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  1. I heard that some folks got the call today about there delivery dates ? Is this true? and if so ,let's hear about it .I am way down the line but this would be good news. Anyone know anything ??
  2. I agree, I have had 2 front loader washers and they just don't do it for me , I went with the basic Speed Queen washer and dryer and I am happy and they last forever, Most laundromats use them for a reason.
  3. I like many others have tasted some great Tequila, I also like Don Julio 1942 ,But for me "Arrecife Plata " is my favorite, I can not find it in the states .
  4. Well I was thinking way out of the box i guess, I am looking for any alternatives , I know a 2d would be better than a 091 built box . It's just amazing how these side x sides can handle the power some of these guys throw at them, I know they break but do they break them as often as we break a 091. Like i said just thinking out of the box and thought i would ask. Anyone have any good 091 cases laying around ,lol.
  5. Good answer , I have never purchased a CVT transmission and don't know the cost, I do know the cost of a rebuilt 091 fully built to the hilt transmission and that's about 4 grand & thats with a used case built in the 70's to handle 100 H/P, A 2D is great but won't hang much longer then a 091. I have been running these boxes for 20 + years and just thinking out of the box. Just throwing it out there to see if anyone else has been thinking out of the box. I think someday someone will take the challenge . I mentioned that fab work would have to be designed because of the orientation but if you have the fab skills this could be done. Thanks for the reply
  6. I have thought about this for years, I see guys pumping 3,4,500 hundred H/P into these CVT side x side transmissions and they seem to hang in there for the most part, Sure you have to change a belt maybe a couple times a year and a clutch every so often. Why has anyone not converted one of these, inplace of a 091 VW box that cost a lot of money any only last about 3 years. Perhaps someone has, but I haven't seen one. I believe it could save us some money . I know there would be a lot of fab work involved but it might be worth it.
  7. I don't use keys, When the trailer is not being used it's in my backyard & when I go for a ride my Dog watches over the trailer. Haven't had a issue in 10 years . Take that back, My dog passed away and there was a 8 month period going dogless , Then Bruno was Born, Don't mess with Bruno
  8. I also made up one, I ordered the parts that LARS mentioned above, I just made up a single for now then I will get a 3 way connector and makeup the octopus lines. Going to try it on my trailer tires today and will report back. Thanks for the Idea Alper .
  9. If it is considered a farm vehicle perhaps you can write it off on your Taxes ??
  10. Now that is what you call a Team Player , Sausage 450r I give you Mega props.
  11. Thank's , I will try this configuration and see if it works. Johnny
  12. I added 2 new 60 gallon each ,fresh water tanks a few years back and didn't take a picture of the wire colors and I believe I have couple wires mixed . If anyone has this same set up and don't mind taking a picture of the correct wiring sequence or just giving me the correct colors starting from the bottom or top I would be so thankful. Only one tank on mine has sensors. Thanks Johnny
  13. Samsung makes one that is called (SmartThings tracker) I think they are around 80 bucks, They are real small about the size of a silver dollar, No monthly fee. I throw it into my long range RC plane and they work great, Lost a plane one time and was able to recover it, You can also wire in a voltage step down and wire it directly to anything 12 volt. Can be hidden very easy , without being hard wired I believe it will last a few days.
  14. Could you give me the name of the company that has this deal. Do they have any other discounts if you have a license ?. I am currently shopping for a system and perhaps if I mention your name they could give you a deal on something you may purchase in the future for a recommendation. Probably a hat or a shirt , No one gives anything good anymore for a recommendation . As someone mentioned above, Is that a Battery bank would be nice and I understand that these batteries are getting cheaper.

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