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  1. jwest2sh

    KOH 2020

    I've been wanting to go to the KOH for several years but have never made it. Johnson Valley is only a couple hours for me so I'd like to check it out. Who has gone? Can you do any riding there or do they shut the valley down like a Score race? I have a 40' DP and enclosed trailer....could I find a flat place to camp there? Is anyone going next year? Is it worth while or should I just go to Glamis or Superstition for the weekend? Thanks, ~jw
  2. LS1 w/ 930's...no good for me. Mine used to last 1 season with no turning brake in a 2800# DD. I added a turning brake and I use it all the time, and it has had no effect on my CV's... I switched to RCV 300M 934's. The 934's get some mild pitting just on the star by the end of the season with Mantek. The cages and the stars looked new. I just switched to Fortin stars and cages, Bel Ray/Swepco this year. We'll see how it goes. ~jw
  3. My buddy bought one that looks almost identical to this last year. I'm doing some prep on it right now in my garage. His chassis looks the same but it has a stroked Alper LQ9 with a Fortin Wide gear in it and it was used for mainly hard pack. I looked over the entire chassis and have to say, I'm impressed with the quality of this build. It's all tig welded and they all look really good. It has no dead tubes and the gussets are in all the right places. He has has C/O w/ bipasses in the rear and an internal bi-pass single on the front. I haven't found a single crack and it was rode hard. I wouldn't hesitate to buy an S&S if they all look like this one. my .02, ~jw
  4. Gotta love an easy fix!!!!
  5. Depends on your setup...I run all of my foxes at 250psi. I know some guys who run them up over 300.
  6. WOW!! Looks like it's going 100MPH just sitting there! ~jw
  7. Agreed with Cali Kid....I don't think DD ever did the inner-outer front shocks like that on the sand car or dual sport chassis...only the center pivot pre-runner had that. Looks more like an SU that's had some changes made or a copy of a DD/SU? I like it though! Looks like it was well built and has some good stuff on it. I'd like to see more pics also. If it has a Fortin 4 spd wide gear it's 20K new. They are really good trans... I think most people just prefer the sequential. They are still a dog engagement type trans they just have an H pattern shifter. https://www.fortinracing.com/product/fortin-4spd-transaxle/ ~jw
  8. I do the same thing....the first 5 min of the ride is nice and slow. I run a trans temp gauge and never get on hard it until I see over 110*. My trans rarely gets above 150*
  9. Came out nice! I'm about to do the same to a buddies car. His sparco seat's won't allow him to use the brake. I did a similar platform on mine a few years ago. I have a bit more overhang so I used 3/16" 4130. No problems so far...the chromo does flex a little though.
  10. Every time I see this thing I want to sell my chassis and get one!!! Nice work! ~jw
  11. wow...that looks great! I actually prefer the flat roof. just curious about the rear shock mounts...is that for future shock upgrades? edit: nevermind....missed the part about it tying it all together. 👍 ~jw
  12. Might have to run it over to turn key and have them plug it in....they will probably be able to narrow it down pretty quick. ~jw
  13. That ATL foam will last way longer. Mine's been in there for three years and still looks great. My JAZ foam lasted one season. Assuming your engine is sound mechanically...it could be ECU related? bad ground maybe? what ECU are you running? Can you plug it in and get a diagnostic or anything? Fuel pressure? Can the regulator be clogged up, or bad sensor somewhere? Just spitballing here but mine acted up a couple years ago and I replaced my sensors and sonic cleaned my regulator and injectors. Problem went away. Mine was different though...It would fall flat on its face after letting off the gas then getting back on it. Hope it's simple! ~jw

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