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  1. Congrats, Nice coach ! As for pad 3...Need to park it there in early October and leave it for the season..LOL
  2. xtream1

    Super C vs DP

    I've had both DP and Super C. Plusses and minuses on both sides. Regardless, VERY nice coach you bought there. Glad you found the right fit. Enjoy and make many memories!
  3. You guys are brave! Thankfully, I found a group on cement flats. Slides are out and airbags are down. Lol. Ready to relax and cook up some ribeyes.
  4. Thanks for the welcoming response. I agree, the rig limits me especially with the front generator (whole front end is fiberglass and slides out so definitely not front end towable). Being it is a major holiday, I don’t expect much but more looking to open up our contacts to prevent this situation in the future. If if I could go to the washes this weekend I would but not going to happen. Snowcat is just too expensive. Lol.
  5. Long time duner here looking for a new group to run with. A couple years ago I lost my ride or die buddy...well he died in Las Vegas. But, still been going with a group since then. This year, come out to Gecko and guess what...not enough space (Friday before TG)! The group has been getting slower and retiring slowly anyway. So, My wife and I looking for a new group to camp and ride with. I drive a SU Sandrail and know the dunes well (been comming out for a long time) and have a 40’ country coach with trailer. So, looking for peeps on hard ground and flat (air ride so no jacks or way to pull it out). I know it’s a long shot but thought I’d ask anyway. Currently on Gecko rd by pad 5.
  6. Yes, 165k miles (20k/year for 8 years--standard LA miles). 3.8l motor. Does not turn off when stopped at traffic light like new ones do. lol The 3.8 has more torque than the 3.6 and is more suited to the jeep as a whole in my opinion. You can also boost them unlike the 3.6. No mechanical issues, no accidents, no service lights, etc. no issues. Only reason for selling was due to consolidating vehicles...got a new Jeep truck and sold GMC Sierra as well as this one. Only 1 registration, etc.
  7. Brilliant white, fully loaded package with electric differential locks and sway bar disconnect, hill descent, traction control, tow/haul package, largest radio screen package with hidden CD and navigation system (30gb memory), rear subwoofer, leather, heated seats, dual zone A/C, heated side mirrors, auto dimming rear view mirror, 3 piece black freedom hard top, grab-bar interior grab handles, weather tech slush floor mats front and back, cargo area mat, class V trailer hitch, Mopar headliner throughout, Mopar brush guards on rear lights, LED headlights, LED light bar and LED pillar lights, hidden Mopar wiring harness for flat tow-behind motorhome, rear Terraflex tailgate hinge and door tire carrier support system, Pro Comp simulated beadlock black wheels (plus matching full size spare), 31” BFG AT tires, wheellocks, upgraded greaseable ball joints, new Gladiator angry grill painted to match factory color (not installed), regularly serviced, only light off-road use. $21,000 or best CASH offer lol ... no lowballers !
  8. I oversee the inspection side on a large community college program and we are currently building a project using these. Its been a long road with a lot of speedbumps and testing/sorting out installation issues just to get to the point of placing concrete (walls are about 30' high with steel roof beams/structure). What I have seen is that this system is best served for a basement or below ground pool application. General above ground installation is much cheaper to do with conventional construction (CMU block or wood/stucco, etc). Just my opinion. Salesmen/company reps may tell you different but that's their job to sell the product. For example...After it's installed and you want to hang a picture or mount something on the wall (like cabinets), you'll have to go through the 2.5" foam before you hit something solid and that's a lot of leverage to hang something on a screw that is not supported for 2.5". Our ICF forms were thicker than the 2.5" that you're mentioning so placing concrete was easier as they were not as prone to blowing out as a 2.5" system would be. Good luck.
  9. That's going to be kinda hard to do in a constant 3rd/4th roll in a full size rail. Now, on a 2nd/3rd ride its a concept. But, my only drinkholder is the passenger/navigator/spotter...lol multi-tasking at its best !
  10. "A good leader know who and what are behind him. A good leader travels on a track that accepts all those following." I have found that few can consistently pick a proper line for others to follow. I lead mostly and I make sure that I know the abilities of who is in the group but, most importantly, I set a person at the end who has a radio and I communicate with him regularly to ensure that the group is together (usually one of the best drivers and dependable also). I won't leave anyone behind unless we have stopped and a coordinated pair decide to return for whatever reason. No solo drivers (cause shit can happen to even the best)! I also wrap around a bowl occasionally to keep the group within sight and close. Anyone can turn wrong at a lip if they lose sight of the group or don't make a tricky spot. Again, communicating with the rear person who is one of the top drivers. Fast or slow...the leader keeps the lines smooth, keeps the pack together, keeps everybody safe, and tries to put a smile on all riders faces. Not always the most appreciated position.
  11. Good luck changing a serpentine belt or plugs..LOL Maybe they left room from underneath. The car starts at only $50k to buy but the service starts at $15k for an oil change ! lol
  12. Can you please post the dyno sheet to go with this motor?
  13. looks nice...now to just take out a few inches of wheel clearance from that suspension. looks like the 4x4 model that they didn't make. lol just playin'.

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