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  1. Bump!!!! Great car with all the goodies...
  2. Well here is something for all you gear heads..... AUTOZONE.>>>>>>>AUTOZONE>>>>>>>>>>>AUTOZONE>>>>>>>>>>>>>AUTOZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right Gents..... You can buy an OE Allison Tranny with Torch Converter for $2700....... Core is $1300!!!! Of course you get that back after you return your old one!!! Comes in Tranny box ready to bolt up..... Just pay someone to install....... Oh did I mention that comes with a 3yr warranty... If it is rated Commercial by weight ( over 11,000 lb's) it comes with 18 month warranty........ Good luck SlappeeeeeZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by far the best cage built is by Scott over @ Desert Works....... worth every penny!!!!!

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