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  1. Only real way to accurately test or compare them is to have them sonic cleaned and flow tested for volume. If its a Renix system there is a ton of issues I've read about on Jeep forums. Just google Renix running rich... You'll be busy for a while. Good luck.
  2. I've been duning with Jon Wolf and the TMW WereWolf for years. It was a collaboration between Jon and Doug from TMW at a time when RZRs were blowing up and they decided to expand upon that. I applaud the innovation and think they did an awesome job. It was the first of its kind of that caliber and it actually does perform very well. It was a full custom build which included extra heavy tubing that tied everything together front to back. The WereWolf is strong, its not just a cage and rear section, which from what I thought I heard in the video is what this "kit" may be. Just assuming... If it is thought out and strong, more power to him.
  3. http://www.hayestrans.com in Mesa. Ryan is a cool dude. He was recommended to me by a good friend. He built a "mild" Allison for my Duramax a few years ago. Decent price, fast turn around.
  4. Hey I'm part of that club too!! Nice work Fastcorvairs...
  5. I don't want to derail this in to a "Go 16 inch wheel and tire combo and don't look back", but it depends on what load range and how big and heavy your trailer is. I used 5 different brands of ST225/75R15 load range E 2850 lbs "trailer" tires including Hercules and they all failed in short order. Nothing lasted longer than 1.5 yrs and had blowouts or separations EVERY trip, usually multiple. The problem, I believe, was Forest River spec'd 225/75/15 E rated tires for my triple axle 38 ft Sierra Sport and it just wasn't enough. The trailer was 11k dry, GVWR was 15950, CCC was 4k. Now I know I was probably over by a few hundred pounds or so, but not thousands. Went to 16 inch wheels and tires and never again, not once had another blowout or separation in 4yrs before I sold the trailer. 16 tires I used were Goodyear 614 RST G Rated 14 ply 3750 lbs. Point being make sure whatever tire you get is not running near the max load (lbs) rating.
  6. dvs1


    x3 ADS in Chandler. Devin does a great job.
  7. Nice set up! I have a twin turbo Turnkey LS 402 motor and its been a great motor.
  8. I tried the pancake style once and found out quickly that thing is useless for anything other than a bicycle tire. I got a Harbor Freight 8 Gal. 2 HP 125 PSI Oil Lube Air Compressor and have been using the same one for 8 years. Ive changed the oil twice and it keeps on ticking. It fills up all 4 37 inch Toyos from 20 ish psi to 65 psi in under 15 mins. You can usually find a coupon or sale or something and pick one up for about $100. So handy, I had to buy 2 of my dune buddies one each for Christmas so they would stop using mine! 🤣
  9. Yep. My wife's grandfather was a Korean and Vietnam vet. He passed away a few years ago, but the property tax on their house in Camarillo is only a few hundred a year and that is passed on to his surviving spouse (wife's grandma). Pretty decent thing.
  10. Blues Brothers 103 cars destroyed in the 1980 film, 104 cars destroyed in Blues Brothers 2000. Blues Brothers held the record for the most cars smashed until its own sequel deliberately destroyed just one more. For the 1980 film's main chase, 60 police cars were bought for $400 a piece, and outfitted with reinforced chassis.
  11. Sold the 5th wheel. Tired of winching in and doing the tire shuffle. This year I'm just going to rent a few different pushers to get a feel for size vs power vs cost ( gas and diesel) and flat bed the car out.
  12. dvs1

    CV Grease

    Gear One Centerboard Super Greaser. They have channels drilled to allow greasing to the midboard wheel bearing and to the CV ball. The CV body has to have the slots cut into the outer part. The cap on the outside has 2 zerks and 2 orings which channel grease to either the CV or wheel bearing. Pretty neat idea, but I found that once the orings starts to flatten out, the grease just pushes past it and not flow into those holes.
  13. I have been using ADS in Chandler for 20 years for all sorts of auto care. They are a top notch outfit and good bunch of guys. Devin at ADS can tune any combo on a Mefi. He has dyno tuned a 440 LS NA, a 3.3L whipple supercharged LS 402, and a Twin Turbo LS 402 for me. Every car ran fantastic and reliable from just off idle all the way to redline. He spends alot of time on a loaded mustang dyno to get all sorts of driving conditions down. Every time my "new to me" sand cars have had a bunch of extra issues, but generally speaking a start from scratch tune is about $1000 or a little more.
  14. dvs1


    This is good news! Glad to have you back doing what you do! Lots of GearOne stuff still being used out there.

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