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  1. If your just doing a few bends here and there in the garage I see no reason to have a powered bender. The handle and all the leverage is fine even with .120 material. I always thought I would upgrade to power, but even after a full chasssis and alot of smaller projects I'm just fine with a little physical work. Plus it goes slower so you screw up less tubing ;)
  2. The custom power steering bracket alone is worth the asking price
  3. Had the same exact set up for 13 years.....never ever had a clutch disc look like that. Either something is wrong or someone is learning to drive. Go with a Stage 3.
  4. ONE Douglas beadlock.15"3.5" back space5.5" wide No cracks or bends.Includes ring but no hardware....just takes regular bolts. Call or text Scott 623-229-7395
  5. I honestly cant tell you....I bought it as is and never checked it. Previous owner said it didn't leak.
  6. Used Ron Davis radiator. 34" wide 18.5" tall 2 3/4" thick Bought it for a project but don't need it anymore. No fans. $75 Text or call is best! 623-229-7395 Scott
  7. Thats an expensive transaxle to be hanging naked below the frame.

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