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  1. Wtb flatbed drive over fenders preferably has to be 102 wide whats out there?
  2. Talked to the owner today it was the first show they have missed in a very long time due to some personal stuff. He did give me show prices though.
  3. I thought the same thing but they were nowhere to be found. Specially after I had talked with heather about the show and how they were gonna be there and she told me to wait to the show to get the show prices this was back in March..
  4. I was looking for safeglow as well as they told me they were gonna be here this weekend I was really interested in their "new" magnet style and 10x brighter supposedly whips then the HD whips I have from them. I think it's time to move on they never answer the phone.
  5. Autometer gauge with the typical autometer sender
  6. Gonna have to go see Kolby as well lol that's who I got this motor from
  7. I was told.5w30 no catch can but it's on the list now. 👍
  8. All good to know thanks Alex its a new damn motor with 4 trips on it so I'd hope it's nothing u mentioned I might have to take it by the builder just to make sure its all good and I'm just trippin lol
  9. Yes sir those auto meter sending units I've never really liked em.
  10. So after I swapped to an ls3 last season I noticed sometimes after a decent run say from Olds to swing set my oil pressure at idol would be at 5 to 10 I've never seen it that low not even with my ls1. Should I try a different oil ? I even changed sending unit and gage same thing. Any ideas?
  11. Had these for a few years no holes or plugs both hold air no issues other then some rubbing marks from the arms that I never noticed til I put spacers on and they gave me no issues good for a spare set or a couple seasons. 200.00 located in ramona ca. 8582545653 ben
  12. Havnt noticed any bubbles but ill check over it again today as I will try this one more time..
  13. Im.not seeing any evidence of leaking
  14. I'll give it another go today and see what happens

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