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  1. I"ll be there too. I usually stop at Sand Dam at some point during the day. Come say hi.....I'll be in my blue DD. We camp near 4.5 mile marker off Wheeler.
  2. Wow. Good find! I changed all mine to K4 weather packs a couple years ago for similar problems, but they were just the seat heaters. The weather packs are holding up pretty good.
  3. Just called Sids. They told me $6500 to do the whole job. If I de-trim the truck myself and bring it to them it would be about $3K. That's doable. Thanks for the suggestion....I might have them do it next summer. I was thinking about painting it myself...I did my 73 Bronco back in the day but I took me forever to prep it! I just don't have that kind of time these days! ~jw
  4. I had one of those resetable breakers fail on my one time too. What a PITA to figure out! ~jw
  5. I grew up in south Spring Valley (not a great area) and that's how we did it. That's how you got the deals...just walk up to the door with cash. Sometimes they sold the car...sometimes they didn't. That's how I bought my first car. A 1969 Baja Bug that sat on the street a few houses down for a year and never moved. Got it for $850. Turns out it had a lot of good stuff on it. Of course that was 1990 and we didn't have the internet. Thinks are a lot different now....but for some, not so much. I remember I couldn't wait for Thursday morning when the new auto trader was delivered to the 7/11 LOL ~jw
  6. I'm tossing around the idea of having my 2000 F250 painted. I want to keep it white but get rid of the tan stripe on the bottom. Does anyone have a recommendations for a good paint shop, or even private guy in the San Diego area? I'm not looking for a Sema quality paint job....just something that looks good and will last a while. What should a decent paint job cost? There should be little to no body work required....just sand it down and spray it. thanks, ~jw
  7. That is a lot of car for $65K!!!! Wow... super clean! GLWTS! ~jw
  8. jwest2sh

    Pbs s4

    My buddy did the 5spd conversation on his pbs. Call PBS. They are very helpful.
  9. I used those same pin style hinges on my last enclosed and my door was HEAVY!!!! They work great and I drove a 3000# in and out for years with no problems. Like the video said...face half of the hinges one direction and the other half the other direction to prevent the door from sliding off the pins and your good to go. My new trailer has the same ones but I'm thinking about changing to the newer style hinge that come on the Genesis trailers. They have springs on every hing to help lift the door. I would like to get rid of the torsion spring and cables if I can. My buddy ran over the cable last trip and unwound the whole thing again. What a PITA! Just have to find a place that sells the new spring style hinges??? ~jw
  10. jwest2sh

    Pbs s4

    I have a PBS S5. Just broke spacer/washer that seperates the gears inside the trans a couple weeks ago. Took it to PBS and Fred went through the trans and inspected everything, replaced a dog ring, slider gear, a bearing and some seals and had it done the following day for $700. They had all the parts in stock. McDowell charged me $1400 to "freshen it up" two years ago and didn't replace anything but 1 dog and a bearing.
  11. Looks like a fun car for a good price. GLWTS! ~jw
  12. I've also heard of guys manually opening the thermostat by hand and wedging an aspirin in there to keep it open while you fill it. The aspirin will eventually dissolve and let the thermostat close. I've never tried it but seems like it would work?
  13. I have the lifetime Mishimoto boots on it and the factory tubes do have a small dimple (it could be bigger though). The Dieselsite boots might be a little longer, but its usually not an issue with the 7.3 unless you change the turbo and are up in the 40+ PSI boost range. I have a mechanical blowoff valve that is set to the 29-30PSI range. It hasn't happened since I cleaned the oil off and I've been up to 30PSI several times.
  14. Just a quick update on the new injectors..... They run so smooth and the power is awesome. They are only 1 size up from stock but they really run good. The only issue I had was I blew the turbo boots off twice. I had a little oil on the freshly powder coated intake tubes and the boots slipped off. Once from the turbo side and once from the intercooler side. Cleaned them up and haven't blown them off anymore. The truck has not consumed an ounce of oil so the injectors were my only issue. I'm going to do one more radiator flush to make sure any oil that got into the cooling system is out. ~jw

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