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  1. I would have been throwing money at it. I never think of small things like this. Good info!
  2. I edited my post for clarity. Look up pre-charged line sets. Can't cut these types. Need to order exact length
  3. The actual line set is pre-charged. The line sets have special plunger valves. They truly are diy. I installed one. If anything, you need an electrician.
  4. I'd love for an El Camino to come back! I've owned 3 of them.
  5. I love the hill at night. Always have, always will. Sitting at camp all night, not so much. I'm night blind, so night rides are a no go for me. Maybe I'm just an arsehole, but the crashes are part of the entertainment. You can usually spot who's going to run out of talent in advance.
  6. From everything I'm reading it's not the vape juice. I guess we'll see. I find it suspicious that after 10+ years of people vaping all the sudden you're getting acute illnesses. Not chronic.
  7. This is true, they just can't rent them out anymore. There is a way to get your computer back into closed loop sooner. Here's how you do a GM. http://www.obdii.com/drivecycle.html Ford http://www.obdii.com/drivecycleford.htm
  8. Effin things all look the same to me.
  9. It's no crazier than half the shit that comes out of the left's mouths.
  10. I don't know if it's just the outerwear but you may want to upgrade that filter Its already sucking in and there's no boost. Seen a few filters get munched up. If it's a gauze type filter I guarantee you'll suck sand when undersized
  11. IMHO, there will not be a crash like before. Maybe a 15-20% correction. If for some reason I'm wrong and the bottom drops out, look for big investor groups to snap up the defaults by the 1000's and turn into landlords. Rent will not go down like house prices. I talk about this with everyone I see. Homeowners are in much better shape then they were 10-12 years ago. They'll stay put and hold on. It's just becoming a buyers market now, but homeowners are not convinced their house is worth less than 12 months ago. I think we'll see a stagnant market for awhile before any meaningful price reductions start happening.
  12. Almost impossible for a middle-class family to take on a 15yr mortgage in Cali. Median house price is 540ish. That's a 5k+ mortgage even with 20% down. Most people I see are doing 5% down ( some only 3%) on a 30yr fixed and still struggling with a household income of 120k+. I read an article recently that suggested you need 225k income to live comfortably in San Diego. People did low downs thinking prices would go up so they could dump the mortgage insurance. I don't see that happening now though.
  13. Talk with Brandon Long, bro. I have his number if you need it Been working with him for 8+ years. He gets pocket listings all over. Has lenders with all the options.
  14. On a side note. I've never seen so many buggies for sale. From my Facebook groups there is at least 3 a day. Some smoking deals out there!
  15. My boat is hooked up to my truck right now. I tried to pull it (pin) and there's no effin way!! My .02
  16. But if that's all you see, well...😁
  17. People back east would go apechit over that. Very clean! GLWTS.
  18. A HP queen at 1800hp just running the drags sees the same, if not less abuse than street racers. Hitting the limiter all day with races all day and night isn't exactly driving Mrs. Daisey
  19. I wasn't suggesting it was. I'm just pointing out the stout parts, weak link is the rods on the bottom end, and some of them are truly forged, not powder metal forge which are common.
  20. http://blog.wiseco.com/aaron-oneals-1100hp-v6-swapped-civic-hatch?hs_amp=true 1000hp j35 doing nothing but 1/4 mile digs. (Stock crank and block)
  21. Try Jeff St. Clair insurance he is/was a sponsor here too. He does all my insurance

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