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  1. The daisy chaining is more for putting them in series for much higher voltage uses by being able to control contactors or relays by monitoring the battery condition, temps and such for safety. Each battery has a serial number and can be assigned a pack number so they can be monitored individually as well as in a large bank and you can even pull up how many times each battery has been cycled. They each have their own stand alone bms that has high and low voltage cut off, balancing board and temperature cut outs and monitoring. I suspect they can even warm themselves in extreme cold when you apply voltage to charge them. Here is a video on how to communicate with it fairly easy with a 486 to usb converter and where to get a plug that can plug into it... totally unnecessary for what most rvers use but its a four pin flat weather pack kind of connector and the outer contacts are for 5v supply and the inner are for com. I would consider them pretty much top of the food chain in quality and their cost probably approaches 2k for each one new.
  2. To add to this topic there is a screaming deal on ebay for drop in lithium 12v batteries suitable for rv use for $350 each and easily very worth it if you are even remotely considering lithium or need to replace your batteries for this season. These compare to a battle borns that cost near or over 1k each yet these have more almost 1/3rd more capacity. Jump on them quick I bet they wont last with only a few left at this price but these would be worth it at even twice the price but there are other listed around $450.. Those of you near huntington beach can grab them up without paying shipping... I had to pay an extra $50 and while you are at it grab me another one for the tip and I get it from you at glamis and give yo some cash. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rechargeable-Valence-u-charge-XP-Series-U27-12XP-Lithium-Battery-12-14-6V/123922005060?hash=item1cda53bc44:g:PloAAOSwDjNdj9ID I bought one from this exact vendor and it looks like new and it load tests even better than full rated capacity. I suspect these were used in staples electric medium duty box delivery trucks by the hundreds and for some reason it did not pan out. Either the business had financial problems or the trucks were not practical or reliable or something (not likely the fault of these batteries) because these trucks have been showing up in auctions and getting parted out mostly for the batteries... a hint to those that have the means and want to make some coin. They are group 31 size which you might recognize as what is usually used for dp starter batteries so a pair wont fit in the space of a pair of gc batteries but one of them will and has about the same usable amp hours as a pair of six volt flooded cell batteries. Another point about lithium batteries is that they can absorb 100% of what you can reasonably throw at them so you could use a less than ten dollar buck converter voltage regulator instead of an expensive charge controller that has three stage and mppt and theoretically less solar panels than you would traditionally need for a lead acid set up if you have limited roof space. Otherwise these lifepo4's can likely safely utilize the charger that your rig already has in it tho it might not take these to 100% but they would last even longer that way actually and it would be best to disable the three stage feature if you have it.. If you wanted a specific charger for these a 20 charger can be had for about $50.
  3. Seems like more and more production TV offerings are using separate power supply bricks that knock the 120 vac down to a oftentimes convenient for us 12vdc for whatever reason. It might be to make the tv's lighter and cheaper to produce but having less wattage requirements helped tremendously so these seem like a great option for rv'ers. The parasitic losses of converting 12vdc to 120vac add up so of course it would be much more handy and efficient to just adapt directly... no need for an inverter or having to switch anything on but the tv. However I kind of wonder out loud if something like this might last longer with some kind of filtering and/or low or high voltage protection ie; a regulator circuit? Electro geeks looking for a side hussle might consider designing and building something if needed and there is not something like that available. I have a cpap that can run like this and for some reason the factory 12v cord has some serious filter choke looking things on each end of it. Specifically I am looking for a 32" smart tv and maybe a 24" smart tv but would imagine anyone looking to upgrade might want to consider this if it is a option. Is there a way to look up exactly what makes and models are configured this way or do we just have to bug clueless salespeople or go peeking around on the display units? Maybe people could post up with what they have found that would work in this application and somebody could pin it for everyone else for reference?
  4. For those that might be interested here are video instructions to build a 200ah LifePo4 that has a high enough discharge rate to start anything and works in the voltage ranges of lead acid batteries so its about as close as you can get to a drop in replacement on a budget. You gotta put it together yourself but it looks pretty easy and when you consider it has the same capacity of a pair of battle borns that would cost you more than double this does and this comes out to less than $600 so its quite a deal. He gives a list of stuff to buy in the comments so all of the figuring out has been done and when you consider how fast you can charge this thing and how many more usable amp hours you can get this is more equivilant to two pairs of gc batts than the one pair as most would assume. By the way this goes nicely into a box about the size of a dp start battery. So far got my cells and the buss bars and waiting on the box and the bms. Regarding charging these or any lithium battery with your alternator I would advise against it as if they are deeply discharged they will take all you can give it and possibly cook your expensive altenator. Renology makes a dc to dc converter that is pretty cheap and will save your alternator and your trip home!
