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  1. azcg

    The debate over abortion

    Good point. When the decision is between the conceiving couple, they are both making a choice. When government gets involved in the woman's choice of birth, then the government should also be responsible for the long term care of the birth. It seems most people that are anti-abortion, are the same people that decry government assistance.
  2. azcg

    The debate over abortion

    The association can and has been made. Basic facts support the Donohue-Levitt hypothesis that legalized abortion in the 1970s explains a substantial part of the crime decline in the 1990s. http://freakonomics.com/2005/05/15/abortion-and-crime-who-should-you-believe
  3. azcg

    The debate over abortion

    Abortion and the death penalty aren't so far removed. A neglected, unwanted child raised in poor conditions has a higher likelihood of becoming a bad person, hurting others, ending up in prison and being aborted later in life, after causing pain and loss for others.
  4. I have one, but it's in AZ.
  5. azcg

    YXZ Shock re-valve

    ?? you took out the crossover rings? kinda defeats the purpose of two springs. ?? https://shocktherapyst.com/the-truth-about-dual-rate-springs/
  6. azcg

    YXZ Shock re-valve

    Changing the single stock spring out for a couple of Eibach springs for dual rate will probably do more to address your issue. They are $425 new, but I've seen people selling complete used sets (F/R) for $600, so if you keep an eye out, you may be able to find a deal. https://www.wellerracing.com/YXZ1000R-WR-Edition-Dual-Rate-Spring-Kits_p_3604.html
  7. azcg

    Today's Highway star

    Mary Kay??
  8. azcg

    Towing with Gas powered truck

    Who was the Phoenix area dealer? Want to make sure to avoid having my Ram worked on there. Thanks.
  9. azcg

    Car audio, Do they make them like they used to?

    Used to run that middle white PPI amp. That thing would get super hot, I'd use a damp, cold towel to cool it down to keep it from cutting out. *Boom, Boom, Boom* Orion was the holy grail for me, especially the red series.
  10. OBO with or without trailer.
  11. azcg

    Honda Talon

    When looking to buy a YXZ, the gear reduction was one of the things on my list to look for. Because I wanted it for the dunes and most people on this forum said that stock was fine for hard pack, but the gear reduction was needed if you want to dune (wheel speed). Once you've added a turbo, then a gear reduction is no longer necessary for wheel speed. My YXZ is a N/A motor (no turbo) w/ ALBA exhaust, tune, air box spacer and Tubeworks gear reduction. It does great in the dunes and absolutely screams on the desert trails in AZ. Took it to KOH and didn't bother trying to rock crawl it, not fun to me and I'm not trying to break/smash my ride. I'm into shifting gears and passing queers.
  12. Comments or suggestions on getting this car sold? TIA.
  13. The graphics on the side panels are vinyl.
  14. azcg

    red licorice and axle rotation explained

    Uhm... I don't even want to know how you found out about this taste comparison.

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