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  1. Those of you in the Estates; what’s the HOA like? I’ve always sworn I’d never live in an HOA community due to the many horror stories I’ve heard about them but we’re going to look at a place in the northern part today and want to get feedback on it. So far I’ve found that we seem to like the area south of 67/Main St and west of San Vicente Rd the most. There is a property off Cook St/San Diego Ave that we really like and like that area in general.
  2. Had these on our old Kodiak based super C. Front and rear sets. Excellent condition. Worked great but new owner didn’t want them Fit 19.5” wheels with the 8x275mm bolt pattern. Over $400 when I purchased them from Centramatic, looking to get $250 Located in San Diego (951)768-5800
  3. Thanks for posting this. My mom has an older Alfa 5th wheel up by Idyllwild that needs to have the roof coated. This last winter was particularly harsh on it and it needs attention in a pretty bad way.
  4. Class C license allows for bumper pull and 5th wheel trailers up to 10,000lbs GVWR. If the bumper pull trailer has a GVWR of 10,001lbs or more, a class A non-commercial or commercial license is required. If the 5th wheel trailer has a GVWR of 10,001 - 15,000lbs, a restriction 41 (5th wheel endorsement) is required to the class C license. If the 5th wheel trailer has a GVWR of 15,001lbs or more, a class A non-commercial or commercial license is required.
  5. I know there are quite a lot of places out there but a big part of this consideration is because we go up to Temecula, Hemet and other IE areas so often, Pine Valley is just too far south and east for that kind of travel for us.
  6. Looking at possibly moving up to Ramona and would like to get feedback from those that live there or have lived there. We have been in Lemon Grove for the last 8 years and before that was downtown El Cajon for 6 years so we don't move around just because so want to make sure where we end up is somewhere we will enjoy being for at least a good period of time. We've been looking primarily south of Main St (67). It very much reminds me of where I grew up outside of town in Winchester and Hemet back in the days before so many people moved in and the population got darker and questionable; roomy, small town feel, nice hardworking people, strong agricultural and animal presence. I work in Miramar and my wife at the edge of Spring Valley and Jamul. My commute currently averages 45 mins both in the morning and evenings and it seems to be a wash or slightly shorter to/from Ramona unless something completely blocks up the 67. I work 9-6 so seems I may be missing the busiest traffic times. My wife on the other hand is going to be dealing with more time. She has always had the shortest commute, 10-15 mins tops but that's a change she says she would be willing to deal with for the right place. A coworker friend of hers lives in the Estates that has been doing the same drive for 15 years so they would likely carpool as much as possible. Thanks in advance
  7. There's still a ton of them around and parts are pretty easy to come by.
  8. actually the stud you see in the pic isn't supposed to be there without the nut that has the Freightliner logo on it as it is either glued into or cast into the "nut" itself. they have the "nut" in stock at Freightliner and I can tell you for sure that the stud is not supposed to come out of it, only supposed to thread into and out of the bracket that is bolted to the hub. thoughts are that the "nut" may have cracked or otherwise broken and fallen off from some reasonable bump in the road. $125 for the two parts tho, ouch. oh well it is what it is.
  9. yep, that was easy. hopefully they'll be here in a few days. thanks again!
  10. Oh yes, that’s right. Just around the corner from work, I’ll go have a visit at lunch. Thanks!

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