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  1. Brandon Long

    Genesis two seater with Toyota 3.0

    I have ridden in this car and run with it for years in the past. Amazing car and very nimble. This is a great deal.
  2. Brandon Long

    2007 FUNCO GEN 4 39K

    Well, for the hell of it has anyone offered his 39K to see what he does? Seems like a strange situation.
  3. Brandon Long

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    Can you build this for me? Our pool is just about complete and we are looking for BBQ set ups. This is perfect.
  4. Brandon Long

    Hitch of choice - thinking alum

    Thanks guys! I will review both of these.
  5. What’s the go to hitch of choice at the moment? Normally use a weight distribution with the RV. Picked up a new truck and I’m looking for something effective that still looks nice. I’ve seem a few polished aluminum ones that look nice. Would like a 10-12k rating at least.
  6. Brandon Long

    Jeep Pics

    Just got back from EJS! Had an amazing week out there.
  7. Brandon Long

    6 year old, bmx bike info

    It’s a lot of fun during the build and ride. We even matched, stems, bars, cranks etc just different lengths. My girl now has one too and she is riding bmx as well.
  8. Brandon Long

    6 year old, bmx bike info

    I did a father son build with my little guy. Used to race bmx, but it does get very busy. Street and trick riding seems to be a lot of fun. We built matching bikes, I went with FBM 22" and we went with a FBM 20" with a slightly smaller frame for Ryan. Both frames we custom ordered to size spec which was nice. He was 5/6 when we built his and just turned 7. When he outgrows his current frame I can transfer all of his parts to a larger frame. S&M is West Coast and FBM is more East coast but FBM did a great job with our sizing. Did a clear powdercoat on a tig welded frame. They both turned out really nice.
  9. Brandon Long

    Alumicraft Pre-runner LS1/S4

    Great car! Gotta love those Alumicrafts.
  10. Brandon Long

    1973 Baja Bug

    I bet that is even fun on the street to drive around! Very nice build.
  11. Brandon Long

    09 crf 50

    Yes, Honda sold KTM is still available.
  12. Beautiful coach and great ad.
  13. Brandon Long

    The Coobster took a fall

    Glad to hear he is ok, never a good thing but hopefully a speedy recovery.
  14. Brandon Long

    09 crf 50


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