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  1. You can get a complete Glock 19 Gen4 brand new from Bass Pro Shops for $500. What's the advantage of building this one from parts?
  2. How many total engine hours? Idle & driving?
  3. Another point of view, to go along with the other linked posts. https://medium.com/@erikrittenberry/the-american-life-is-killing-you-9e7e68135f4a This pops in my head when people are down for no apparent reason. https://y.yarn.co/b727d5e6-b621-4c73-ac3d-861524cb42b2.mp4?1581018019119
  4. Gently used PCI 4 Link Pro Elite Intercom. Exactly as pictured, no headset cables. Located in Scottsdale, AZ. Can deliver to Vegas this weekend or Glamis in a couple weeks. $250
  5. How do we know he was removing the flag??
  6. Congrats on the 'new' quad. Why not just buy one that's already built and save some $$?
  7. I wear a helmet in my SxS even when tearing ass across the AZ desert (where it's not required).
  8. Thanks! Yes, I have a Xantrex MS2000 2000-watt inverter/charger wired in my WW. Just not sure how to incorporate the solar. I'll see what kind of info I can find online. Thanks again.
  9. You must be referring to the 'dish washer' Put all the dirty dishes in the sink full of soapy water and turn it up!
  10. Thanks for posting. Been wanting to add some solar to my WW. Who do you recommend for install in AZ?

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