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  1. That's an animal! Your going to have a lot of fun and stay reliable! Congratulations.
  2. Very cool car! Clean and set up well.
  3. I am very disappointed your not showing a skeleton on a 70 in the front yard haha!!!!! Looks good!
  4. Is this possibly when they say scheme identifying the octane level ie: VP110 is actually 100 octane? Sounds good but whenever I have purchased their fuel they have notified me of the actual octane is different from the name. Just a thought in their defense possibly?? Maybe it will bring down the prices a little. I'm guilty of running VP, Sunoco, or F&L due to which is easier to get that weekend. Availability or price.
  5. Feel free to give me a call with any questions. Native to the area, local and been doing this for a long time. BTW: Big thanks to above posts supporting me. Always appreciated. Been helping board members for many years and always enjoy it. I have options available and I have quite a few unconventional methods. My cell is 619-990-3179 if you want to talk.
  6. Thank you for all the info guys. Small rocks definitely sound like a no no. Going to go look at the river rock or the larger rock pieces like the pic above. Maybe I should break up different areas and do some of each. Sounds like the smooth river rock around the pool is best though.
  7. Removing all the mulch and bark and putting in rock. Will be placed around walkways, planters near the pool, fence lines and outside larger grass areas. Landscape is tropical design, palms, birds etc. Always used to see river rock as a first choice but I’ve been seeing more larger crushed rock lately. Opinions? or any pics of what you did would be cool thank you.
  8. True strength. - Thank you for posting.
  9. TTT - open to trades for kids two wheeler, (drz125, TTR, KLX)
  10. Looks like a fun car, I like the air cleaner set up.

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