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  1. Big fan of the Raptor 250. Built one for my wife as she is only 110 lbs and isn't comfortable on the 400/450 size quads. It's got a little motor work done just cause, but it's a blast to ride. I feel like it's a great size and huge confidence booster for a smaller less experienced rider.
  2. Not a 4 seat 1000. Ours is about 4 inches from cabinet and the raptor 250 won't go in straight. I used to put 2 quads side by side with a 2 seat 900.
  3. In my 35cr I put a LT50 in the kitchen sideways then a RZR XP4 1000 and a long travel Raptor 250 sideways in the very back. When I had a 2 seat XP 900 I could put 2 quads side by side in the back. There are times I wish we had the 40 but oh well.
  4. Saw this rig I-10 eastbound outside of Tucson, AZ this morning on my way to work.
  5. Headed to Heber-Overgaard to get a break from the triple digit temps this weekend and want to know what's the better route from Tucson. I'm pulling our 38' toyhauler and RZR. Google maps says both ways are about the same on time but the way through Phoenix is about 40 miles longer. It's been a long time since I've been through Salt River Canyon but I remember it being tight with a lot of elevation change. Is the way through Phoenix and Payson a little easier elevation and traffic wise? I appreciate any input.
  6. I just bought my girlfriend an '08 Raptor 250 and would like some advice for those of you that have one. She weighs about 115lbs. The quad came with Cyclone paddles, but they feel really heavy and I don't like them. I am thinking Skat Traks because I have always had good luck with them. Should I go with the haulers or the gliders and how many paddles? Also which size is better: 18x9.5x8 or 20x10x8? As far as fronts go, the stock tires are bald so I need to get new ones. Anyone have the 21x7-10 Skat Trak Mohawks and how do they perform? What gearing does everyone run for the paddles they have? I bought a complete long travel front end and an axle for it, but I'm wondering how the stock swingarm and rear shock do in the dunes. Did you leave it stock or at least put an aftermarket shock in the rear? My last question for now is how sturdy are the stock clutches? It's an '08 and still has the original clutch that feels ok, but I would hate to get out there and it decide otherwise. Did you replace with the OEM plates or go aftermarket? Thanks for any input you have!
  7. I'm Morgan's brother. The 2 tickets I have are for Section 132 Row 36 Seats 9 & 10. I am located in Tucson, AZ but they are the print at home tickets so I can send you the email with the PDF file. $200 takes both tickets!
  8. Came across this on the same ride as we stumbled upon the stop sign. Anyone else seen it? Checked it again on Thanksgiving 2010 and still had same stuff in it. Someone in our group even retrieved a lanyard they placed in the box from the Easter 2010 trip.

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