. The cylinders can vibrate independently of the block Have to have a closed deck block in higher boost applications.

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