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  1. I guess that's why we don't have fireworks near where I live. Safe and sane are not allowed and other types I just never hear. This is a horse town plus everybody has dogs. Last trip a woman in our group had a spray she gave her dogs orally. She had worked for a Vet and I guess it is some sort of doggy downer. I can't remember the name of the stuff. I wish I knew about it when I had my dogs. My bigger dog didn't care about fireworks but the little one would be terrified all night. For those of you with frightened dogs it might be work asking a Vet about the stuff.
  2. So the legal action of bringing your dogs to the desert should be eliminated so the lawbreakers shooting fireworks can continue. You forgot to mention everyone needs to have earplugs so the lawbreakers can continue their lawbreaking all hours of the day and night. Why even waste the ink printing the laws? Glamis is not a law free zone despite what many think. Unfortunately, law enforcement is overwhelmed on busy weekends and limit their enforcement to what they can deal with. That shouldn't make breaking the law acceptable.
  3. My buddy collided with a buggy in just about that same spot. That hill going down into the Comp Valley is pretty steep and you're only a few feet away before you see each other. Hopefully your sons recovery goes well.
  4. Is this a Polaris extended warranty yore dealing with? If so then yes, Frank's yore man.
  5. Buddy of mine bought one. Don't believe he made it through the first tank before it refused to start. He did notice it wouldn't run his microwave when it was running. His Yamaha 2K does. He returned the Predator no problem.
  6. What I'm hearing more and more the last couple of years is people defending their bad behavior because they're "in Glamis" and have the right to let loose there. Rules and laws somehow don't apply to them because "we have the RIGHT to blow off steam in Glamis". Breaking of laws and how they treat their fellow campers is irrelevant as long as they are allowed to do what they want. Maybe this attitude has been around much longer and social media is just making it more well known. I do know that I for one don't like it. You can't reason with these people. They absolutely believe they can do as they like without regard for others, because they've crossed that magical border into "Glamis, the world without rules". How people were raised probably has a lot to do with this and the era of "The Clevers" is over.
  7. If there's a quad in front of me I watch them like a hawk. Without mirrors and such they seem to be oblivious to others and make erratic turns. He/she definitely lucked out this day.
  8. PT use to camp in the area outside the GDS fence next to the tracks back when Tim was running the show. No pass required there either. No Tim, no more hookup on that spot I guess. Would seem kind of loud there but I guess the price was right.
  9. This has been going on for a long time. Are others having this issue?
  10. Cheff's Lounge makes my login every 3-4 days or so. Is this normal and if so why???
  11. HF Coupon Database http://www.hfqpdb.com/harborfreightcoupons
  12. Sail switch or flame sensor being dirty. Both could give you the intermittent problem you are experiencing.
  13. Mine was the heat shield only. 5 minute fix @ Corona Motorsports. No appt. needed and I didn't even have to take it off the trailer. Inconvenient but could have been worse. They actually replace an existing heat shield which must have been inadequate. Polaris gun shy, Oh, a tad.
  14. My eyes!!! The burning!!! My eyes!!!
  15. "How can you kill women, children?" "You just don't lead um so much".

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