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  1. Winegard and don’t look back.
  2. All aluminum. Similar to the pic but stouter and sits on bed rails. Long fold-up attaching ramps included. I hauled a Raptor and a Kawai 700 with it. Kids quad will work on it too. For 3/4 ton truck or bigger. Not recommended for 1/2 ton. I bought a toy hauler don't need it anymore. $500 818 4192620. Ventura County Ca area. Catalog pic, rack for sale is a little different,.
  3. We bought 20 - five gallon containers of VP101 and each container only had 3.5 gallons. They refused making good on it.
  4. I’ve had the steering wheel blindside me and kick so hard - not expecting it and would have bet anyone my thumbs were broken.
  5. Better showroom appeal. Front suspensions will still collapse like a fat man in a cheap beach chair. It’s happened too many times on simple bumps to myself and others in our group. What a feeling to be out on the dunes and suddenly your front suspension taco’s. Good running engines. I’ll spot Polaris that plus.
  6. It eventually kills them best to adjust the head pressure or initially start the AC on your RV house generator then switch it over to your portable. But that’s just me. If it works for you roll with it. Just a precaution.
  7. Our experiences and with our dune and off road group: The Honda eu3000 will power one 13500 AC unit usually if you put the refer on gas and turn off the battery charger. Under a hot day load forget it running a 15000 BTU AC. The Predator 3500 will run one 15000 AC and the experiences in our dune group have been good. The Predator 3500 does have its demons.: Air starvation that is cured with 5 or 6 of the 1” Uni air filter plugs, lube the off/choke/run mechanism and a good blast of gas treatment in every other tank fill helps prevent most issues. Also make sure it has the Bosch spark plug and change it to NGK after the break in period. Clean the spark arrestor every oil change. The Predator 3500 goes on sale this Friday the 16th. Get the extended warranty so you can simply exchange it when it pukes. BTW the Honda Handi 3000 has less watts than the Honda eu3000 electric start and hates running any RV AC above 11000 btu if they still even make them that size. Never put a micro start on your RV AC until you consider other cures. Just my free advise and free advise is worth what you paid for it.
  8. Good please post pix. I’m one smack away from damage.
  9. We arrived at Glamis 2 weeks early a few Thanksgivings ago to find trailers, wheeled junk, flotsam and jetsam, tape and cones blocking most the camping along Gecko and the loops. Vast sections too . BLM Leos ignoring it all . One guy even had the entire pad 2.5 taped/coned off. Just one vehicle guarding it. LEOs avoiding it like they were giving special treatment to that group . I busted through and took a spot anyway and the dude made sure I was blocked in when his party arrived 10 days later. Any action by the BLM to prevent this?
  10. For years I was convinced Sand Shark was a Slappy computer generated forum member but these pix convince us Sand Shark is a real person. Excellent trip. Any tips for extra protection to the rear underside of the X3?
  11. Late but my 2 cents. The Skats if you want speed, the FSTs for everything else. You can get the FSTs comp cut dunno if that increases speed Buy a quality bead locker wheel. The bead locker helps with the lower pressures, roll overs, run flats and help protects the wheel from rock damage. I experience all the above all the time.
  12. Get the trail map at the visitors center or NPS Ranger station. Avenza app is helpful too. Incidental short SXS blasts on the streets proved no problem with the LEOs but you can pretty much reach everything by trail. No body contact with the hot springs for the boiling temps would be fatal. Leave the dog in the vehicle or it may become the next number on the death sign tally. Only serious whoops for any annoying distance we encountered were on the west side of the 395. Short bursts of small whoops occasionally on the East side trails. We averaged 65 to 85 MPH on the trails until a few close calls with deer and cattle jumping into the road. We then cut way back. Every food joint in Mammoth is very expensive with just ok food. All way understaffed, all slow motion hippy stoner attitudes. Tigers caters to Vegans and pours the best bloody Mary’s . Dunno if I’d drive through town on a SxS and ya don’t want the Leos rolling you if you’ve been drinking.
