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  1. X2...I liked the old "New Posts" format much better! That's the only thing that really bugs me about it now. I'm good with the rest of it. I do like the night mode things. ~jw
  2. Thanks for the info all! Tough decision...I'll have to think about it. They both have their pros and cons. I appreciate all of the input! ~jw
  3. Cool...thanks. I appreciate the help. I'm going to see if there's any way to cram the 7ti in there. ~jw
  4. How does the 5ti perform without the external antenna?
  5. I was actually just looking at those on PCI's site. It won't fit in my dash the way it is currently configured but it might be worth moving some stuff around. Thanks for the info... I have an external antenna on the car now. Do you know if the plugs are the same on the 7ti, or should I order a new antenna too? I looked at the 5" version too but it doesn't have external antenna inputs...I need the antenna because it doesn't have clear view of the sky in my car. ~jw
  6. agreed....not a fan. I've been here a lot less since the upgrade. ~jw
  7. Thanks for all the responses guys...all things to consider. What would be a good replacement for my Lowrance if I decide to stay with the gps? I think it's a Baja 480c with the 5" screen.
  8. The subscription lets you download maps for off line use. It can overlay your position on a google earth style map...like your cell phone.
  9. My GPS died last season so I'm either going to replace it or switch to the iPad with Lead Nav. Has anyone tried Lead Nav and will it work on an iPad mini with the map downloads. I spoke to the owner and he said it might be slow or glitchy offline. I only have enough space on my dash for the mini right now. That may change down the road after I go to the Holley dash and switch pro. Just curious if anyone has been using it and any issues that it has. My GPS was fine for what I do, it just did't have any terrain detail like the Lead Nav does. Wondering if it's worth the $250 per year for the subscription? thanks, ~jw
  10. This ☝️ I have an '06 DD. It slides great and is very predictable. I added a turning brake just for the fun factor. It's surprisingly nimble for a bigger car. I also put a sway bar in back so it flat turns now...super fun in the sand. ~jw
  11. haha...yep. I used to work at the one on Casa De Oro. I still remember going to Food Basket in Lemon Grove when I was a kid....I'm getting old! ~jw
  12. No upgrades to the car this summer....other than going to Ipad from GPS because it stopped working last trip. Sold the 24x8 enclosed....bought a 24x8.5. No more tire changes!!! Did that for the last 10 years! I should be able to pull up, hit the auto level, slides out, drop the ramp, back out, flip up the whip and hit the dunes!! In theory anyway...LOL Hoping to get more trips in this season, my motor builder killed my season last year. I miss the ole days of throwing the quad in the back of the truck, stopping by Lucky's and grabbing a couple boxes of Coors Lights and we were on the road. Life was so simple back then. ~jw
  13. Some of the reviews were claiming a 1.5MPG increase with these tires because of the in-line tread pattern. I'm not banking on that...I tow over the I-8 grade so I don't think there's gonna be any increase in MPH happening for me! I just like the peace of mind of having a beefy tire back there. ~jw

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