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  1. ElCaminoManT

    Today's Highway star

    There's still a ton of them around and parts are pretty easy to come by.
  2. ElCaminoManT

    RIP Schwinn

    Dammit. This hurts. There are the occasional members from this forum that I have only had limited contact with but have left a big imprint, Steve was one of those people. Take care guy, you will be missed greatly.
  3. ElCaminoManT

    Today's Highway star

    15N this morning
  4. ElCaminoManT

    Action Shots

    Many moons ago.... More recently the pace has slowed down
  5. ElCaminoManT

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Dammit. Pullin for ya Schwinn
  6. ElCaminoManT


    another for Tough Top. There is a 10% discount till the end of Feb. use code RVGEEKSWINTER10
  7. ElCaminoManT

    2019 Silverado 1500

    i don't mind the 1500s. however, the HDs look like shit. this from a born n raised lifelong GM guy. the mirrors are also a goddamn joke.
  8. ElCaminoManT

    Jeep Pics

    Thanksgiving week in Bishop was a blast as usual. cruised around up by June Lake, went up to Cerro Gordo, explored all around the Owen's valley between Lone Pine and Bishop, found the silt beds southeast of Bishop (lol), went up Silver Canyon to the crest of the White Mountains (about 10,500ft elevation, was a bit brisk). even @your basic sandrail got in on the action this year! this is what i built my Jeep to do, explore the backroads and trails. i have zero interest in rock crawling.
  9. ElCaminoManT

    New to me Jayco Seneca

    mine did that a couple times after i changed the fuel filter. i was able to get it to restart by priming the fuel pump for 15-20 seconds by holding the start/stop switch down in the stop position. the fuel pump will start to run after a second or so and will continue until you release the switch. it uses a Facet clicky type pump I'm pretty sure and I can hear it running when i do this procedure from inside the moho even. when the fuel gets up to the pump, the tone of the pump will change and quiet down. once it does that, hold the start side of the switch as usual and it should eventually fire up. it'll likely stumble a bit until it gets going, just keep the switch in the start position and hold it there until its running and the transfer switch kicks over. i would suggest not cranking it for longer than 15-20 seconds at a time if it does not fire off so you don't burn the starter up. if you don't hear the fuel pump running while holding the switch down in the stop position, something may be going on there.
  10. ElCaminoManT

    leaking from roof air?

    often times those bolts working loose will cause that. there usually is not any sort of caulking or sealant between the air conditioner and the roof, rather a dense foam type seal is used. over time the seal squishes down and the bolts need to be snugged up. word of caution, don't go too crazy tightening the bolts, they just need to be good snug. if you crank down on them, it'll totally smush the seals and pretty quickly they won't seal very well.
  11. ElCaminoManT

    F#ck cancer

    sorry for your family's losses. F#@K CANCER!!! i lost my dad to it last year.
  12. ElCaminoManT

    Transmission Cooler Recommendations

    remove the stock external cooler and replace with biggest size you can fit. some people say to bypass the cooler in the radiator, others say leave it in the system. i personally leave it connected but the external cooler needs to be plumbed after the radiator cooler.
  13. ElCaminoManT

    Transmission Cooler Recommendations

    you should be able to see the stock external cooler in front of the cooling stack if you look into the grill. take some measurements and see what you can get from summit or jegs or wherever that'll fit in the area without doing a huge amount of work. there should be room to go bigger. stacked plate style coolers are what you want for durable transmission cooling

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