  5. The smallish size of the bottles they send you for the price might shock you. I can guarantee that you will not apply it as generously as they show on their promo's or it will be gone in a flash. It is similar to the watery milky consistency of 303 protectant which is a great product for allot of other things but not typically not marketed for paint. If I had access to a mass spectrometer I would be seriously tempted to see if it is the same stuff repackaged.. I would not bet on it being same stuff but I also would not be surprised if it was. It seems to have zero of the ultra fine grit stuff in it that really does the work of removing oxidation, scuffs, water spots and fine scratches so that may be a plus or minus for you depending on what you are shining on but how often do you find yourself shining up something brand new that does not need some cleaning? I find myself using this waterless dual polymer stuff that is marketed much the same way... only downside is that you have to shake it before you spray it as it does have some fine grit to it but I find that a plus on most of what I shine on. https://buydualpolymer.com/enter-store/dualpolymer-car-products/ It is much more reasonably priced compared to the f-11 and they often have 30% off and free shipping.. so you probably end up with multiple times more of this product than the f-11 for the same price. It smells great in my opinion like cotton candy or bubble gum and does a great job of removing light oxidation on fiberglass and water spots and I really like the job it does on glass. The f-11 smells like nothing. I was not overly impressed with their other products... so I would not recommend getting carried away with a big package deal like I did.
  6. As the price of these go down the temptation grows larger for me... There is a seller on ebay that uses new chevy volt cells and configures 12volt packs from 50 to 400 ah or more with bms for a pretty good price however when it came down to it the odd shape of them would not fit in step of my moho where my two gc batts currently live. However I do goof around with solar, batteries and inverters at the house to power some things to minimize getting into the higher tiered rates so they still intrigue me somewhat. I found a guy that had purchased and was selling a 400ah pack with bms for basically half price at 1k and seemed like a great deal but what bothered me was that he said that even with light loads his inverter would start having low voltage alarms because of the lower voltage that lithium supplies. I do not know if he just had a junky inverter or what but he was selling more because he got in over his head and did not want to upgrade his charger and what not so he just spent another 2k for a pair of those battle born drop ins for 200ah and he was more than happy with them. I mention this as the cost per amp hour might be worth it to some people out there looking into this subject that do not have space limitations.
  7. Want something to go hmmm isn't that an odd coincidence zoom ahead to the 17 min mark. The 11:40 mark is good too if you want to see how fox news and social media is a controlled opposition to truth.
  8. I have a gibson ghost cat delete pipe that I did not end up using if somebody wants to avoid the hassle of removing the turbo band clamp and all of that for $85 shipped. It is pretty slick and the easiest quickest easiest and cheapest way to delete your cat... well maybe not the cheapest if you want the hassle of hammering your cat out. You can use a portable band saw, hack saw or cut off saw to cut the pipe just before the cat and this pipe uses a high quality wide stainless band clamp to clamp this pipe to complete the system to where the muffler spring clamps go on. https://gibsonperformance.com/i-23266335-can-am-maverick-turbo-x3-ghost-cat-stainless-98036.html
  9. Do you have the original wheels and tires to go with it? Clear title and such... Would you or anyone you know happen to be making a trip to Glamis next weekend or need an excuse to go that would have room for it? Anybody else from near there capable of a Glamis postal perhaps... These are a bit dated but I happen to have a use and cash... let me know.
  10. AT&T is cutting their own throat on so many levels... Went to a att store looking for a hotspot and the equipment was seriously overpriced at $200 or more and the data plans even more ridiculous. Went to verison and got one for $50 and very reasonable prices for the prepaid plans up to and including unlimited for $70/mo. Been with directv since the start in like 1994 and they just keep getting more retarded with prices and now they are saying my current equipment has to be upgraded and it looks like from the info on here its not going to be do able anymore. A genie in the house with two mini's and a separate dvr at the guest house and my moms trailer and an old box at the boat plus dvr service, hd, locals and all adds up to well over a hundred bucks for the cheapest package with no premiums. Been doing without on the moho but saw a 32" smart tv at walmart for like $150 and may just have to use that in the moho along with the jet pack!
  11. Gotta say here that I really enjoy reading reasonable people sharing their experience and the back and forth on subjects like these... am I alone here? Is it that I grew up as a dependent, subsequently served and later married so I know the dynamics pretty well? Or is it that my wife and have done pretty good for ourselves despite little to no collage and minus kids we experience the full hammer of taxes and take little benefit from it?
  12. Ventured over there today thirsty and hungry but found them closed and locked up. Kind of a surprise however the masses haven't quite poured in yet but I am sure they will. Was epic smooth at gordens where it's usually tore up at today. Probably won't last long.
  13. Probably take a c-note for all four for the best of both worlds. $60 for the two skates wheels and tires seems fair. The rims are itp and more on the thick and durable side than thin and bendy. No chunks out of any of the paddles... perfectly worn down. The sharks took a wack by a root at the cinders but hold air and you would never know riding on them all held air good last I remember. I got some front single ribs on wheels to that match up nice. Will be at oglilby from this late saturday to new years.
  14. Your porting and pipe selection makes a big difference vs a close to stock 250r... along with your riding style. If your power band comes on like a light switch and hits really hard with straight paddles you better be planning to go straight... unpredictable at best and kind of dangerous at worst. I would not really be looking for anything new If I were you... buy a well worn set for wet sand and a pair and a less worn set for dry sand for the best overall experience. My favorites were also a set of well worn sand skate 2's. I have a set on rims I would let go cheap if your going out next week or two. I also have a set of less worn set of sand sharks on rims I don't need anymore also that was my setup and my r is long gone.

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