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  1. I searched for quite awhile several months ago with no luck. Even camping world told me that they would not order one in for me. You are likely going to have to bite the bullet and pay the freight charge to have one shipped to you. Hopefully someone else has better info for you.
  2. You can go to a registration service and provide the vin. They can tell you if it’s in the system and or stolen. You can also call your local police department, tell them you have a vin for a prospective purchase. They will not give you owner/DMV info, only if stolen or not.
  3. The Bull Shed is a must for a cheap and delicious big prime rib dinner! Get there early or wait have a drink while enjoying the views. Take the short hike down Opaekaa Falls. Not a tough hike and the view of the falls from the bottom is breathtaking. You can also stand at the top of the falls with a 5 min walk from the parking area. Glass sand beach is ok, but to the left of it when looking at the ocean is neat. It used to be a landfill and everything that was iron is still there (engine blocks ect..) and the colors in the metal is interesting from the salt water. If you get a rental car get a Jeep. There is a trail that starts in the Wailua homesteads (Kuamo’o Rd) that will take you several miles into the interior of the island. The trail leads you through the gates that held the Jurassic Park sign. The sign is no longer there, just the wooden poles that held it. Continue down the trail to a hidden waterfall. Also some stream crossings on the trail that can get deep if it is raining. Lastly, if you can get to the north shore, kayak or stand up paddle the Hanalei river out to Hanalei Bay. By the way. Costco by far has the cheapest car rental rates. When I was there in 2015, I got a 4 door Jeep for under $300 for 7 days.
  4. My LE 3505 I just sold was right around 37’ total. To the top of the air conditioner was something like 12’ 2”.
  5. Don’t not waste your money on Mr Ticket and similar. Every week I deal with them. If you show up and have your stuff together, it is always a change of plea to guilty. They have never taken me to trial!
  6. I’ve done it several times. Works like a champ.
  7. Map gas torch works great to bring it back to black. Don’t spend to much time in one spot.
  8. I haven’t had a chance to work on it any further. Work has been crazy and I was spending my free time prepping my 5th wheel to sell it and find a diesel pusher to buy. Hoping to get some time on it this weekend.
  9. I have the same filter setup I will pull them and clean and replace. I also have a Jaz fuel cell with the stock pickup and I have heard that their foam is junk. I plan to put ATL foam and the Holley fuel may in. I will check the exhaust valve as well as pull the injectors. When I stuck a borescope into the cylinder, the one with the bad plug had a relatively clean piston top compared to the other cylinders.
  10. Jason, the engine is a GM crate engine, LS3 376/525 package. So what ever injectors came stock are what’s in it.
  11. I also should mention that after just changing the plugs and firing it up for just a few seconds. The header pipe going to the cylinder where the bad plug was, is significantly hotter than the others which would lead me to believe that this cylinder is very lean.
  12. Just installed new plugs and tried to fire it up. This thing never starts well when it is cold but was hard to get started without some throttle now. Once it started it was still missing so I shut it off. Air I think you are right and it might be an injector issue or possibly some blockage in that section of fuel rail. Is there a DIY injector test or do I have to send it out?
  13. John, I get what you are saying about the pump sucking from the top of a fuel cell which is what mine is doing. The pump is mounted under the cell and there is still 3 to 4 feet of fuel line before the pump. Is the solution a secondary pump? Why would this this cause a problem on just one cylinder?

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