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  1. We've been using the Valvoline Premium Blue DEF at the shop for ze German autos. It's inexpensive and always in stock with our suppliers. Everyone talks about the Walmart brand as well. Just make sure its not too old, that seems to be the biggest deal.
  2. Looking at options for replacing the fence at our house, about 450' worth Recommendations? We're in Ramona
  3. the change.org thing does nothing. go to http://recallgavinnow.com
  4. I never was able to make it down to Joe's although I did try several times. I ended up finding a sale going on at tiresdirect.net this week and ordered up a pair for the front axle. They're coming directly from Toyo so in theory they should be pretty darn new on the date codes I'm hoping....
  5. Again, congrats on a stunning truck, Mac! The color is damn gorgeous 😍 Chevy really missed the mark on the look of the new 2020 HD trucks and the GMCs are only just tolerable. Like Southbayrhino said, I think the 19s will hold their values really well simply on the much better looks. I'm still shocked at the prices of new trucks tho, holy hell! When I bought my 06 LBZ new in 06, I thought that was a lot of $$.... HA!
  6. My pops' favorite musician for as long as I can remember. Mary Jane's Last Dance was his jam. He and pops both passed in 2017
  7. The 5.9 ISB is a fine power plant but at 300hp/600tq, the rig will most likely be a bit sluggish. Add a trailer and it'll probably frustrate you. A Banks kit would probably take care of some of that and the gauge pack would let you keep an eye on EGTs. Being that it has the ISB, it will have the M2500 5-speed Allison which is a good transmission. Just be careful if you turn up the engine very much to not over-power it. How much weight are you planning to pull with it? That chassis has a GVWR of 26,850lbs and a GCWR of 33,000lbs = 6,150lbs tow capacity. What I was told years ago and again when I was searching for my rig was get as much HP as you can. IMHO, an 8.3 ISC or CAT C7 would be the lowest power to consider. My Winnie has the 8.9 ISL rated at 400hp/1200tq. Hot rod? No but it's quite spritely for a vehicle that is so big sitting at about 30k lbs on it's own. With my Jeep on the flatbed adding about 6,500lbs, the rig runs about 50-52mph up the I-8 grade out of the desert back to San Diego.
  8. Tire rack doesn't carry anything larger than a few 19.5 options
  9. Looking to put some new tires on the pusher and figured I'd check to see if anyone here has any connections for Toyo commercial tires or recommendations for a place? I'm looking for the M137 model in a 295/75R22.5 G/14 ply rated. I'm in SD but willing to travel if it makes sense. Have already been checking with simpletire, tiresdirect, eBay, etc
  10. I’m over here scoping out this bitchin SuperBee when I realized there was more going on around me 😳
  11. I’ll have to take some when I get organized. It’s a mess right now. No sir. Yessir. Corner of Del Amo, Arena, and Gunn Stage.
  12. Closed on our first house this past Monday. We ended up in the Estates after all, lol!
  13. Viva Meheekoe! I'd personally take that over the straight up white super stank clouds that the DPF equipped trucks puff out of the stacks when the regen cycle is all messed up.
  14. For the last 8 years it's been 19 miles each way. No traffic it is a 25 min drive, 96% of it freeway. With traffic it averaged 45 mins. Since June 1 it's about 25 miles and takes about 28 mins, 98% freeway. With traffic, 35-40 mins. Next month we're moving to Ramona (Estates) and it'll be 28 miles and ~40 mins, no freeways. With traffic, ~45 mins. I for one do not care if it's more miles as long as I'm moving and not stuck creeping and stopping in traffic.
  15. Sorry for the extreme zoom blurring and dirty windshield.

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