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  1. Thanks. I think I will get jammed up for beadlocks since they are not DOT.
  2. I know this is a lot to ask... I have an inspection on Monday in Yuma to get my car assigned a VIN and street plated. I am looking for someone to lend or rent me a set of wide 5 NON bead lock wheels with DOT tires on them, 33” or bigger. I am in Fallbrook and would prefer to find some in north county or the Temecula/Murrieta area. DM or text if you can help 760-415-1218
  3. Found a bad plug wire, runs like a f**ing champ again!!!
  4. Typically one end of the existing exhaust pipe of the muffler would be swaged or enlarged with a tool so you get a slip fit to weld or clamp. You can buy cheap kits at harbor freight. I personally like the sound of the Magnaflow or for some extra coin the BlackWidow muffler.
  5. I’m running a MEFI4 and don’t have the tools to plug in and scan. Fuel pressure is good and constant. Checked the pressure regulator and it’s clean. I also gone through and checked my grounds as well as sensors.
  6. Long over due update. Finally got some time to work on my car after selling my 5th wheel, buying a DP and dealing with life and of course waiting till the last minute before the start of the season. I pulled the filters and Surprise! A filter full of fuel cell foam. I cleaned the steel filter, replaced the paper post pump filter and flushed out my fuel lines. I pulled the fuel cell out which is a PITA on my car and replaced the foam with ATL foam after finding foam pieces inside. While I was at it I got Jaz to replace my fuel gauge sending unit that never worked under warranty. I pulled the fuel injectors out and tried one of the YouTube 9v battery and carb cleaner methods and didn’t really notice any horrible injectors but I really had no clue what I was doing. Long story short, I got it all put back together. I put some fresh fuel in this morning and cranked her up. Took a few shots to get started but when it did....... Same old S***. Still sounds like it is down a cylinder, more so when I rev it than idle. I should mention that I did a compression check on all cylinders and no alarms there. So, I pulled the injectors back out and dropped them off at Turn Key for testing and cleaning since they are only a few miles from my house. If this doesn’t solve it I don’t know where to look next. ** While typing this I got a call from Colby at Turn Key telling me my injectors are ready. Said they all looked good and were flow tested 3 times with no anomalies found. WTF?
  7. For those looking to install the freeze plug with a hole, I just installed a 30mm freeze plug into a stock water pump which was a good interference fit.
  8. Another vote for the above. Had my wheels done there not too long ago. Had them back in 3 days and couldn’t be happier with the finished product.
  9. Jason, for those of us who want to add the freeze plug (I was in the process of something similar when this thread popped up) Do you happen to know what size freeze plug will fit and what size hole should be drilled in it?
  10. I also took the roller portion of one of these stands and attached it to the deck of my trailer so the synthetic line doesn’t drag on anything.
  11. This is very true! That is where the snatch block and some plywood come in handy.
  12. I’ve been using the harbor freight #3500 winch to load my #3200 4 seat pre runner onto my flatbed trailer with drive over fenders for some time now with zero issues. Remember, just because your car weighs a certain amount that is not really how much you are pulling. Rolling resistance reduces the weight/drag. I also bought synthetic rope to spool onto my winch for cheap on amazon.
  13. Came across a craigslist ad for a 3 year old WW le3505 5th wheel ($17k ) years ago. I was in AZ looking at a few I liked when I saw the ad in San Diego. Hauled A$$ back to Cali to look at it. Wife was selling it cheap after catching her husband being naughty and it was in near perfect condition!
  14. It’s a 2005 National tropical. It has a DTV receiver and that is also my cable provider. I’ll give you a call tomorrow when I get home from work and can pull it out from under the cover and fire it up. Thank you!
  15. I just picked up a new to me diesel pusher that has a Tracvision L3 satellite and Direct Tv receiver. My previous trailer had a dummy proof system ( one button and it’s on) but the one that came with the pusher is way above my head. I read the instructions online but they might as well have been written in German. In the excitement of the new purchase I never bothered to ask the seller to give me the run down either. I found the IRD switched and turned it on, turned on the direct tv box, (which likely needs a new card and active service ) but after that I am stumped. Nothing show up on the tv, I can’t find a remote for the sat but do have one for the direct tv. Can someone with Sat experience please give me a basic lesson or point me in the right direction?

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