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  1. Legit Duner

    Fusable link for alternator charge wire?

    Thank you, sirs!
  2. Legit Duner

    Fusable link for alternator charge wire?

    That's exactly what I have for both batteries in-between isolator and battery. I'll grab the third one. 250amp good?
  3. Legit Duner

    Fusable link for alternator charge wire?

    So you ran a fuse in between alt and battery?
  4. I installed a 220 amp alternator and ran 2ga wire from alt to battery. I'm wondering why I would install a 12ga fusable link? Powermaster doesn't show one being added on their diagram, but I see on the internets people are doing it. My stock 8ga wire had one. So what gives? Kind of defeats my big ass charge wire, no? I'm installing dual batteries with an isolator and a 250amp fuse on each battery wire between isolator and battery. 1997 Silverado, 1 wire alternator if it matters.
  5. I was getting to a point where I was pissed all the time. Blood pressure was 140/93, couldn't sleep, was obsessed with breaking news, etc. In the last 3 months, I have read 10 books, learned mindfulness, and have gotten so much done at home. I cut social media out 80% as well. Not saying I will not get involved in all this political horse shit again, but I am on a hiatus. Can't stomach it.
  6. Legit Duner

    Today's Highway star

    Hahaha! Shaking the cobwebs off ole faithful! If I was speeding, my apologies. (think I hit 110 back near the casino) She's been sitting for 4 years! Bringing her back with all new interior,paint job, Procharger, kickass stereo system, etc.. I told my wife it's going to be my mid-life crisis project,
  7. Legit Duner

    CBD oil

    Are they adding terpines? Been reading that they are as beneficial as well
  8. Legit Duner

    What do you consider full bump?

    Full bump
  9. Legit Duner

    CBD oil

    Strength and source is key. 10 drops of 500mg and 10 drops of 1500mg will be different. Pressed CBD oil from seed and stalks is pure bullshit. It has to be whole plant extract. Some people will say if it's not from high grade cannabis, it will not work. Not true. Most CBD is derived from "hemp" but hemp is cannabis just the same. The bottom line is CBD plants are breed for higher CBD concentration. Nobody's taking high THC cannabis and extracting CBD from it. If the oil does not have testing attached to it, pass on it. Any reputable CBD oil with have lab paperwork with it. 90% of the crap on Amazon is just that, crap. The problem is, a good theraputic dose for pain is too expensive. To get the maximum benefit, it's 1-5mg per 2lbs bodyweight. Less is fine but it's one of the reason people say it doesn't work. Everyone has their own theraputic level though. Go to medmen in Kearny Mesa and get the trident concentrate or the 1000mg oil and give it a shot. Just like smoking weed, it's works differently for everyone. You may want to try the 1:10 or 1:5 CBD/THC if you can tolerate it. It works much better the more equal the two are and you use less. I used it for my neck and shoulder injury because I refused to take pain meds. It didn't make the pain go away but it makes it manageable. The .03% CBD should not cause a positive test, but I would not bet money on it. Absolutely no "weed feeling" or effects at all though. I like the topical lotions the best. Always helpels my arthritic hands. Would take the swelling and joint pain away.
  10. Legit Duner

    How To Keep Rats From Living Under My Motorhome?

    Mice droppings will be like long grain rice with skinny pinched ends, rats are more of a larger tic-tac with blunt ends. Get a black light and look under coach for urine trails for their entry point if the hole is not obvious. Dusting areas with flour to track them will help out too. Once you seal up holes where they got in and remove all food inside, use proper snap trap, and done! Baiting traps should be something different than they are eating outside. If they have seed, palm nuts, fruits, use protiens like cat food, Sharp cheddar, hotdog, etc
  11. Legit Duner

    It's Saturday 1/26/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    I'll be doing Jesus's work this weekend. (Grass went from 6 inches to 4 feet in a week! 😁 )
  12. Legit Duner

    4.3 Bent/Broken Pushrod(fixed, now lifter noise)

    Possible rocker stud pulled out a little?
  13. Legit Duner

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    I like teachers..
  14. Legit Duner

    CA taxing yore text messages

    People accept living in vans and renting trailers in people's driveway. I think we can push it a little further, apparently stupideff*ingemotionaltwits know no bounds.

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