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  1. bryan1

    Your opinion on the events of 9/11

    If anyone is serious about this, and really wants the truth google a video called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. It is a real eye opener. I was in a meeting one day and 9/11 came up in a side conversation. The high rise structural engineer for the hotel we were working on voiced his very educated opinion and then recommended that video. It’s a must watch, start to finish.
  2. bryan1

    Miller 251

    Used for a few projects in the garage. Has the smallest Miller gun on it. Makes cage welding easier. I do not have the big gun anymore. Tossed it when we moved. Bottle not included. $1600
  3. bryan1

    Ls necessities

    What does it take to make an ls long block run?Besides the obvious (ecu, intake) can someone tell me what sensors and odds and ends it takes?
  4. bryan1

    Stack Digital Dash

    Oil, water, speed, and fuel if whoever buys it wants the sender from my old tank.
  5. bryan1

    Stack Digital Dash

    Stack’s iconic pre-configured dash displays have been trusted by racers for decades to monitor the most critical racing engine parameters, replacing the typical stand alone gauges (Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature, Fuel Pressure, Speedometer, and Voltmeter) with a waterproof, compact, lightweight, and rugged carbon composite display module. This tidy instrumentation solution clearly communicates essential vehicle performance data with minimum distraction Removed from my sand car. Works flawlessly. $700obo I also have a small formed aluminum console for it if whoever buys it wants it
  6. Just wait.... I'm sure some dickweed will chime in how it's somehow your fault. How they have a hard job and they can't give an inch... just incase you and your crew are planning a teriost attack.
  7. bryan1

    Rzr 1000 TPS Help

    I tried the three key strokes several times this morning and nothing came up in the display. Never noticed will it show a code when it actually does it? After the tps is unplugged the engine light stays on for a minute or two then goes away.
  8. bryan1

    Rzr 1000 TPS Help

    We have been having an intermittent problem with the tps on our 15' 1000. It runs fine and as it heats up it will it will randomly bog out and the engine light will come on. If you stop and unplug the tps on the gas pedal for a few minutes then plug it back it will run fine again. I cant seem to find anything on the internet about this problem exactly.
  9. Just an update.. HB 622 is still alive and moving through the channels.
  10. bryan1

    Slide Outs or Not?

    I have also owned several of both. Don't think I would go back to not having them. We do use ours a lot other then Glamis. Traveling, mountain biking, snowboarding, etc. The extra room is well worth it. We have one with three now, two living room and the bedroom and it's so much nicer with a big open area to hang out in when the weather is not so great. The new ones are driven by an electric motor that's mounted on the top inside the coach. Easy to replace, can be operated manually and doesn't see any of the weather.
  11. bryan1

    mounting ipad ??'s

    Lots of cars out there using them. Have asked for feed back and haven't heard a complaint.
  12. bryan1

    Room for shifter s5d

    Thank you for the input. After a some looking and some thought it will fit. Even if I have to lift the trans to bolt it all up. I was thinking it was a ball and cup and realized I can use a tiny rod end and use a button head bolt if I have too.
  13. bryan1

    Room for shifter s5d

    Installing the s5d in my car. mocked it up today and I only have about 1/2" between the outside of the shift arm and the frame. Is that enough room for the ball to bolt up and the cable to work correctly.
  14. bryan1

    Where to have beadlocks put on wheels

    Bones is the man. Very polite, fair and easy to deal with. Have never delt with any other companies because I have never had a reason to stray from omf.

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