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  1. Make sure it's a manual, She'll always be cooler than everyone else because she knows how to drive a stick!
  2. I've seen it many time up close, the fit and finish is first class. The details and scale of this bug are incredible, and this guys talent is crazy!
  3. These radios need a little modification to transmit on the "standard" race frequencies, do you know if that's been done by chance?
  4. Curious where you ended up, My wife and have been looking since we are retiring in about 4 years. We really like an area on the outskirts of Kingman (Lazy Y-U ranch), and we recently were visiting some friends in Cave Creek, and we really liked that area, but seems a little pricey. We are looking for a couple acre lot, something in the 600K range, and not too far from our river house, which is in Topock.
  5. UGH, Now I'm trying to talk myself out of buying this Eagle, it's clean as hell, and I've always wanted one of these.
  6. That was a good price for a nice little car
  7. Where is it located? My son is looking for a beater while he cages his pre-runner truck. What kind of real world MPG's do you get?
  8. Missed out a few days, what were you asking for it? Must have been a good deal.
  9. Cool, I like drinking on Thursday nights, I don't work Fridays!
  10. Are you in this band? I've seen you guys a couple times if so, I love Starboard Attitude, one of my favorite bars in the S. Bay. Except it gets so hot in the summer.
  11. LOL, 75K for a single cab. he'll be holding onto that thing for a loooong time at that price. It's probably better priced at around 20K.
  12. Are you friends with Ian Roussel?
  13. Yeah, I'm in Torrance, over near the Court House. My son is about to start as an Operator at Chevron next month. I was an Operator for 10 years but moved out of that roll 20 years ago. Whats your brothers name? Slim chance I'd know him, there's 1000 people there, but maybe so.

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