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  1. Dune Bandits

    How do I fix my Avatar?

    Been clicking and clicking, can't find where to fix my avatar. Can find signature, but no avatar place to click on and fix.
  2. Dune Bandits

    SXS/UTV Truck Rack DOT Requirement

    Most fun I've had was quads in the back of the truck and a cheap-O Fleetwood bumper pull trailer with a Honda portable. Cheap, easy fun.
  3. Dune Bandits

    SXS/UTV Truck Rack DOT Requirement

    I forget where I took this pic. Maybe Emerald Cove Parker,,, maybe.
  4. Dune Bandits

    New YXZ Owners

    Ya can’t put more money, time and heart in turboing the YXZ than guys in our group and they’ve all thrown in the towel in frustration. We’re talking serious money and focused dedication with talented guys with big wallets that know what they are looking at. Several different systems and they all were catastrophic headaches. Maybe someone will have figured out turboing YXZs when he’s ready but I’d seriously research it first and ask yourself if you have the patience and wallet for it. No one loves the YXZ more than this kid and their efforts and bank was a real eye opener. You can join us in our camp and discuss it with them if you don’t buy into my take When they ran it was amazing but the side effects and mulligans,,,, think it over. Our local dealer was installing what they said was a Yamaha authorized turbo in a customers new YFZ. Read that : What they said was Yamaha approved. Damfino if that’s accurate or gloss. That same engine in a Snowmobile may be suited and just enough different to allowing turboing, but something is definitely different in the YXZ version application is their take. Damfino about that too. I dunno. Reflash the ECU is about as far away from stock as ya may wanna go IMHO. That’s lot of money and lost fun for a normally very reliable vehicle to just be sitting on the trailer broken all the time. Brother have I seen that. This is my advise and free advise is worth what ya paid for it.
  5. Dune Bandits

    Anyone notice the lack of rails for sale?

    Sept - Oct you’ll see them.
  6. Dune Bandits

    DEF Fluid, what do you use?

    Walmart DEF and I buy my Shell Rotella oil and Delco filter there too. Oil changes are super easy accessible on the new DMax trucks. I change the Allison Trans fluid every 30k though the book says 100k. I use BP Transyd and the spin on filter from Napa.
  7. Dune Bandits

    SxS's Lets See 'em!

    Those Ultra Cross tires are excellent.
  8. Dune Bandits

    Silverton, CO

    It's an income generator. We visited South Dakota on this trip too. In Deadwood SD not only is there a OHV trails permit, but they get you for a temp street permit too. The Govt is raking in bank up there. The Sturgis OHV week will grow in popularity and the Govt wants a cut. SxS''s are a mega business up there. http://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/4324360-sturgis-hold-different-type-rally-one-atv-riders
  9. Dune Bandits

    Silverton, CO

    They checked us on the trails. Not only are they required, but they want to see the receipt too. Big Fine and you have to appear in person, in court to pay it and explain why you don't have it.
  10. Dune Bandits

    Silverton, CO

    We just returned from Rainbow Falls Colorado. FYI for out of staters: Ya have to stop off at the State Parks and Wildlife Office and get an out of state OHV permit or inquire where you can get one. You can call them too. It's goofy but they were cool to us. The permit sits in a plastic cover and might be confusing. Peel off the back paper then apply. Do we have some permits and then some. In addition to the one on the shock several other states too:
  11. Dune Bandits

    SxS's Lets See 'em!

    Has the first (since recalled, but we didn't send it back) Evo stage one flash that behaves like a stage 3. I run the Can Am foam air filter with excellent results. Speed and power is what ever the drivers skill can handle. Showroom suspension settings backed out and has a good ride quality with excellent handling on the dunes. Thinking of Comp Cutting the (rear) paddles, may have too much bite, need a little more spin. Run 101 UL/Oxy race gas and yeah, ya feel and hear the difference over 91. Wife loves to rock crawl it and it performs well at that task in spite of the Visco lock. I'm the X3 in front of the camera car, second from the leader:
  12. Dune Bandits

    Canam x3 max rs tr BEST PRICE ???

    X3rs at Jet World. 2018 first black one off the truck. The Satin color X3's start arriving in about 3 weeks. The black (2018) in 6
  13. Consensus amongst our Rzr group is this is marketing positioning and is setting the stage and clearing the way for a Polaris competitor to the X3 that will be released later.
  14. Dune Bandits

    Canam x3 max rs tr BEST PRICE ???

    That's where we're heading
  15. Dune Bandits

    Canam x3 max rs tr BEST PRICE ???

    We're buying the 2018. We've been told the Satin color X3rs ships this month, the Black late next.

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