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  1. I have a new Raptor, and you electronically put it in "flat tow mode". I was wanting to flat tow my Raptor, and It was expensive to set it up, Tow hook mounts, tow bar, and then the braking system, which is one of those "brake buddy" systems. I'm speculating that the brake buddy system is what failed and it was applying the brakes until they go so hot that something failed. I'm definitely interested in learning more. I'm going to show this to the "boss" since I told her a couple months ago that I didn't want to flat tow the Raptor, and I wanted to just buy a Jeep or something so that if something did happen, I would only be out a jeep, not my Raptor.
  2. Depends on the steel, low chrome alloys should always be stress relieved, well depending on thickness. I'm actually making some repairs to some Chromoly spring plates at work, and they will be first pre-heated to 300 deg, then the cracks removed, welded and then stress relieved.
  3. OK, what do you want for the Wagoneer?
  4. Yes long bars, they should be part number 31226. 26 9/16" long, I could probably get away with 25mm bars and just put a little more pre-load in them. Are you're new or really low miles? Mine passed the crack check, but Sway A Way recommended I replace them since they have a couple thousand miles on them.
  5. Does anyone have a hook up on parts, or a dealer for Sway A Away? I need some new torsion bars for my Class 11 car before the Mint 400, but the 300M bars are $850, and with a motor prep, trans prep, shock prep etc.....I'm hoping to see if I can save a little money somewhere.
  6. That was super cross legend Andrew Short.
  7. Casie Curry also won SXS class, so 2 Americans won this year!
  8. I'd really be interested in these if you can download them into a Lowrance if you know. I have a place near needles, on the AZ side, and these would be very useful.
  9. There are a few makes. Kamaz, Iveco, Man, Tatra are a few of them, I'm sure there are more.
  10. In my experience the 34pict is a POS carb, the 28 is a fantastic carb, but they don't remanufacture it any longer unfortunately.
  11. Lorenzo at WR racing does my trans in my Class 11 car, he's in Monrovia. He does other VW work, so I'm sure this is up his alley. (626) 305-7223
  12. Well, it's actually my kids, so I'll pass on the congrats to him. That silver one in SD was ridiculously clean, and pretty much in new condition. He was only able to talk him down to 34,500, but seems like it was still a pretty good deal.

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