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  1. That's a good catch! I probably would have thought nothing about it.
  2. It serves to make Trump look bad. They place the blame on the virus square on his back. The Dems mock the economy now. They seem to take pleasure in a possible housing market crash, wall st. crash, etc. They almost grin on MSNBC when our economy numbers come out or news the virus is getting worse somewhere. I see it with my own eyes. I watch msnbc quite a bit. It's a perfect scenario for the Dems. Everything crashes and they come in and rebuild it the way they envision it. They know they have a fighting chance to win if the economy is in shambles. If they make it a little worse so they can gain from it well... "It's for the people's own good ." They can, and have shown they will stop at nothing to get rid of Trump. You've seen the shit they've pulled.
  3. They've been trying to crash the economy for awhile now. Recession, depression, stock market crashes, housing crash, etc was all they talked about before Covid. They weaponized this virus to get what they wanted
  4. Looks like a California fire 🐜
  5. Looks like ants getting under the slab. It could be subterranean termite swarmer holes but you would see flying termites, or at the very least, a bunch of wings around. Drywood termites would be droppings of all the same size and when looked at closely have concave sides similar to a football Carpenter ants leave sawdust/wood shavings type evidence snd normally don't nest in the ground
  6. This work on a truck? My hood has some rust, not looking forward to sanding it
  7. Tell em to come work with me this summer so he can earn the money difference. ,😄
  8. I cant vouch for that one. But DeWalt's trimmer is nice. I just did a 25x60 section of 12" weeds and had it done with 1.5 batteries. (9ah) Im sure its just as good, but I would make sure and have 2 batteries.
  9. They make a 30.00 adapter for the older 18v stuff. Like mentioned somewhere in this thread, DeWalt is geared more twords carpentry. I don't use an extension cord anymore, unless I bust out my sawsquatch. I do termite and dryrot repairs all day, everyday. Decks, patios, roofing, entry beams, subflooring. Etc. I have zero complaints. The flexvolt stuff is just amazing. My worm drive style saw is almost as good as the real thing (skil). My guys abuse the piss out of them. 1/4 impacts for screws are bullet proof. Table and miter saws are so nice. I could go on.
  10. Just an FYI. Had a DeWalt 9ah battery go bad. Emailed them date code and had a brand new one in three days. Can't beat that!
  11. You say only water in it? Be careful. I had my engine crack when we had a cold snap. Had only water and water wetter in it. Drain it or put the antifreeze in
  12. If you don't mind, yeah. See what model number. Thanks bro!
  13. Looking for suggestions on a first drone. I've googled it and come up with 1000 opinions. Anybody happy with a certain brand/model? Anything to look for or stay away from? Post a link if you don't mind. Trying to stay under 500.00 Appreciate it!
  14. If there's 10 sxs's doing 70mph and a rail blows through at 110, I could see that VC being relevant

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