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  1. I get paid 10's of thousands every year with PayPal. Like others have said, get a signed receipt with credit card info on it, along with driver license info. ( If there's no tracking info) PayPal isn't eBay, where they just side with the buyer and yank your money.
  2. I gave up trying to hide my digital privacy. Even when you set everything to private, and no tracking they get you on the next update. It's tiring to keep up.
  3. Saw a support snake at Target . Had a little "vest" on and everything. People are nuts, plain and simple
  4. Went to Home Depot over the weekend and I shit you not there were dogs running around like it was a dog park. No leashes! Top it off with a great Dane knocking over the end cap shit, shutting down the main aisle! It's beyond ridiculous.
  5. Put a company sign on your vehicle. Lol. Seems like they leave us alone for the most part in our work vehicles.
  6. What speed are you paying for? How many connections are you running? ( Laptop, desktop, smart TV, receiver, Alexa, etc) Do you want an all in one with WiFi?
  7. And they work well. Had my little 15.00 obd for at least 6 years now, only complaint is it takes a few tries to connect.
  8. Last time I did online traffic school it took me 15 minutes. No waiting a certain time limit per page. Was a joke. That being said, my wife used ticket assassin twice and it worked.
  9. May need a fin comb or brush. I just did that this weekend. What a pita!
  10. I must have 7-8k+ wrapped up into DeWalt. If it's for wood working I have it (x2 or x3), even the string trimmer, power bank, and blower. The standard DeWalt stuff sucks arse. You have to go brushless and even their brushless has two tiers. The brushless stuff in "kits" is not as good as the individual tools. Two 9ah batteries will run my circular saw, sawzall, nail gun, impact and planer on a job for most of the day. I bought a shit ton of batteries and they just sit stale. The batteries are fricken expensive though, I'll tell you that much. I could be wrong, but last I heard Milwaukee is made is China, DeWalt assembled in the USA!
  11. That car of his works pretty good!
  12. DeWalt flexvolt. I do wood repairs all day, every day and never use a corded tool anymore. ( Except when I need my sawsquatch)
  13. Ahh! No way to re-tool and use something that will never go obsolete? Like a Honda part?
  14. Proof you don't have to go 130+mph to have a good time!
  15. Different heads and ecu.
  16. Seems like that could be addressed by the ECU
  17. This guy has it... 146.00 and shipping.. Part was 26.00 new.. He is a smart man getting in that biz! I'm going to keep looking until I have to bite the bullet.
  18. That would work, but I'm not sure how the diverter works? Could it be that simple? Hell, I could epoxy one underneath the valve itself, you only see the top!
  19. Just might.. Tired of living down here with all the nut jobs
  20. I'm currently on a black beauty rest for about 3? years now. It's the extra firm. I tried several toppers 1" through 3" and always got lower back pain after awhile. I think I've had 3 mattreses in the last 12 years, Always nice at first but then I find faults. Pillows have a lot to do with my comfort believe it or not. Too high and my lowerback hurts, too low and my upper back and arms go numb. I must have 10 pillows I alternate with. I just told the wife it's time for a new bed the other day. She thinks I'm nuts. I'll have to go through this thread and check out what you all are sleeping on.

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