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  1. rayspeed

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Want something to go hmmm isn't that an odd coincidence zoom ahead to the 17 min mark. The 11:40 mark is good too if you want to see how fox news and social media is a controlled opposition to truth.
  2. rayspeed


    I have a gibson ghost cat delete pipe that I did not end up using if somebody wants to avoid the hassle of removing the turbo band clamp and all of that for $85 shipped. It is pretty slick and the easiest quickest easiest and cheapest way to delete your cat... well maybe not the cheapest if you want the hassle of hammering your cat out. You can use a portable band saw, hack saw or cut off saw to cut the pipe just before the cat and this pipe uses a high quality wide stainless band clamp to clamp this pipe to complete the system to where the muffler spring clamps go on. https://gibsonperformance.com/i-23266335-can-am-maverick-turbo-x3-ghost-cat-stainless-98036.html
  3. rayspeed

    Polaris RZR 800efi $7,500obo

    Do you have the original wheels and tires to go with it? Clear title and such... Would you or anyone you know happen to be making a trip to Glamis next weekend or need an excuse to go that would have room for it? Anybody else from near there capable of a Glamis postal perhaps... These are a bit dated but I happen to have a use and cash... let me know.
  4. rayspeed

    Need advise from someone in the know about DirecTV

    AT&T is cutting their own throat on so many levels... Went to a att store looking for a hotspot and the equipment was seriously overpriced at $200 or more and the data plans even more ridiculous. Went to verison and got one for $50 and very reasonable prices for the prepaid plans up to and including unlimited for $70/mo. Been with directv since the start in like 1994 and they just keep getting more retarded with prices and now they are saying my current equipment has to be upgraded and it looks like from the info on here its not going to be do able anymore. A genie in the house with two mini's and a separate dvr at the guest house and my moms trailer and an old box at the boat plus dvr service, hd, locals and all adds up to well over a hundred bucks for the cheapest package with no premiums. Been doing without on the moho but saw a 32" smart tv at walmart for like $150 and may just have to use that in the moho along with the jet pack!
  5. rayspeed

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    Gotta say here that I really enjoy reading reasonable people sharing their experience and the back and forth on subjects like these... am I alone here? Is it that I grew up as a dependent, subsequently served and later married so I know the dynamics pretty well? Or is it that my wife and have done pretty good for ourselves despite little to no collage and minus kids we experience the full hammer of taxes and take little benefit from it?
  6. rayspeed

    Good Paddle for 250R

    Probably take a c-note for all four for the best of both worlds. $60 for the two skates wheels and tires seems fair. The rims are itp and more on the thick and durable side than thin and bendy. No chunks out of any of the paddles... perfectly worn down. The sharks took a wack by a root at the cinders but hold air and you would never know riding on them all held air good last I remember. I got some front single ribs on wheels to that match up nice. Will be at oglilby from this late saturday to new years.
  7. rayspeed

    Good Paddle for 250R

    Your porting and pipe selection makes a big difference vs a close to stock 250r... along with your riding style. If your power band comes on like a light switch and hits really hard with straight paddles you better be planning to go straight... unpredictable at best and kind of dangerous at worst. I would not really be looking for anything new If I were you... buy a well worn set for wet sand and a pair and a less worn set for dry sand for the best overall experience. My favorites were also a set of well worn sand skate 2's. I have a set on rims I would let go cheap if your going out next week or two. I also have a set of less worn set of sand sharks on rims I don't need anymore also that was my setup and my r is long gone.
  8. rayspeed

    School me on the class C

    To run two a/c's with a 4k gen they would have to be the newer more efficient power saving units running off a load shedding controller that keeps both compressors from starting at the same time at a minimum and possibly a controller that allows only one compressor to run at at time. Makes me wonder if these units are running a scroll compressor or what but that would be the first place to start for efficiency improvements... the standard rv a/c's are horribly inefficient and hard starting especially when the ambient temps are over 100 degrees. If its any indication I did a little research and here is a unit like what I am talking about that is a factory refurb... https://www.ebay.com/itm/RV-Air-Conditioner-Coleman-Mach-Mach-3-Pow-Sav-WHITE-13500-BTU-48208R966/263946451026?epid=1128707380&hash=item3d746f3852:g:qbYAAOSwdGFYzuAX:rk:40:pf:0 Makes me wonder if they are not ready for prime time so to speak and they are using the public as their test bed. Keep in mind that the 4k gen is a single cylinder running at 3600 rpm so take that into account and where it is mounted as the are kind of like a well muffled contractor generator buzing along and can be allot more irritating than say a 5500 unit loping along at 1800 rpm.
  9. rayspeed

    RV Toilet, Whats what and why.

