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  1. drofmij

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    I know a r&p for a Mendi s5- 2d is around 1400, a fortin is 4k.
  2. drofmij

    Buggy parts for sale

    I am interested in the calipers, over by Havasu. Will you ship and take paypal?
  3. drofmij

    CV Saver/CV Tear Down Write Up

    Tatum sells a seal for that side Jeff. Can't seem to find the number, I will keep looking. Don't know if it will work with the gear one found it ;http://www.skf.com/in/products/seals/industrial-seals/power-transmission-seals/v-ring-seals-north-america-pt/index.html?designation=401802
  4. drofmij

    Batteries For 09 Duramax

    im not even close to a baller like you. looked them up and if its the right one they are about 250 each. 100 more than the optimax. the optimax I have in there have been great, just now I don't drive the truck every day anymore and I had read optimax sucks since they moved everything to mexico. The craftsman platinum battery is same as the odyssey, and about the same price as an optima.
  5. drofmij

    Poundsand Or Anyone?

    X2 What did he charge? What did poundsand do to your rzr/rail ? Was it just not enough of a difference in ride quality to justify the cost? It was noticeably harsher in the rear, not stiff enough in the front which was my complaint from the beginning. I am not bashing Ed. What I am saying is why pay him when you can get it done for free through fox or king. I didn't know any better.
  6. drofmij

    I Think This Needs To Be Pointed Out

    You gotta start high, everyone watches gas monkey garage. You want to see some low balling go on some of the classifieds on FB.
  7. Sequential is way more fun to drive, 930's is your next weakest link
  8. drofmij

    Stuck Cv Joint

    Get a bigger hammer, block of wood and hammer. The grove around the outide of the stub axle is a tight fit on some stub axles. Our car does the same thing. I wouldn't use heat or a flame wrench.
  9. drofmij

    Under Step Winch

    I would put at least a #5000 lb winch in there, a HF I would go 10000. You can always put a snatch block on there and double the pull.
  10. drofmij

    What Do You Watch?

    I could watch that video for hours
  11. drofmij

    Vehicle Wrap Recomendations

    empire destructive, they just did the outside windows at Kartek, just not in the inland empire
  12. drofmij

    How's This For A Race Team!

    They have already made waves with us............
  13. drofmij

    Poundsand Or Anyone?

    Don't waste your time with poundsand , unless you feel better about throwing money away. The going rate was $85 a shock to revalve and then its going to cost you $400 to show up and tune it. Not sure what fox gets to revalve but they won't charge you on the days they are tuning. I have used a couple of tuners and wasn't any better off than when I started. Ed being one of them. I threw alot of money at it.
  14. drofmij

    Poundsand Or Anyone?

    they come with fox internal bypass shocks on the turbo model I guess I should read a little closer, I didn't see it was in sxs technical. Call Fox, they do a tune day in Plaster city and sometimes Barstow.
  15. drofmij

    Poundsand Or Anyone?

    What brand of shocks?

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