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  1. JD2 model 3 bender die. 3/4” with 3.5 CR Minimal use. $125 or trade for a 1” die located in Fallbrook text is best 760-415-1218
  2. I’ve been 4-5 times this season while I work the bugs out of my new car, since it’s way easier to recover a broken car in the hard pack. Still very flat, dusty and full of whoops.
  3. You’re right. Sold with in 10 min of the ad being posted on RDC.
  4. 4 37x12.50x17 BFG KR project NON DOT RACE tires. The good: All have just under 11/32 tread, hold air and almost zero chunking. The bad: One tire has some minor checking in the sidewalk as shown in the pics below but these have Kevlar sidewalks. One tire has a chunk taken out right against the bead by my local incompetent tire guy when dismounting but shouldn’t effect its ability to hold air with beadlocks. Not sure where to find the date code on race tires if any but they are at least 5 years old. Always stored in doors. $250 for the set or would like to trade 1 36x17 STU #1 cut paddle or towards a pair and I’ll add cash. located in Fallbrook 760-415-1218
  5. Good call, I will give the base a good look. Other than the little things here and there now the car is a blast to drive. Definitely need to get the suspension tuned though.
  6. Ok, my wiring guy and I went through everything and could not find and shorts in the harness. The fans each have their own 30 amp relay and 30 amp push button breaker. I went ahead and replaced both relays with 40amp relays after talking to Shawn @CBM who didn’t think it was an ECM. Haven’t talked to Chris yet. I also put 40amp breakers in. Out in Ocotillo now and only one fan turns on and off at temp and the second fan isn’t doing anything. I hard wired the second fan to get me through the weekend. Any thoughts where to look now? Could it possibly be an ECM problem?
  7. The “Ozark” and “Lifetime” coolers at Walmart are Yeti knockoffs for under $200 and work surprisingly well.
  8. Jeff, I can pick them up anytime tomorrow after 12 if needed.
  9. I think you are right on the shorted wire or bad ground. Good info on the power draw, I will add another breaker to be safe.
  10. I have camped there a few times over the past few years. It’s a very nice well kept place. Spend the extra 10-15$ and get a spot right along the lake. Take some bicycles, there is plenty of area to ride around. If you have Kayaks they are allowed in the lake too. And if you like to target shoot, there is Prado Olympic shooting range across the street.
  11. They are slightly staggered I believe. They are on a 30 amp breaker and this is the first time it has tripped. Fans came on during the warm up cycle while I was locking the truck then after a few miles down the road I saw the temps at 220 and it normally never gets over 190 so I stopped and noticed the breaker popped and fans not spinning.
  12. Axles cut and re installed. Made. Quick trip to Ocotillo in Thursday to test it out. NOISE IS GONE!! But in true fashion for me a new problem to chase down. Fans turned on at temp and blew the push button breaker on the dash and car wanted to over heat.
  13. I’m too scared to F things up. Kartek is doing mine tomorrow.
  14. Thanks. Headed to Kartek tomorrow, they do it in house. I called several driveline and machine shops and all said they don’t do it.

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