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  1. Interesting.... I would have sat there eating a bag of Brazil nuts, waiting for their heads to explode.
  2. One that's gonna get you tossed off the board (maybe). But to all who had parents/grandparents born before 1960, you heard a million times.
  3. Watching the Boardsmanville webcam wishing I was there!
  4. Same. Can't speak for other bikes but they are on both my LT80's with no issues.
  5. My kids have asked me for years but I haven't been able to answer. How may washes are there? Furthest I have camped is Wash 11.
  6. I wish. At least back in the day it took skill to get out into the dunes and you learned how to read the sand conditions. Amateurs stayed around camp. Nowadays, you just mash the pedal, hope the cage holds up and burn it to the ground to collect insurance when it doesn't. I still love Glamis but it's getting harder justifying taking my kids out there. You won't find me there on a big weekend anymore.
  7. Have been going to Glamis nearly my entire life (42yo). Took a few years off when my kids little and started back up a few years ago. Try to go a few times year and have made it to Oregon & Idaho dunes the last two summers with @wapawekka. My kids enjoy it and hope to keep the tradition going.
  8. I miss the good ol' days of tucking the flag under my arm and riding my ATC under the tracks. Bums me out that my kids won't get to experience that anytime soon. You can always camp on the east side of the tracks.
  9. Source? Ever heard of the saying "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"?
  10. Sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace. My condolences to you and your family.
  11. Question for you since you have all the facts. I had Covid, proven documented case. Pretty much had a sinus headache for a day....that's it. I have natural immunity (proven antibody test). Why should I be mandated to get the vaccine? Are you better off than me with a vaccine which has been proven to wane over time? Are you a less of a risk than me? What do you have to say about the fact that natural immunity of the 43,327,364 (total US cases minus deaths according to John Hopkins) is just thrown by the wayside for the narrative. BTW, I like to be able to cite the origin my stats....
  12. IMO, daily or weekly testing is more efficient at preventing the spread than the vaccine. The Vax are able to get and spread the Wuhan Flu so why do they get a free pass. I had Covid and yet my natural anti-bodies hold no weight.
  13. I bought a 2021 Ram 3500 in May and it took me a few weeks to track one down. Built it online and sent the build sheet to all my local dealers. Never got one call. I had 5 sold out from under being that they were a distance away. Figured out that if you use the Ram website, they will give your info on trucks being delivered to dealerships before the saleman even know about them. I finally locked one down in Laramie, WY. They brought it to Denver, I flew in and drove home. Had to pay MSRP but didn't pay a premium. Been looking for a new Suburban but not paying a premium. Tried to order one but they don't want to even do that because they are getting a $8k-$15k premium. Was told by my friend at a dealership that they do not want you to order because they have to deliver at the MSRP, no mark up. If you look at vehicles the lot, they all have add ons. I was told that once the dealership adds a single item on the build, they are allowed to add a premium. If they leave alone, they cannot charge more than MSRP.
  14. I've had good luck with BFG Commercials on my 27' toy hauler and 19' flatbed car hauler. I run 225/75R16 E-rated on both. I'm about 11k wet on the toy hauler and haven't had any unusual tread wear or cracking. From what you are describing you probably in the 4k-5k range so you could probably run a D or less due to dual axles.

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