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  1. jwest2sh

    Graphic Warning! Seat belt injury

    What kind of belts? Buggy or SXS? Where did this happen? ~jw
  2. jwest2sh

    Bought my First Sand Car

    Right on....looks like a fun car. Welcome to GD's! ~jw
  3. jwest2sh

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    My wife got hers done several years ago. She used Dr Smoot in La Jolla. I would not recommend him at all! She has some pretty bad scars. Most of my friends wives had theirs done by a different Dr. in San Diego and he was really good. I can get his name if you want it. A little word of caution....DO NOT GO TOO BIG!!! My wife got hers too big and she hates them. She's eventually going to have them redone smaller. It's a painful process too. Oh ya...go under the muscle too, it looks more natural. Over the muscle just looks like she's hiding softballs in her shirt. If she gets them done right and the right size....they are a good time ~jw
  4. jwest2sh

    Trailer Issues

    Just based on your measurements, it looks like the rear end of the truck came up (got lighter). I would start by having it weighed and get the tongue weight. Re-arrange your load so you have about 10% tongue weight. I have two buddies with that same trailer and have no sway issues, empty or loaded. One tows with a F250 CCSB and the other has a Chevy 2500 CCSB. Not that much difference in wheel base and I've seen them pull at 80mph. If get your load right and it still does it, you probably have some sort of mechanical issue going on (ball joints, axle alignment, tires or something?) ~jw
  5. jwest2sh

    Sand Outlawz 2019

    Nice....that's a real drag race!!! I remember watching them in Glamis years ago. The light weight alcohol VW's would dominate back then! ~jw
  6. jwest2sh

    Who wears a helmet?

    I have a couple different brand helmets I've picked up over the years. I have two different HJC's, Shoei and a Simpson. I like the new HJC I got from PCI the best. It's the play car version so it's not rated for racing. It's the exact same helmet without the sticker but a lot cheaper. I run a thick skirt that is velcroed around the bottom of the helmet and a fresh air system. No dust gets in the helmet at all. I up graded the speakers in the helmet with a little better ones I found on amazon. They're not the best but the music sounds a little better. I never have a problem hearing the music or radio. I think the helmet skirts help keep a lot of wind and engine noise out too. I don't have a pic but you can see them in the video. ~jw ~
  7. Nice trailer...I wish it was 24' I'd be all over it! GLWTS It should sell quick. I've been pricing new trailers and they are 18K + if you add any options...and the 98" door is hard to find. ~jw
  8. jwest2sh

    What’s on your feet?

    I used to wear regular shoes but I always had bruises on my ankles from banging against the pedals. I cut my ankle pretty good one time wearing flip flops. I tried wearing my work boots but didn't like the feel and they were so heavy and hot standing on a dune. When I finally wore out my desert shoes I bought a pair of Simpson high top driving shoes. They were under $100 and I can really feel the pedals with them on. They are light and not too hot too. I usually wind up wearing them all weekend because they are so comfortable. They have padding around the ankles so I never have bruises anymore. ~jw added a link: Looks like they went up a little. I bought mine three years ago. https://www.amazon.com/Simpson-Racing-AD900BK-Adrenaline-Approved/dp/B002R4WR26/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=simpson+driving+shoes&qid=1555891882&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  9. jwest2sh

    Sports hauler enclosed trailer LOADED

    Damn! Nice trailer! I wish it was 24'!!! ~jw
  10. jwest2sh

    LS7 Stroker Build by Alper Motorsports

    I like that Alper used the stock valve covers with a sheet metal cover. I used aftermarket sheet metal valve covers and they take some fab work to get the to seal. Motor looks great! ~jw
  11. You need manual hubs. Set them to FREE and put the dash switch in 4L. The hubs will not engage so you will be in 2L. ~jw
  12. Yes. You will still be able to use the dash switch. 2H, 4H, a and 4L. The only difference is when you have the hubs in LOCK, the front axles and driveshaft will spin. It will still be in 2H until you select 4H or 4L on the dash. When you have the hubs in FREE, You will be in 2 wheel drive no matter what the dash switch is set to. The switch on the dash will no longer control the front hubs, it will only control the transfer case. You will also have a 2 wheel drive Low range with the hubs set to FREE and the dash switch set to 4L...which is good for backing a heavy trailer. The 4R100 does not like backing up with a heavy load. ~jw
  13. Yep...here's what I bought. I've done similar kits in my buggy and the wife's car. I went with these because I liked the rocker switches. They seem more durable than the other ones I've used. There are several different style switches. You just have to decide what will work better for you application. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hi-off-Lo-rectangle-switch-seat-heater-2-seats-heated-seat-kit-fit-all-12V-cars/183629115303?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I forgot to mention...this kit does not use that bulky relay that the other kits use. Just the switch and the wires to the pads. ~jw
  14. I'm definitely going to do a 4-link C/O conversion. Just cant decide if I want to keep the Dana 50 and do the Full Traction kit or just get a Dana 60 off 2011 and do the BDS kit. The Dana 60 would be more work but better in the long run. BDS doesn't make a 4 link kit for anything older than a 2011. ~jw
  15. jwest2sh

    Car audio, Do they make them like they used to?

    I've been pretty happy with the newer Kicker stuff. It's pretty cheap but I have several of their amps and have never had one fail. The sound pretty damn good for the money. I have a couple fosgate amps for my mids/highs and they sound great. ~jw

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