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  1. It was crazy busy! Washes were dust bowls. The dunes were in good shape and it wasn't too crowded in the dunes as long as you stayed away from Olds. Crazy how many side by sides are out there.
  2. Looking for a good GPS app for my Samsung phone. I will only use it in Glamis and would like to be be able to set way points like camp, olds, swingset, etc. Thanks for the feedback
  3. I have a set of 4 Revolution EVO 2.5 shocks for sale. 1 pair are 12" stroke and the other pair are 14" stroke. Shocks are in good shape. I bought them for a project and they never moved off my shelf so looking to get out of them for what I paid. From everything I have read and researched, these shocks are the bomb and I really wanted to use them. There is a guy in Upland that still services these shocks. let me know if you have any questions. $1000.00 Thanks Matthew 562-500-4977
  4. The idea of polishing this 40' myself make my head spin. My back hurts just looking at this trailer.
  5. Hi guys, I have a 40' 2007 weekend warrior that needs a serious detail. It still has the decals that are faded but not peeling. Looking for someone near the Fullerton area that is reasonable in price that does good work. Thanks in advance.
  6. Okay GD.COM peeps, I have a Subaru 2.5 460HP tuned on race gas and want to convert it to E85. I roughly burn 4 gallons of fuel per run now on race gas. How much additional fuel consumption should I figure on after converting to E85? Also, can I expect a increase in power after a new tune or will the engine remain at the 460HP level? Thanks
  7. No they are not. A link pin front end has roughly 4 3/4" spacing between the 2 parallel tubes and a ball joint beam has 6" spacing.
  8. That actually blows. I have been training to do the Mount Baldy run on Labor day weekend. Just found out the race has been canceled.
  9. Okay GD.com peeps, I am looking to upgrade my Gen 4 and want the digital style controller so I can dump the air and have multiple presets for refilling. Already have compressor and tank. Which system do you recommend? Thanks

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