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  1. Hasnt the RZR been full tube since the 900?
  2. Considering the back half is replaced in this kit, I dont why it isnt strong enough. What part dont you think is strong enough?
  3. Watched the whole video. Has 934 300M axles. I dont see the weak link here. That 2019 chassis is plenty strong. Suspension is aftermarket. Should be a fun $50k RZR lol
  4. I have his Z1 kit with a big turbo in my RZR. He aint cheap thats for sure. The Z1 kit still required welding. But it all lined up and was engineered really well. Im at 320 with methanol and pump gas. I agree, for this price (including a 4 seat RZR) you can get a NICE used LS/2D car with bypass. I guess if you need your 600HP sand car to fit in your TH garage, this is the way to go
  5. Man I used to own this same year blue gfx and red black widow interior. Curious what you got for it. I sold mine in 2016 and regret it. Didnt need to.
  6. The 2014 vs 2015 issues Id see would be the smog stuff, and the stronger (not plastic) sprague in the front dif. The 2014s didnt have a cat, and had the stronger front dif
  7. He was also an accomplished freeride Mountain Biker. truly a loss
  8. two countertops like this and some photos from when I finished. The New Age seemes to be the best deal out there. I think my whole setup was was under $3500. Bought the long countertop on homedepot.com since it was clearanced and $150 off.
  9. New studies showing chrome is the biggest snoop out there. VM a box, Tor, then proxy
  10. No sir. But id give up the cabinets before I gave that up. Best $250 to put in a garage
  11. I did the new age ones. You can get them through Homedepot too. Looks much better when its not lived in.

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