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  1. He's good, The wing on on top of the snug top has the arse end firmly planted
  2. Try the Waze app on your phone.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good shop in the Rancho Cucamonga area that can do a front end alignment on a lifted truck with 37" tires. I'm having trouble finding somebody. The last guy I called said "I think I can do it, Bring it by" He wasn't very convincing though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Lol! I have so many stories on this subject. There was the one call I got about one of my employees pissing in a corner outside of a tinted office window. Evidently the woman on the other side didn't enjoy the view. Then there was the client that sent me a picture of an employee pissing on the side of her house. Had to fire that one. My favorite was the complaint I received about the guy pissing on the side of a porta- potty. When my Superintendent confronted him as to why he would pee on the side of it and not in it. His comment was. " Those things are disgusting"
  5. Awesome Truck! My Dad had a 79' same body when I was a kid. All my buddies thought it was a Bad ass truck. I still think its a BAD ASS truck. GLWTS!
  6. Years ago I worked for a landscape company up in the Antelope Valley. We installed about a 1/2 mile long streetscape with irrigation,trees and shrubs. It had only been in the ground for about a month so nothing had really begin to root. Turns out the client decided he didn't want to pay for it so the owner of the company I was working for sent about 30 guys to the site and had us repo everything we installed. LOL
  7. I'm a pretty big drag racing fan. Ive met Kenny Bernstein, John Force, Jesse James in Alexis De Joria's pit, Jack Beckman and a few others. All of them were super cool with the exception of John Force. He turned out to be a pretty big douche bag.
  8. A source close to him said it was a Heart Attack. RIP
  9. Whatever you do don't let your wife throw an unopened expired can of chipped beef into the fire.You'll never get invited to go camping with the group ever again. No, It wasn't my wife but I did smell like chipped beef for the rest of the trip.
  10. Bet that site is gonna get real popular in about 30 min.
  11. LOL, Dude is driving around promoting a pornsite on his license plate frame. Not that I would know, I heard from a friend of a friend.

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