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  1. This is very true too. Also another one is (blank price) FIRM do not have to sell.... Everyone likes a little wiggle room.
  2. You forgot the friend approach too where one prospective buyer has his three friends call/text and low ball to think they will get a better deal. Nothing wrong with a low ball its a free world but not a fake one to say the least. I recently sold an item here on the board where the friends of the buyer that weren't even interested texted me low ball offers as if they were interested for only the buyer to try and get a deal. Funny thing, is when this happened to me the buyer which was a great guy actually told me his friends did it and although he paid what I was asking he said it was worth a shot.
  3. May be a little over kill but I go easy on the brakes at the beginning on my vehicles. I still rather its needed or not do not tow for the first 1500 miles, and do not set the cruise control.
  4. 4 new take offs (2019 ram 6 lug) LT275/65R18 Falken Wildpeak AT Looking to clear some space asking700 obo.
  5. I have 4 left (10 dollars each) if anyone is interested. These are the "preferred" ones per city inspectors. 40 bucks obo.
  6. Thin weather stripping just where the panel touches the bars,
  7. The low COG and sound of the flat6 motors are tough to beat but its easy to throw an LS with a moderate build for the price. I think if price was not the issue the 6cyl built motors would be more common. Years ago I had a Porsche motor in a car and it was fun. I also have had several 4 and 6cyl Subaru set ups and those seemed better in my opinion. Maybe lighter? Not sure but more fun. Then I went to LS motors and although the instant throttle is fun the speed in the dunes is still better with the low cog set up in my opinion. My opinion is based of duning though, not drag racing.
  8. I have ridden in this car and run with it for years in the past. Amazing car and very nimble. This is a great deal.
  9. Well, for the hell of it has anyone offered his 39K to see what he does? Seems like a strange situation.
  10. Can you build this for me? Our pool is just about complete and we are looking for BBQ set ups. This is perfect.
  11. Thanks guys! I will review both of these.
  12. What’s the go to hitch of choice at the moment? Normally use a weight distribution with the RV. Picked up a new truck and I’m looking for something effective that still looks nice. I’ve seem a few polished aluminum ones that look nice. Would like a 10-12k rating at least.

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