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  1. Not sure yet, I had a 90 back in the day but started looking at the 70 and those look cool, I for sure would want to put a bigger motor in it. Perhaps a 120 or bigger, Just started looking around today for the first time, I really like the idea of having suspension on the front forks.Do you have any sites that sell aftermarket parts ??. I was in glamis last month and seen a group of guys that made it out to the swingset and I was blown away. I am going to look around a bit and decide if I want a 70 or 90 and then start looking for one. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Now why would you want me to drive off a cliff >>
  3. Is this the site ?? I need to find out where you guys get your parts. Does anyone make aftermarket parts for these bikes??
  4. I want to restore and trick out a old 3 wheel honda atc, I run across lots of pictures of guys with really nice 3 wheel machines . I am wondering if this is where you guys hang out or is there some site that everyone hangs out for parts , Ideas and question & answers. I first need to find one to restore and i assume it's not easy to find one. Way back the first year they came out I bought 2 of them for my wife & I , Had so much fun out in the desert, we rode all day and night. Johnny
  5. Awesome job, That came out great, What motor is that ?.
  6. I use to do exactly what ESCO did , I actually set it up in a way that once i tapped the throttle after the motor was warm the tie wrap would drop by itself but always was attached to the motor so i didn't have to find a tie wrap every morning. On my new motor the tuner took his time and solved that hard cold start issue and it just starts and idles no matter how cold it is. Not sure what he did exactly , but it starts as good as my chevy diesel or my Toyota FJ. Try the tie wrap trick it works great. I don't run E85 but I heard it does make cold starts harder. Good luck.
  7. I sent this to my Wife and hoping she buys this for my xmas gift, She did ask me what I wanted for xmas. It will sell in a hurry. HONEY check your email.
  8. Not familiar with a High country , I assume it's a diesel 4 door ??
  9. Have you called Eric at transworks , My buddy just bought a R&P from him , Not sure if he has the gears
  10. The dewalt tool kit at costco is pretty nice,forgot what i paid for it but the tools are of good quality and don't take up much room. I think they work great not only for a side x side but great for any job .

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