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  1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Rub some dirt on it.
  2. Not sure I ever received it? I would definitely be interested if you know of a better spot.
  3. Still wondering about Mule Canyon behind Calico. Is it still open? Went there about 2 years ago. Seemed safe but it was definitely crowded.
  4. Ha! Truth be told I’m thinking about making a left off the 15 on Wash Rd for about a mile and setting up shop for about an hour. Casings and Shells will be picked up when I’m done just like I was never there 👍
  5. That Sucks!! Probably been about 10 years since I’ve been shooting out there, I usually go to the area in Lucerne valley on the back side of Big Bear but its a little far for a turnaround. How about Mule Canyon behind Calico?
  6. I can pick it up tomorrow around 10:30 am if it’s still available
  7. 02 GMC Sierra SLT with 8.1 bought new. It has 107,000 miles on it (not my daily driver) It can Tow a 11000 lb Toyhauler around without an issue. Paid it off back in 07. Up keep and repairs cost about $1500 a year just because I like keeping my truck in good condition. No truck payment!! PRICELESS
  8. Thinking about doing some plinking this weekend. Haven’t been there in awhile. Outside of the current coronavirus closures is it still open?
  9. I think this weekend will be the test. After Newsome’s ‘Safer at home’ BS on Thursday If the number of cases don’t go down we’re going to see a total shut down. Not sure if it will be on a state by state basis or the entire country. I hope I’m wrong but time will tell
  10. San Bernardino just followed suit with LA county. There goes Happy Hour. 🤬🤬
  11. Helped my brother in law move a gun safe into his house and I got paid in TP. I guess the going rate for something like that these days is 6 rolls and some Baby wipes. So don’t get underpaid if you’re ever in a situation like that. I am very proud of myself for being able to provide for my family in tough times like these. 😳
  12. I’ve heard it from some pretty reputable sources. After Dr Fauci today I believe it might be coming. Crazy ass times for sure. What say you?

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