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  1. yeaaaaa I am so ready 2 more weeks for me
  2. The trains are not bad, like most people I enjoy the sound.
  3. We just were in Pisssmo this year you are in for a treat! Last year we tried wash 10 it is huge compared to anything at Pissmo then again you will not see anything at Glamis on a non holiday weekend that looks like Pissmo. We are planning on being there that same weekend but we normally camp out at wash 22 not sure what the road looks like so we may be somewhere closer.
  4. OK So I made a mistake I didn't think you would see it!! DAM! It looked like a great spot to camp oops I drive a Ford and hey wait that is not my trailer never mind
  5. I need to weigh mine I am sure I am over
  6. DSDAD

    The Asa And Me

    Good Post I have been wanting to join just never have. I am going to click on to that web site right now and sign up. Something of a side note, I thought when you talked about packing it out, that was taking it to the dumpster. This year I will start bring it home. Always been good about picking up around camp and taking it to the dumpster.
  7. My Buddy is a cop not CHP, everything depends on their training and what they are looking for now. They have sooooo many laws they need to know that many do not even know the law you are breaking. A normal Traffic CHP may not care that you are over length but a commercial CHP could see you from a mile away. Most of the time they are looking for something different ie speeding, lane changes, lights out. Anything that will give them a reason to stop you. They don't want to waste time unless they can write you a ticket. Don't get me wrong you could find the right cop on the wrong day and he could stop you and impound you, so I guess it comes down to what you are willing to risk.
  8. Arrowhead is great have my trailer financed through them. When I got robbed at their ATM they gave me my money back!
  9. Anyway to make it seem like the season is here I am up for!
  10. You need to do what you enjoy money will follow. After high school I went to North Dakota and worked on a potato farm then moved to Vail CO and worked for ski season. Nothing like skiing every day! Came back home and went to school before I graduated I started a business did very well but had no time off. After selling the business I went into sales, sales was fun and made good money but you are only as good as yesterdays sales. 4 years ago I went to work for the world's largest beer company(Anheuser Busch), I don't make 100K but love the job. Now AB has been sold so I am wondering what will happen next. The important part is simple I make enough money to support a family of 4, I work a schedule that gives me 4 days off one week and 3 the next so I have time to make extra money if needed or time to spend with the family. This year we will be spending most of that time in Glamis. FIND SOMETHING YOU ENJOY!
  11. I can't beleive I watched the WHOLE thing. Must be a slow night.
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