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  1. The Stainless filter I referred to is actually Aeromotive's Microglass filter. However, its still has a stainless steel mesh... The test never mentioned Microglass. Because they blurred the filter names, I wonder if the the Aeromotive Microglass filter was in the test?? I've been using the 12650 for a few years with E85 with no problems. https://images.app.goo.gl/YD2rAJ7zoLesf3vg7
  2. 35x10.50 15 Baja Pros are pretty ideal for skinnies. Tall and skinny, but usually hard to find and pricey for new ones. I'm using 33x10.50 15 BFG Baja TAs that do the trick.
  3. If you get an account going with Torco, 55 gal drum of their E85 is $298 so $5.41 per gal. Not exactly cheap, but its guaranteed to be 85% everytime.
  4. Best deal I've seen on here in a long time. Nice car.
  5. This may be a little long winded, but I'll try to give the "Readers Digest" version... I have worked my way up and through 5 cars now. I moved on from each one for a different reason. I first started with a project Buggy Works car that I almost finished, but was itching to get into the sand. I was able to trade up with some cash and get a Buckshot X3. I thought man this is a big ass baller car. Lots of money spent before ever using it on unknown issues. It just didn't dune or carve like I wanted. So again made a deal with more cash for an Extreme Platinum with a S4. Again I'm thinking I'm thinking I'm in a high end car for fair market value. Probably my favorite motor. NA 440 LS Loud, fast, and rev'd forever. Nice car, but again I had to drop more money after the purchase to deal with more unknown/unseen issues. This time I let the car go because I was tapping out the bank account too much and just didn't want to have basically ALL of my savings in a sand car. So off it went with the intent on finding something a little cheaper. Funny because that's not what ended up happening... On to the next car. I found a Supercharged Tatum Black Widow in Texas. A little less than what I had got for the Platinum, but I had saved up some too so I took the plunge again. I really do love the look of Tatum cars and always wanted one. Black Widows and Prerunners are on the top of my list for sure. I really wanted to like this car and did for the most part, but this one turned into be the MOST extra money I had to drop after the purchase to fix. Holy smokes this was one of the horror stories told at the camp fire about he guy who got completely screwed. Which turns out to be me and I take some of the blame. Basically full motor and trans rebuild from the get go plus some other things. I have a whole extra page I could write about that one, but I'll just leave it to "Dont trust anyone" and if you can, check things out THOROUGHLY. Seller from Texas can kiss my ass. So after spending a bunch to make that car right, I did start to like it. I was getting more and more comfortable pushing it because the car handled so well. It was really fun to drive. I only let that one go because I thought I wanted to get out of the sand scene and get a Lamborghini. I did sell the Black Widow ( for a pretty big loss) and found a 2006 Lambo Gallardo. Was going to put a bunch down and finance some. I literally Fedex'd all the paper work back to the finance company and while driving home learned on the internet rumor mill that my employer (Intel) was about to have the biggest lay off ever. There was no chatter at work or possible maybe something was going to go down prior to this so I thought I was good. Come to find out it was true and Intel did a massive layoff. Fortunately I was able to back out of the deal for the Lambo and I was not laid off. Whew... I did wait for over a year and found the car I have now. Twin turbo Elite Performance with an Albins. As always there was some things that needed to be fixed, but nothing really crazy. Just mostly neglect and age. I've had this car for 3yrs now and haven't let it go because it is a big badass car that does everything I want very well. Without jumping up 40-50k more for say a Prerunner or something, I don't think I can do any better for what I have into this one. So far this car has been reliable and fun. Anyway, thats my story... pics of the cars hopefully in order.
  6. Push-Lok fittings work very well and you do not need an extra clamp. It's damn near impossible to pull a hose back off of a fitting once its pushed all the way on. Actually I would say completely impossible. I had to cut the old hose off of a fitting I wanted to reuse. Using a clamp can actually cause the internal barb to cut too much into the hose and damage it. I use them on my Duramax FASS lift pump. Not real high pressure, but I've never had a problem or leak. If you can swing the cost, HosePower made all of the PTFE lines for my car. All fittings are crimped and can't be rotated once done. You need to know the rotation as it fits before crimping.
  7. Sons-a-bitches. Glad they at least caught the bastards. Hope you can get those guns back man. Good luck.
  8. Only real way to accurately test or compare them is to have them sonic cleaned and flow tested for volume. If its a Renix system there is a ton of issues I've read about on Jeep forums. Just google Renix running rich... You'll be busy for a while. Good luck.
  9. I've been duning with Jon Wolf and the TMW WereWolf for years. It was a collaboration between Jon and Doug from TMW at a time when RZRs were blowing up and they decided to expand upon that. I applaud the innovation and think they did an awesome job. It was the first of its kind of that caliber and it actually does perform very well. It was a full custom build which included extra heavy tubing that tied everything together front to back. The WereWolf is strong, its not just a cage and rear section, which from what I thought I heard in the video is what this "kit" may be. Just assuming... If it is thought out and strong, more power to him.
  10. http://www.hayestrans.com in Mesa. Ryan is a cool dude. He was recommended to me by a good friend. He built a "mild" Allison for my Duramax a few years ago. Decent price, fast turn around.
  11. Hey I'm part of that club too!! Nice work Fastcorvairs...
  12. I don't want to derail this in to a "Go 16 inch wheel and tire combo and don't look back", but it depends on what load range and how big and heavy your trailer is. I used 5 different brands of ST225/75R15 load range E 2850 lbs "trailer" tires including Hercules and they all failed in short order. Nothing lasted longer than 1.5 yrs and had blowouts or separations EVERY trip, usually multiple. The problem, I believe, was Forest River spec'd 225/75/15 E rated tires for my triple axle 38 ft Sierra Sport and it just wasn't enough. The trailer was 11k dry, GVWR was 15950, CCC was 4k. Now I know I was probably over by a few hundred pounds or so, but not thousands. Went to 16 inch wheels and tires and never again, not once had another blowout or separation in 4yrs before I sold the trailer. 16 tires I used were Goodyear 614 RST G Rated 14 ply 3750 lbs. Point being make sure whatever tire you get is not running near the max load (lbs) rating.
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    x3 ADS in Chandler. Devin does a great job.

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