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  1. We are learning day by day how to react. Even in this post from beginning to now its clear this is changing quickly. I think we all need to do our best to protect ones with current health conditions and most importantly maintain a positive and strong mindset.
  2. I heard there was a life flight from a side x side accident behind shell reef at Ocotillo wells. Possibly related?
  3. Great score, and very clean Jeep. You will have a blast in it.
  4. AG sand cars Dustin does a great job too.
  5. For me it’s been somewhat entertaining watching everyone. Not much of a hand shaker to begin with so my routine hasn’t really changed. Gym was less crowded which was nice and didn’t have to wait for a table this weekend at a restaurant.
  6. That's been my secret trick... Wife used to wonder why I bought avon lol.....
  7. Sadly true, spreading through and beyond CA too.
  8. Congratulations and looks great!
  9. May also want to check into Axial. I have not driven the Traxxas but I drove an axial this past weekend and it was very impressive.
  10. Great build & great looking! Someone will score with this.

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