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  1. dzrtrat1111

    Another Another Desert Dynamics build.... FIXED!!

    Likely will just take a day trip to Ocotillo since it is close to me.
  2. dzrtrat1111

    Another Another Desert Dynamics build.... FIXED!!

    I finally got a chance to pull the engine and take the clutch out for inspection. After pulling the clutch, I could see that the pilot bearing had worked it’s way out about half way and was a little cock eyed. (Don’t know why but could have been from the old bellhousing not allowing the input shaft to fully seat). I took the clutch and flywheel up to KEP this morning for inspection. Flywheel was in good shape but they found the inner clutch disc was warped and that is what was causing the disengagement issues. The rest of the clutch checked ok. Headed home with the clutch, new pilot bearing and TOB. Spent the last few hours getting everything installed. Clutch adjustment was now a breeze and fired her up. SUCCESS!!!!!! No noises, easy shifting and smooth clutch engagement. Time to attempt another shake down. I missed most of the season but hopefully this is the last of the big hurdles so I can enjoy the car for awhile.
  3. dzrtrat1111

    Another Another Desert Dynamics build.... FIXED!!

    Decided to pull the engine and trans and swap the bellhousing since I already had the LS one on hand. While apart, I found that the splines on the inner third clutch disc and trans input shaft had been ground up a bit, which was caused by the depth difference between the SBC and LS BH. Got that cleaned up and everything reassembled. Now for the new problem. When I put the car in gear with the clutch pedal fully depressed, the car wants to move forward the slave is adjusted correctly and I’ve given the clutch pedal as much through as possible and it still does not correct it. I’m thinking now that the clutch was damaged and plan to pull it out and send it to Kennedy for inspection. Prettt much missed the season with all the problems.
  4. dzrtrat1111

    Another Another Desert Dynamics build.... FIXED!!

    I’ll try to make a long story short. I ended up taking the car to @L.R.S. for him to adjust the clutch and some other things. He couldn’t replicate my problem but also didn’t have an area to drive it much. He took it to cbm for a dyno tune and they called him the next day to come get the car cause they experienced my problem and couldn’t dyno it. LRS pulled the trans, took it to Rancho and they found that the detent ball for the reverse gear had somehow been knocked out and was causing problems. Trans goes back in and Jeff now can’t shift it. He pulled the trans and back to Rancho. They opened it up again and found a failed weld on the reverse shaft. Trans back in but still a clutch problem. Jeff has to take all the slack out of the slave to get it to work but it was enough to get it dyno’d. Jeff also talked to @SEAN@WEDDLE and they discovered the wrong bellhousing was on the trans. It had an SBC instead of an LS BH on it. ( long story for another day. Took the car to Ocotillo for a shake down and only made it 5 miles or so before I got a horrible grinding sound and could no longer get it in gear.
  5. dzrtrat1111

    Lost Footage #1Badbeast

    Would love to see these high HP cars race from a dig.
  6. dzrtrat1111

    SOLD. 21’ flat bed buggy trailer

    Buyer pending. You are next and I will let you know around 5pm tomorrow
  7. dzrtrat1111

    SOLD. 21’ flat bed buggy trailer

    It’s on Craigslist and racedezert too
  8. dzrtrat1111

    Never Talk to the Police

    Blanket statements like this are why it continues to be harder to be and stay in law enforcement. Police already have the stigma of being “ out to get you”, and uninformed people can read things like this and it just reinforces that stigma for them. It’s already hard enough to run into a building where someone is shooting, answer the ever growing numbers of metal health radio calls, violet crime calls and California’s transient problems on top of the general hate that is directed towards cops on a daily basis. I am all for exercising your rights and not talking to the police if you’ve done something wrong, it’s your right, why incriminate yourself. We generally already know the answer to the questions anyways.
  9. dzrtrat1111

    4 Xtreme 38 rears #2 xtreme 10.80 on Douglas beadlocks

    Thanks for the set of wheels!
  10. dzrtrat1111

    JD2 die rental?

    PM sent LRS and Sausage, thanks for the offers. Punchdrunk is close to me but i’ll Let you guys know if anything changes.
  11. dzrtrat1111

    JD2 die rental?

    Long shot, but anyone in the north San Diego or Temecula area have a 1” die for a JD2 model 3 bender they would be willing to rent me for a day?
  12. It’s specific to your engine not the trans. Google told me 19 ft lbs for the pressure plate and 79 for the flywheel. Might want to check for your year engine but should me similar for most 6cyl Honda’s.
  13. dzrtrat1111

    Firestick, Apple TV, WHAT TO DO????

    That’s what I thought and figured for $5, why not try it. Worth every penny! If you are a heavy tv watcher, might want to concider a VPN.

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