  13. IWe’ve been up here in Mammoth for the past week. We have a 43’ Toy Hauler so Glass Creek or Deadman’s wouldn’t fit us unless we didn’t mind holes poked in our RV from tree branches Campsites were all full anyway. Rangers said Wednesday’s are the best times to maybe find camping spots . We dry camped at Browns Owens river Campground. Reservations suggested it’s real popular with bikers, film crews, fisherfolk, snowmobilers and OHV’ers $33 per nite, no hookups but plenty of room. Usually sold out year round so hold that thought. Easy in and out. Direct access to trails. Not to be confused with Browntown RV park in town $33 is steep, not for everyone but works for us. Bears will visit so take precautions. Leo’s will write you an expensive ticket if you don’t. Generator hours 8 AM to 10 PM but if you have the super quiet you can bend the rules a bit if no tent campers are near by. Laurel lakes run trail is a good mid-skill level route but the steep drops on a narrow trail is not for those with phobias or not set up for rock crawls though easy rock crawls IMHO . Evidently not for everyone Then trail 1S05 to Bald mountain lookout is a great run too. Several dog leg trails off this route to points of interest. Traveling up the 395 from Kramer Jct (58/395) are very few diesel stops that easily accommodate big RV rigs. So plan your fuel consumption ahead I carry an extra 10 gals diesel just in case. We top off at the Pilot at Kramer jct and can make it to Mammoth on a tankful. Ft Independence has a casino with a fuel station and may accommodate bigger THs. The Shell station at the North end of Bishop along the 395 might work too. About 10.000 ft the X3s and Rzr turbo performed excellent: Fully stocked cabin with padded bunks for free for trail visitors to Bald mountain lookout Mammoth hot pools
  14. BTW for others first start up of the year: Find the line into the refer and crack the fitting to vent propane through it if all else fails. Or light the stove for some time that helps and it helps vent it. Try that first.. Once our old Norcold went south and they sent me a whole new controller and entirely different wiring schematic. 20 minutes later good to go. Looked complicated as hell but was easy. Changed how the flame was detected with a thermocouple. 3/8" from the flame BTW. The old system actually sent elect current through the flame to a metal piece connected to a timer that would in turn, let it burn. If it didn't detect the current, then their was no flame and in 5 seconds the gas valve shut for safety. Works great for a few years then with time and dirt and corrosion the flame wasn't strong enough the carry enough current to satisfy the safety system. Still heated great when it did fire up, but that was starting to be intermittent and often didn't light for more than a few seconds. Propane is a really dirty gas. If you've ever changed disc propane filters you'll see it. Black like charcoal. Pipe cleaners through the smaller tubes and keeping everything else clean helps alot. In both methods the flame has to be strong and the dohickies that pick that up have to be adjusted right. 3/8" in my case.
  15. Been clicking and clicking, can't find where to fix my avatar. Can find signature, but no avatar place to click on and fix.
  16. Most fun I've had was quads in the back of the truck and a cheap-O Fleetwood bumper pull trailer with a Honda portable. Cheap, easy fun.
  17. I forget where I took this pic. Maybe Emerald Cove Parker,,, maybe.
  18. Ya can’t put more money, time and heart in turboing the YXZ than guys in our group and they’ve all thrown in the towel in frustration. We’re talking serious money and focused dedication with talented guys with big wallets that know what they are looking at. Several different systems and they all were catastrophic headaches. Maybe someone will have figured out turboing YXZs when he’s ready but I’d seriously research it first and ask yourself if you have the patience and wallet for it. No one loves the YXZ more than this kid and their efforts and bank was a real eye opener. You can join us in our camp and discuss it with them if you don’t buy into my take When they ran it was amazing but the side effects and mulligans,,,, think it over. Our local dealer was installing what they said was a Yamaha authorized turbo in a customers new YFZ. Read that : What they said was Yamaha approved. Damfino if that’s accurate or gloss. That same engine in a Snowmobile may be suited and just enough different to allowing turboing, but something is definitely different in the YXZ version application is their take. Damfino about that too. I dunno. Reflash the ECU is about as far away from stock as ya may wanna go IMHO. That’s lot of money and lost fun for a normally very reliable vehicle to just be sitting on the trailer broken all the time. Brother have I seen that. This is my advise and free advise is worth what ya paid for it.
  19. Walmart DEF and I buy my Shell Rotella oil and Delco filter there too. Oil changes are super easy accessible on the new DMax trucks. I change the Allison Trans fluid every 30k though the book says 100k. I use BP Transyd and the spin on filter from Napa.
  20. Those Ultra Cross tires are excellent.
  21. It's an income generator. We visited South Dakota on this trip too. In Deadwood SD not only is there a OHV trails permit, but they get you for a temp street permit too. The Govt is raking in bank up there. The Sturgis OHV week will grow in popularity and the Govt wants a cut. SxS''s are a mega business up there. http://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/4324360-sturgis-hold-different-type-rally-one-atv-riders
  22. They checked us on the trails. Not only are they required, but they want to see the receipt too. Big Fine and you have to appear in person, in court to pay it and explain why you don't have it.

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