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  1. Yeah, I'm in Torrance, over near the Court House. My son is about to start as an Operator at Chevron next month. I was an Operator for 10 years but moved out of that roll 20 years ago. Whats your brothers name? Slim chance I'd know him, there's 1000 people there, but maybe so.
  2. Deegan, I think. I forgot he lived over here too.
  3. I try not to call Mike by that name, he never liked it at work. Myself, I would have embraced that name and made sure everyone called me by my full name. Bob who is your next door neighbor?
  4. LOL, you must be referring to Michael Ray. Theres actually quite a few more of us in the neighborhood.
  5. Some of this is true, I believe all stations mix 87 and 91 at the pump to get 89. The meetings between refineries are done to buy and sell fuel from each other, this is done because at one point or another there is some sort of large maintenance work being done which prevents the individual refineries from being able to make 100% of their fuel. The only way to keep their stations running is to buy fuel from someone else. I don't know the exact specifics because I don't work in that field, but gasoline is bought and sold similar to stocks, and prices per gallon are determined by future projected demands, either because of trael during the summer, or competing refineries being shut down for maintenance.
  6. I might be biased, been with Chevron for 30 years, but I only run Chevron, the Techron additive is no joke.
  7. The basic fuel is the same from brand to brand, the additives added after the refining process are the difference between brands. FWIW, California has it's own blend of gasoline due to environmental regulations in California.
  8. I run 2 Baja Designs XL80 Racer Editions on the pillar of my Ford Raptor and they are IMPRESSIVE to say the least.
  9. Is money an object? That could be the difference between done, and done right. Check out my buddies shop. Hotrodsandhobbies, he's in signal hill and is one of the top builders in the country. It's for sure going to get done right, but I'm pretty sure he's not cheap.
  10. When I was in Australia, I really wanted to bring one of these home, and thought they might sell well if they brought them over to the US, especially since Holden is a product of GM. I took this picture in Sydney. The cool ones were LS powered and sounded damn good. I have no idea what powers the plain jane ones.
  11. That's a Holden, never seen one in the US. I'm not sure they still produce it, but there were some pretty bad ass models of those built. Holden, is Chevrolet in Australia.
  12. Looks like a Q7, should be a V6 with around 330hp and has a towing capacity of like 7Klbs.
  13. It will only be original once, I wouldn't restore it. Clean that thing up and enjoy it the way is/was.
  14. May 18th, it's just a one day deal, we are ending up to some indian casino in Winterhaven CA, then just taking the Hwy home Sunday. PM if you're interested.

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