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  1. sandfreak4life47

    Stuck 930cv to stub axle

    I had this happen . Mine was able to move inward toward the center of the axle a bit then I took as small file and filed each spline and it slid off. I cleaned up the splines with a file on the axle and star before I re assembled.
  2. sandfreak4life47

    Ltr 450 +1" A-arms

    We never ran stock suspension. But we were told when they were built stock shocks would work.
  3. sandfreak4life47

    Parts for sale

    Tires Sold
  4. JD Designs + 1" A-arms with lengthened steering rods. Made out of chromoly. Some pitting on powder coat from the sand and dirt. 325.00
  5. sandfreak4life47

    Parts for sale

    The paddles on these are 1 1/8". I thought these were the shorter paddles.
  6. sandfreak4life47

    Parts for sale

    Standard rack not magnum.
  7. sandfreak4life47

    Parts for sale

    Never used Saco rack. 200.00. Pick up in Corona.
  8. sandfreak4life47

    **HELP IDENTIFY THIS WOMAN** Gordens Hit and Run

    Those headers are custom very unique like stated in a earlier post. There could be a makers I.D. Badge on them.If so that may help tracking who purchased them. Man I hope they find her.
  9. sandfreak4life47

    Mendeola 2d Drain Plug

    Yes it's a large Allen plug. I don't know what size Allen it is but I used a bolt that the head fit in the plug put 2 nuts on it backed right out and tightened it up.
  10. sandfreak4life47

    Vw Engine Issue

    Yep that is a draw through. The red boot looks like it is clamped too low on the turbo. You should make sure all the clamps are tight the avoid leaks. K&n filters don't filter that good I would at least put an outerwear over the filter.
  11. sandfreak4life47

    Vw Engine Issue

    Is this a carcraft sidedraft setup. Sounds like you may have suck in some sand and clogged a jet now it's leaning out under boost.
  12. sandfreak4life47

    Vw Engine Issue

    I would check all the basics plugs, plug wires, timing, fuel pressure, fuel filter. Does your distributor have points ? If so make sure your points are good.
  13. you should start pre saturating the area where your track is going to be . figure your basic layout and run some water lines for future use. then when it cools grade it. take in consideration natural water flow to help eliminate ponding during rain season.maybe even create a pond to catch water for dust control.
  14. sandfreak4life47

    Teryx Motor Repair In Oc

    Try The Pro Shop I believe they are in Stanton.
  15. sandfreak4life47

    Looking For A Local Place To Empty My Waste Tanks

    Check with Outback Storage on Taft. I used to dump there.

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