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  1. I’ll have to take some when I get organized. It’s a mess right now. No sir. Yessir. Corner of Del Amo, Arena, and Gunn Stage.
  2. Closed on our first house this past Monday. We ended up in the Estates after all, lol!
  3. Viva Meheekoe! I'd personally take that over the straight up white super stank clouds that the DPF equipped trucks puff out of the stacks when the regen cycle is all messed up.
  4. For the last 8 years it's been 19 miles each way. No traffic it is a 25 min drive, 96% of it freeway. With traffic it averaged 45 mins. Since June 1 it's about 25 miles and takes about 28 mins, 98% freeway. With traffic, 35-40 mins. Next month we're moving to Ramona (Estates) and it'll be 28 miles and ~40 mins, no freeways. With traffic, ~45 mins. I for one do not care if it's more miles as long as I'm moving and not stuck creeping and stopping in traffic.
  5. Sorry for the extreme zoom blurring and dirty windshield.
  6. Nice truck! I knew when I bought mine that I would pull a 5er with it eventually so getting a crew cab long bed was the only option for me so not to have to deal with a slider hitch. Some people say the super long wheelbase is annoying around town but I guess I'm just used to it and I don't even think about it. Plus it's just that much more stable.
  7. Yesterday in Mira Mesa Today in Temecula
  8. Love every variation of the 130. Great aircraft. Saw him flying all around the area yesterday.
  9. 06 LBZ. Absolutely LOVE this truck! Bought it new and will keep it as long as I can! The new truck are amazingly nice tho!
  10. I put a full set of Samson's on the old super C. Learned my lesson on those things, never again! Even the Ironman's I ended up having put on the steers after the shaking fiasco with the Samson's were a million times better! I tried a set of Hankooks on my Dmax some years ago and they were horrible. Discount tire replaced them with Nittos shortly after I had the Hankooks installed and those Nittos were the best tires I have ever owned. Flip side is the wife's car came with a set of brand new Hankooks when we bought it and they were great tires! I will never, ever, put a set of Goodyears on anything I own, period. The issues they have had on RVs is all over the forums, the issues I've seen through the years with them installed on the cars I work on, no way will I ever own them. I've always had good luck with Toyos, they just don't make anything in the size I need. And yes, fully understood on the DOT codes. I always look for the latest ones I can get. 2 of the Samsons I got from simpletire were a year or so older then the rest so I requested they send me newer ones and I sent the others back.
  11. Anyone here run Hankook tires on their coach? Feedback? Will need to put tires on the pusher here soon, knew that going in. Currently has 8 year old Michelins on it which like to flat spot and also make a weird whine noise on smooth paved roads which is apparently somewhat common. Plus they're painfully expensive and I'm just not a fan of Michelins in the first place. The coach is on a Freightliner Evolution chassis with IFS that was spec'd with 275/80R22.5 tires which is not terribly common. I'm a Toyo guy but they don't make a tire in this size so I'd have to go to a 295/75R22.5 to get them. The two sizes are nearly the same size, the 295 being a smidge wider. Problem is rear wheel well opening clearance and it is already VERY close with the 275 Michelins so I'm tending to lean to stay with the 275s.
  12. Is the Phaeton a tag axle? As far as I have been able to come up with in regards to motorhomes, in CA, until you go to a tag axle, which puts you into a different weight classification, it is not necessary to get a class B license to drive the motorhome. Even with the air brakes. Honestly I think it should given the sheer size and weight of these things, but ok I guess? I made sure to have my 5th wheel endorsement for my class C with my old 5th wheel so with now having a diesel pusher, I wanted to make sure to keep my license stuff correct.
  13. Those of you in the Estates; what’s the HOA like? I’ve always sworn I’d never live in an HOA community due to the many horror stories I’ve heard about them but we’re going to look at a place in the northern part today and want to get feedback on it. So far I’ve found that we seem to like the area south of 67/Main St and west of San Vicente Rd the most. There is a property off Cook St/San Diego Ave that we really like and like that area in general.

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