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  1. That Mac & Cheese looks amazing!!! What's your recipe?
  2. Directly from the SSA website. https://www.ssa.gov/history/InternetMyths.html https://www.ssa.gov/history/InternetMyths2.html
  3. I've used UShip a number of times. You can list a price you're willing to pay and have people that are driving from one place to another contact you. There are commercial carriers, people that do it for a living and some that just have room on a trailer.
  4. It was Sunday afternoon when I saw it. The wheels and possibly seats were gone, but the shocks and other components were still visible. Someone walking around it when we drove by. Looked to be sitting where it landed on the backside of a dune.
  5. If that's the Can-Am that was out by swingset over Camp RZR weekend, it was definitely cut in the dunes. There was a lot more to the car when I saw it laying there. Though it does appear it was moved from the side of the hill to flatter ground, probably to get to that back end.
  6. Which spring rates are they? -Light/Desert: For plush trail ,high speed desert and, pounding the whoops. -Medium/Dune: For all around trails and dunes and moderate jumping. -Heavy: For those that are carrying heavy payload. For Fox or Walker Evans? Thanks.
  7. I was out there Sunday too. Started near Superior and took trail #4 to Box Canyon trails. Lots of rocks, lost the rear skid on my YXZ. Lots of trails and a great ride. Thanks for posting up your rides w/ pics and info.
  8. Truck stops, directly from the pump. Cheaper than anywhere I've found jugs (less than $3/gal) and should be fresh given the turnover, constant use.
  9. Ebay. Gets national exposure, you can set a reserve, allow offers and set a limit for what offers you'll accept. Buyer can arrange for shipping. I've used UShip.

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