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  1. dangergus

    Subie Puffing Black Smoke?

    My Subi slipped a couple teeth and it still ran. It was missing and smoking but don't remember the color though. Might be something to check since you can just take the plastic side covers off and line up the timing marks. ----------------------
  2. dangergus

    Pls School A Newbie On Custom Bodies...

    Okay, let's see the car. I'm a M'bilt owner also and looking for some pieces to make it look a better...
  3. dangergus

    What Are The Vw Guys Running For Shifters?

    Does the Potter have throw adjustment to keep from over rotating? I added an adjustment plate to my Jamar and now works better but looks funky... Same here, had mine for over a year. Best change ever from my old Jamar. Paid $250 from Raymond at potter productions, money well spent. Buddie
  4. dangergus

    Rear Wing?

    Wow, looks great. Now just needs a nice hood to match and some paint. Not that I'm asking or anything, but I like the darker colors and very simple graphics. Thanks DB...
  5. dangergus

    Rear Wing?

    Me too, but I'm going 99.9% hard pack so really didn't want a wing, just something to offset the round look. It's really wearing on me now...
  6. dangergus

    Vw To Subi Swap

    Yeah, dual cam setup. I've heard since that the single cam version can have a little more torque on the low end. I had John & Mac @ Outfront set me up with their 2.5 kit for a little over 5K. It had the Kennedy adapter, shortened oil pan, headers, ECU/harness and also bumped for the chrome goodies. Just added a radiator and gauges and fabbed up everything else. It is some work but so glad I made the jump. Just get in and drive... Looks like you went DOHC? Seems like theres more of those available and a bit cheaper. What did your swap run ya? Thanks for your time!
  7. dangergus

    Vw To Subi Swap

    Here's mine from an old VeeDub to a Subi 2.5 N/A. So amazing to have an engine start and idle when cold and no more floor oil cleaning. Gobs of power but only driven a few times on hard pack. Reliability was a biggie for me too. Definitely the best upgrade ever.
  8. dangergus

    Parking Brake On A Sand Car?

    I really like the Go Kart brake idea. My Mosebilt is off-road only but thinking of a way to keep it from rolling away from me when parked. Seems like some simple fab and can do both sides if needed.
  9. dangergus

    091 Mid Mount

    Do you need longer studs if using these type of mounts? I have the one that goes under only and not too many threads left.
  10. dangergus

    Econo 2 Seat On Wheels

    Whoa!!! Very nice John. I guess that's my chassis just adding the dual shock mounts, sides and roof and tabbed for the Subi - can't wait!!!
  11. dangergus

    Ipod Mounting Options. What Are U Guys Using?

    I also use Ram mounts for my portable GPS. Still work great after many Desert trips. I really like that set up. Nice and safe from sand and water and still being able to see the phone ring. I'm just looking for a cleaner look. I went ahead and ordered up a "Itector" for a 80Gig iPod and also ordered the solid flush mount with a protective screen. They said they no longer carry the Blue one as of last week. Figures. Thanks guys for all the input on these and posting up pics. You guys really helped me narrow down my decision. Also went ahead and ordered the hard wire from the back of my intercom so I don't have athat wire sticking out of the dash to my iPod.
  12. dangergus

    New Mosebilt "econo" Series Sneak Pics

    Can't wait to see the update John - wanna see what I'm going to be driving soon... Gus soon.....(aluminum is almost done!-all i can say is WOW! this is the sweetest looking 2 seat ever, and still "affordable"...... ) maybe put a couple up tomorrow......

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