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  1. Dieselsite.com sells a beefed up trans too. Don’t know anything about them but the guy at the shop says they’ve been holding up pretty good. They are a lot less than a JW trans. Might be worth a look?
  2. Stainless can be a challenge for sure. I actually like working with it now. I bought a good 37* flaring tool a couple years ago and it made the flares a lot easier. I’ve done a couple cars with it and no more splitting the tubing! I did that brand new black and and gold BFD that was at their booth at SSSS last year with all hardline. I had to do the clutch in two pieces like you did. Lota work! I have to pull my calipers every summer when prep my cvs so I did braided from the pivot back. I do like the way hardlines look though.
  3. Very clean work Jeff...as usual. Except now you have to bleed the brakes every time you remove the caliper. 😫
  4. I just ran that one that you have on mine. Seems to be fine.
  5. If beenie doesn’t have it for some reason try McMaster Carr. They have all kinds of cool little fitting and stuff like that. I like to go online widow shopping at that place. Soo much cool stuff.
  6. Call Beenie at kartek. I have bought both of those things from him.
  7. Keep it away from the exhaust. My buddies was about 2" from his exhaust and when he changed it he saw a 30HP increase on the dyno. Hot intake air...no good.
  8. Well said....I've done a few upgrade threads on here and have learned a lot from people with a lot more experience than me! There's a ton of knowledge and experience on this site. ~jw
  9. I bought all mine through summit. They are the cheapest you will find for quality fittings. HRP in El Cajon does not have PTFE...i checked. They have a very limited supply of regular fittings too. Summit has free returns with free shipping too...so if you buy the wrong fitting it's not big deal.
  10. I only use PTFE steel braided lines with Fragola fittings. I've had the rubber lined steel braided hoses leak when the rubber deteriorates. It's hard to see what condition the rubber hose is in because of the steel braided jacket. It's hard to tell where the leak is coming from too. PTFE will never degrade from fuel. Kinda pricey but worth it to me. I've had an engine fire too. ~jw
  11. Those look right to me. I'm having the same issue. I put a new star in my outer midboard CV and now it binds. It was clicking last season but I couldn't find any damage. I'm wondering if its a mis-shaped ball or something?
  12. I used the same little C clips that bolt to the frame for the hardline. Mine only has braided from the pivot to the caliper on front and rear. I used an allen head bolt and drilled tapped the boxed arms. I got them from summit. Something like this: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hli-11068?rrec=true

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