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  1. I have a bunch of those solid or rotating laser led lights. They will absolutely light up the house and cover about 20-30 ft per light. Unplug and throw in a box after. Super simple and no holes in the house.
  2. I had someone as if I wanted to sell one of my cars and at the time I said no. Decided too short time later and the guy did end up buying it. I have seen cool cars in the past and told people if they ever want to sell to let me know.
  3. I like to keep an eye to make sure group is safely tight to avoid someone taking a wrong line the other way, or to avoid a different group seeing our line and intersecting someone that may be falling behind. If someone is too close then maybe they should lead!
  4. Unless injured I’ve always followed the rule of getting the vehicle out of the dunes at night or sleep with it. At camp lock it up and insure them. I’ve woken up in Glamis multiple times with footprints that weren’t ours around the toys. There are definitely some lurkers that’s for sure.
  5. I’m thinking if you have propane that could be the ticket. My concern about natural gas would be in the event of a different type of disaster or earthquake the utility company could easily shut the natural gas off. Propane or diesel you could at least control.
  6. I’ve sold homes with these systems and they are very nice. Normally natural gas or propane depending on service. A few diesel set ups, personally I feel diesel would be nice since you can always get it.
  7. Most of the time a big truck or two can help but I’ve seen tow trucks with a winch pull as well. I’d suggest securing a front tow point so you do not damage your generator or fiberglass if you need to hook up from the front.
  8. I am sorry for your loss, you did a real nice job writing your post. Just keep looking up...
  9. For real, kinda sad you have to lie to buy a quad these days, or call it a "camp bike". In all reality though that was the only dealer that interrogated me on age. Others have not asked. Just a heads up to the OP.
  10. Just a heads up, make sure you look at the sticker on the quad if buying new that identifies min age. I was in ECC a while back and went to buy a new one. Sales guy asked me how old my daughter was and when I told him he said he wouldn't sell it to me. Apparently my response to him saying that was enough for them to ask me to leave. I've had good luck at FBC & NCY.
  11. Very nice! I bet it will tow great.
  12. Great deal and has all the upgrades.
  13. I have a twin air ARB that works well. It stays pretty cool when running.

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