    Somewhat obviously they come in full height as in bolted to the floor or the short version that is up on a platform. The foot valve would not be a great choice if what you have is on a platform and as stated sticking to the same brand gives you a better chance of bolting right up but I would not count on it. The water valves on the porcelain ones seem to be somewhat more sensitive to hard water buildup in my experience and bleeding thru but you can get a kit to rebuild them... might be worth it to have one on board if they are cheap enough considering most of us dry camp and having a valve leak thru and go thru all you water and filling your black tank is no fun.
  10. rayspeed

    Question for you RV garage owners

    From that I gather it looks like you doing some developing for more than just a house for yourself? I did some of that from the mid 90's to mid 2000's and had a hand in allot of the development of my neighborhood from land to utilities to spec houses and it paid off but got out just before I would have been hung out to dry! It has been ten years since it would pay and I am trying to fight off that itch!
  11. rayspeed

    Anybody on here follow "Q"anon

    It is obvious in some of the responses to geopolitical topics on here that some people are wrapped up in their own lives and family. Everyone gets that or goes thru times where they are essentially asleep when it comes to world events or just feel overwhelmed by the bad news. Despite that some feel compelled to post strong uninformed opinions at times even conceding as such. People that are awake form opinions based on logic and fact. People sleeping form opinions on personality and group think. If you have any interest in waking and getting some hope there is a controlled revolution happening without major bloodshed in case you have not noticed that is inevitably going to become widespread public knowledge. There is a plan and ongoing operation that you might want to at least know something about. Here is a well produced short video to become better informed. Allot of people see what is happening out there as mostly random events and of course many of them are. The complete other end of the spectrum that is likely to come up with this topic are so called “conspiracy theorists” that assume nothing is random and everything happens for mostly nefarious reasons. They do enough to make themselves look pretty bad at times but consider that it might be naïve to think they are wrong about everything all the time. Use your own “critical thinking skills” to come to your own conclusions by taking in a bit more information on topics that you are curious about or that effect yourself your family and the country. I have found that there are some very talented people with youtube channels that break this stuff down connect dots and make connections that might just astound you enough to forego msm and at least give you some tools to look at it differently. Sure there are some loony people out there with some pretty ridiculous theories but here is a clue… you don’t have to listen to them or believe them. You can make the choice for yourself how far down that rabbit hole you want to go. Personally I think “Q” is an ingenious intel team close to the president partially aimed at getting the typical anti .gov type conspiracy types not only a heads up but to get them to help build a movement. It is also about getting people to think for themselves and do their own research and develop their own critical thinking instead of following the masses and the agenda driven media. Feel free to share your thoughts…
  12. rayspeed

    Question for you RV garage owners

    I did 12x12 door which is I was finding was the top of the limit on insulated non commercial doors and openers. Anything bigger gets into commercial big dollar openers and doors. Keeps me humble with a nice size class a gasser and no hope for getting a dpl or fifth wheel in there. Went 16' wide and it might let me put the slide out if I cleared that wall but have not done it... there are times that would be handy in cleaning or putting guests out there. 40' depth let me keep a class c and a boat hooked up and ready to go when I built it but a 32' class a gasser now pretty much fills it up with some storage up front. I would go bigger if I had it to do over again but I def could not afford it then and probably not even now!
  13. The OP mentioned whole life insurance and I am surprised that nobody had anything negative to say about it. FWIW you would be hard pressed to find anyone that does no stand to benefit from selling you this product recommend it especially at the age of 38. The first year premium is generally what goes into the pocket of the person making the sales pitch so they have a really slick high pressure tactic to try to get you to bite. Bottom line is that it is vastly overpriced and you would do much better to take the difference in premiums for a term policy and invest it in a growth fund in a Roth IRA. The money would be yours to do with what you want when you need it and do not be tempted by the loans and cash value pitch of the whole life policy. The loans available are pretty much a flat out scam in paying to borrow your own money in a sense.
  14. rayspeed

    Trophy Truck of Quads . . .

    They were not bad power plants if left stock but guys who modified them too much paid the price with dropped valves from winding them out too much. But yeah big guys only apply because skinny guys could not get enough weight far enough on the back to make the suspension work over the whoops.

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