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  1. Al Lee

    2005 Lexus GX470 Overland Vehicle

    Wouldnt be 25k if it was.
  2. Damn thats a lot of car for the price
  3. Al Lee

    Just got back from 9 days at Glamis

    What does the cow do with half of himself processed?
  4. Looking for new paddles for a 300+HP RZR. I need a 32x14 set. I bought the extreme tire 14 paddle set (the shorter ones) and its def not enough paddle, even on low boost. What are some other options? I have some really nice 14" OMF 3 piece wheels I want to keep using. FYI also have this paddle set for sale if anyone is in the 200HP range on a set of douglas blues 10". Literally one trip on them.
  5. Al Lee

    Rzr XP4Turbo S MODS

    Kevin Boozer does some good work too.
  6. Al Lee

    4 Seat Yamaha........

    Seems the conversions are mostly time heavy, and thats where the cost comes from. I did a Z1 swap with tons of custom stuff, and the only help I had was a friend lowering the cherry picker while a kicked the motor into place. Literally 7 months of hours and hours a day. Not to say the parts are cheap, but these companies want to get paid for those hours and hours. I remember that 4 seat RZR conversion that came out like a month before the production one lol. My last buggy was a Turbo hayabusa and I dont know if id want to be slapping gears like that again. Those close ratio cars are a handful. Bigger mende cars where you can hang out in 2nd for a long time are much better for duning
  7. Good! Now I can sell mine didnt realize you were still selling when I posted
  8. Al Lee

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Amateur hour.. Everyone goosin' their golf carts
  9. Al Lee

    Letter From A Scammer

    I know bitcoin ? One of my clients got this email about a week ago. He actually surfs porn on his Laptop nearly everyday. He was genuinely freaked out
  10. Al Lee

    Silverton, CO

    Try to get to American Flag Mtn
  11. Al Lee

    Silverton, CO

    You can get the passes from any Walmart in the state too. We camp out of the RZR every year in Silverton. Leave the toyhauler at home, pack tents and "rough" it. Gas and ice in Lake City. 4 days Getting married at the top of engineer in August ? We spent the 4th in Crested Butte / Taylor Park. You could ride out there for two weeks and not hit all the trails. Coming back we went over Monarch pass. found the limit of our dually 6.7l.. 20,000. Have fun up there, and try poughkeepsie if its open.
  12. Al Lee

    RZR XP1000 Carbon Fiber Dash

    Weird, because it looks like fiberglass with one layer of carbon fiber on top
  13. Al Lee

    RZR XP1000 Carbon Fiber Dash

    real carbon fiber?
  14. They measured 108.25.. Im assuming its a 110

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