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  1. I run both in my RZR. I use the tablet for Engine interface and diagnostics / wideband info. The Lowrance is so easy to use though. Both of these I can take a hose to.
  2. Thats what I meant. Might as well buy a Lowrance for that price. Android have them built in for $179
  3. Doesnt the ipad require you to have cel coverage? I have an indash Android tablet, has all the same apps available. Yea glare is bad and this Labor Day in Moab it got so hot it wouldnt stay on. Id say the dedicated units like Lowrance and Magellan are a better option.
  4. Like showing up to the super bowl at 10 PM with half a six pack..
  5. This is pretty much what the sand car industry is. Some do good, some dont. In building this car the way it is, he's using Ls/Mende/King type off the shelf stuff. So if he's moved onto other things, its not like you wont be able to keep the car going. That suspension bulkhead damn
  6. As TJ can vouch for, thats a lot of car for 32k. I have 40k in receipts for my Z1 build. Not including 1 nickel in labor or the XP1K to start. Of course I have a lot of bling, and upgrades. My understanding he has a "hell key" which is different tune. This tune will not produce the rated HP with the stuff on there that CA has to have. again this isnt necessarily what he said, its what im understanding. He told me he may just reproduce the Z1 block and build them right with pistons and a spec'd turbo/rods. Easy to get 300 there.
  7. I have a 320HP Z1 long travel until then Only difference is I trust his engineering WAY more than mine. Honestly though Ive got my clutch figured out, Only lost one belt and only get warm climbing the cinders. Took it out to MOAB this summer and busted an axle. No big deal. My Z1 is awesome. But I want a factory car again.
  8. Just got the email. Car #211. 39 left!
  9. Well I called them. The gal wasnt sure of all my questions, So Robbie himself called me back. The cars at the sancho did have Z1s in there ( I wasnt there). He confirmed what I already knew, the Suzuki is out of those short blocks, and although Robbie can probably source 400-500 of these, he isnt sure if he will replicate this motor, use the 998 Yamaha sourced one, or build his own Speed motor. It comes with a 225HP tune no matter what. For $1 he will sell you a 300HP tune, you pull whatever stuff your state will allow you to (wink), add a different "replacement pipe". Im order #632 (And yes I got the seats roof etc)
  10. Well Suzuki builds the Z1 motor. Its also discontinued on all platforms. Replaced by the 998 Yamaha made Arcitc Cat. My guess (and Im not that much of a motorhead,) but a thicker gasket could yield you a 1cc displacement?
  11. This has the Yamaha built Arctic Cat motor that the sled guys (and new arctic cats) have. Sled folks are getting 350 out of these things with a head gasket. The Z1 is an 1100 (1056) This rig is beautiful, and no reason to upgrade anything.
  12. Hasnt the RZR been full tube since the 900?
  13. Considering the back half is replaced in this kit, I dont why it isnt strong enough. What part dont you think is strong enough?
  14. Watched the whole video. Has 934 300M axles. I dont see the weak link here. That 2019 chassis is plenty strong. Suspension is aftermarket. Should be a fun $50k RZR lol

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