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  1. Gonna be a nice looking buggy what motor you thinking about going with
  2. I been going to veterans day ceremonies for a while now its my biggest trip each year. I been collecting my coin each year and I've seem to misplace my coin from 2019 is there any way to get another one some how??
  3. Is anyone in socal interested in just the front rims? I'll take the tires lets make a deal..
  4. Kingkong

    10.75 -15 stu

    Looking for a decent set of 10.75 -15 tires thought id see if anyone has any they would.like to sell before I go new pm or text me price and pics thanks.. Ben 8582545653
  5. Looking to change up my filters I'm looking for a pair of ump cans for the ls3 I know 2 is over kill but I can't docthe looks of just one lol
  6. Thats what I was.looking for thanks full throttle and alper I'm definitely sticking with what I got and that's about what I figured haha...
  7. Hey everyone I'm sure someone with knowledge on this will chime in but basically I've been told to basically keep my factory intake and that the after market ones are not worth the money for the little Gaines. Can anyone agree to this or show me the difference between the ls3 and say a fast or the high rise ones. Thanks
  8. Well said Alper to the t. I met the guy for the first time last year right before veterans day and he booked the whole day for me to tune my new set up motor and computer.. he absolutely pulled the plugs and found some not so good after my 1 trip break in and on top of that fixed a minorl fan relay wire issue.. tuned the car for 8rs and I was off... come to find out in the dunes I was having another issue with the car cutting off. He told me to bring it back and went through some basic stuff fixed a fuel relay and it's been a Effin beast. He goes above and beyond what other big tuners would do for most customers. Give the guy a break he has tons of people in line that understand he's a 1 man show cause he takes pride in his tuning.. not only that he offered to drive all the way to the dunes to tune the car out there if need be and the car was acting funny.. wtf does that.. outstanding customer service lance

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