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  1. just make sure whatever you get goes in with SKF or equivalent Japanese bearings. I got the kit from Sandcraft, also got their HD bearing retainer plate kit, seal kit, then did a custom gear reduction 26% in low, 12% in high to run 35" tires
  2. Al Lee

    Sxs carnage

    These UTVs with ball joints arent up to the task of big hits. Oh and rebound on the rear..
  3. Only thing worse is a dry dock
  4. theres some mid travel kits that keep the stock shocks. I think Lone Star. Super ATV also makes a set thats high clearance
  5. I have this as well but in the VW flavor. Simple tune and Im getting 500ft/lbs and 35mpg. Very sorted SUV. GLWS
  6. Al Lee

    Joke of the day

    Hooked on Matts. We wheel and MTB up there twice a year. Love watching his pleasant disposition extractions lol
  7. Pronouns here. Maybe they dont identify as a he
  8. Will an alcohol test kit work with methanol?
  9. Hi there, not sure where to post this. I came across a 55 gallon of vp methanol from an old school vw guy who ran it as fuel. I'm using it as meth injection with a z1 swap rzr and a big turbo on pump gas. I got the drum for free! Just had to haul 200 miles home. Anyway I filled my meth tank which is good for about 10 gas fill ups. Had it a while. Now it's empty and I'm wondering if the stuff is bad. It was opened and used but sealed and garaged. I ask because I had a few knock lights flash while using this. I mixed 50/50 with distilled. Usually use washer fluid 20%. Is there a way to test methanol other than drinking it and dying? I tried my Homebrew beer hydrometer but it sank like a rock . The specific gravity is .789 ish. Any suggestions on determining ? Thanks
  10. Weight vs chromo. I too have a TFBB that I have shipped 1000 miles.
  11. Aside from Suspension, Engine, and some probably other hopped up parts, these are off the shelf Widlcat parts.

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