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  1. I know someone selling some Robby Gordons, they are ridiculously nice. He's asking $1500 for the set.
  2. The number of the beast is 666, not 6666 FWIW.
  3. Blake is a super nice dude, hit him up on Instagram, and ask him, He will probably answer.
  4. Thanks, It has a bunch of original rare Empi parts on it from the 80's. Feel free to ask away when you have questions.
  5. Those are actually BRM's, not originals, as those are about $10K for a set of real ones, these are speedwell re-productions. It has a bone stock 1600
  6. For the OP incase you don't know, a 66' is a ball joint, a link pin beam will not bolt up.
  7. https://www.airkewld.com/Stage-1-PRObuilt-Adjustable-Beam-Complete-2200-p/2200.htm This is one of the best beams on the market. I'd imagine you can find something similar for a little cheaper. This will get the car real low, and still ride great.
  8. I have been into VW's for last 40 years, and have had many lowered Cal style bugs, back to the early 80's. As some have said here, lowered spindles are great. For me, the ideal look and ride, is going to be a 2-4" narrowed from beam, with adjusters, and lowered spindles. You can get the car REAL low, and will still ride well. With narrowing the beam, you'll get the room to steer the car, and have the fender clearance. in my opinion the wheels look a better with a narrowed beam too. For the rear, you can just reset the torsion bars/spring plates, it's free. You can buy a complete narrowed, lowered beam with spindles all complete, and just bolt it in. For tires, I'd run 135's up front, and a 205 in the rear. This is my last car, I recently sold it to mom, who is 69 years old, she had one of the first lowered bugs in I would 1979, which happened to be a 66'. She loved this car, and told me I could not sell unless I offered it to her first. It sat very very low, and rode great, I did raise it up a little for her though, as the front apron hit almost everything and took a little "lowered car" skill when driving. This car has the above set up I mentioned above.
  9. It's also covered in Havasu 4 Wheelers stickers for past runs, and above the windshield are all of the club badges from when he first bought jeep. The hood scoop has to go though. Just need to find something clean to cover up the hole in the hood.
  10. Well I finally joined the Jeep club. I've been shopping for a while looking for something to tow behind my motorhome. I was out at my place in Topock unsupervised, and ran across this ad for this jeep. I had nothing to do so I ran over to Havasu to take a look at it since the ad was very vague and really no details, but it looked clean in the 1 picture they had. Turned out to be a sort of Estate sale, as the older gentleman that owned it was in a home with Alzheimer's (pretty damn devastating disease). The sellers didn't know much about the jeep and couldn't really ask the owner. Well the jeep turned out to be an 01' Sahara with only 71K miles on it and was SUPER clean, with some actually goodies on it. It's got some sort of lift, with aftermarket rear upper and lower arms, front lower arms, and Antirock sway bar in the front, winch, skid plates, on board ARB compressor, and a whole bunch of "old man" gadgets (compass, altimeter, outside air temp thingy, CB) which I love and will be keeping in the jeep. Oh yeah, and it came with a new tow bar, and is already wired up to be towed. This stupid scoop really needs to go, but I can't find anything I like, I like the clean understated look of this thing, and don't really want to put one of those giant hood vents on it. I immediately called my buddy and told him I wanted to do my first trail, so after I got it back to Topock, we took it out to some mines and cool trails near Oatman. THEN, I called the wife to let her know we had a new jeep, She was not impressed with so called "work week" at the river house. I've already ordered an adjustable track bar to fix some steering issues, and some Fox shocks for it. It needs some tires, but the wife said I can't buy tires and wheels for it until after the COVID-19 shift since she's not working.
  11. I have a new Raptor, and you electronically put it in "flat tow mode". I was wanting to flat tow my Raptor, and It was expensive to set it up, Tow hook mounts, tow bar, and then the braking system, which is one of those "brake buddy" systems. I'm speculating that the brake buddy system is what failed and it was applying the brakes until they go so hot that something failed. I'm definitely interested in learning more. I'm going to show this to the "boss" since I told her a couple months ago that I didn't want to flat tow the Raptor, and I wanted to just buy a Jeep or something so that if something did happen, I would only be out a jeep, not my Raptor.

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