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  1. "literally" used constantly, when it's not.
  2. "Polish forklift truck operator Tomasz Wiszniewski was trapped under this mountain of cheese for 8 hours. It took 50 firefighters to rescue him."
  3. Remember to ask the butcher for the trimmings if you have them cut it up for ya. Some will even grind the trimmings for ya.
  4. The prices went up significantly at Zipp's (local sports bar) that I frequent. When I inquired, they responded that they increased their food and drink prices due to min wage increase. Initially, friends and I discussed lowering the tip amount since the servers were getting paid more and didn't rely on the tips like they had before. However, like I said, I frequent the place and as a regular I don't feel comfortable not tipping the customary/expected amount based on service.
  5. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Regardless of who did it, jumping the canal seems like bad publicity for a place that we care for and enjoy. What's the positive or upside to this for anyone other than the kid and his parents?
  7. This is one of my favorite sites and I generally get to it at least once a day, if not more. Usually read more than I post, but I'm constantly discussing with friends what I've read here. Thanks SLAPPY!!!
  8. I know the sandrail market is very soft and it's Summer. Anyone have comments or suggestions on getting this car sold? Thanks!
  9. Reading the story made me think of this post. Another use for large equipment and welding skills. 😁 https://allthatsinteresting.com/marvin-heemeyer-killdozer Old story, but the first I'd heard of it.
  10. There's also this offer located on Facebook. The 'normal' prices really don't mean much, since they are always offering some sort of package 'deal'.
  11. Haha, yes, Andy was the original owner. The cage he built is very unique. Someone asked the same question after I posted pics on the AZ-YXZ Facebook page. We IM'd after, he gave me background on the car and I appreciate all the work he put into it.
  12. https://safishing.com/  is 5 for $15, not sure what prices you found. I ordered and they work just fine. Probably the same mfg/supplier as the Amazon head socks.

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