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  1. Torco always has it. Its always 85%, but it is more expensive and way out on the east side of the valley.
  2. They are about $175 and takes about 1.5-2 hrs to change. I haven't dealt with deleting yet. Dealer was going to take over 2 weeks, so I said eff it and and ended up just changing mine at 60k myself. Had to replace my father in laws at 205k along with the 9th injector and fan clutch. Same trucks both 2013 GMC Denali HDs.
  3. Thanks man! Kind of sad to let that one go. I guess the new owner ran into Danny and said he wanted to buy it back. Haha!!!
  4. Un-cork that thing and let it sing Carl! Problem solved...
  5. It probably does, the compressor is just able to keep up with the "leak". These literally use the same schrader valves used in a tire valve stem, usually the schrader valves get gunk built up in them and don't close all the way. Be safe under there, these things can come down fast and there usually isn't a lot of room. Use jack stands or the leveling jacks at minimum.
  6. I just went through this and all of the rest of the air system on my coach. Mine is a Travel Supreme Spartan IFS chassis, but any DP on air bags is going to be basically the same. If you can identify the actual part number, you may be able to source the same exact part from a semi tractor trailer parts supplier. I did for my coach and it was half of what a RV parts store wanted. These are used in the trucking industry all over. There are quick response and delayed response valves. My coach, and others I assume, use delayed response valves. There should be an actual spec for ride height for your coach. The old valve may or may not even have your coach at the correct height. You should measure where the manufacturer says to and adjust to that. Need to see if its a Monaco Roadmaster or Freightliner chassis. More than likely the other leveling valves are not far behind. You should also have an air dryer with a filter. Service it. It keeps the air going to these valves and your air brakes clean.
  7. If you are sure the inverter wasn't an inverter/charger then do you have a seperate CONverter? Even if the transfer switch was locked to one leg (shore or Generator) you still have to have something to convert down the 120vAC to 12vDC. Maybe bad converter too?
  8. Sale pending. Big deposit so pretty sure its going to a new home.
  9. Thanks guys! Original owner paid almost 3 times what I'm asking to have it built. This was a baller car for sure.
  10. Rubber horse stall mat cut in half. Works great as floor protection in storage area and doubles as a traction pad.
  11. dvs1

    WTB 35.5 x 17 no 2

    Looking for 1 but depending will buy a set.
  12. Great pics again as usual Carl! Good to see you out there!
  13. Joe Fab now serving customer 1,234,567,890...

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