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  1. bryan1

    Lincoln Weld Pac 180

    Yes sorry haven’t been on in a while. Still sitting in the same spot as that picture. I’m in palm desert.
  2. bryan1

    Lincoln Weld Pac 180

    Brand new never been used. Bought it in El Centro for a glamis repair and didn’t realize that it was 220 till I got all the way back. Just been sitting in the box in my garage for months. $450
  3. I’ve had nitto and toyo mt and am now running the ridge grapler. I hate the ATs and find the Nitto brand to be superior to toyo even though it’s the same company. The ridge grapplers are cool tires with the highest load rating of them all. I will continue to run them. That being said they are no quieter then the mt and in my experience don’t last any longer.
  4. bryan1

    F Thieves - An Engineer’s Revenge.

    Is this true?
  5. bryan1

    CA taxing yore text messages

  6. bryan1

    Glamis this morning

    Serious had a blast this weekend. Love the wet sand the few times a decade it happens
  7. bryan1

    Plumbing - Clean Out Locator

    All of this is great info... Not every district has a clean out at the PL (property line). If you are indeed emwd, there may not be a clean out depending on the builder and the inspector (emwd technically does not require a clean out). The other factor is which side of the road the dry utilities are on. If they are on your side of the street and your neighbors have clean outs then it’s with in 3’ of the back of the easement (usually 5’ from back of walk). So if you see electric vaults or transformers on your side of the street and the neighbor across the street has one, yours is probably between 5 and 8 feet behind the walk roughly where the S in the curb is. Usa will do nothing but use that S in the side walk (maybe get a locator out for tracer tape, but it’s very likely not going to happen) But if you have any doubt, they will also mark out any dry utilities in your yard (yellow, orange, and red paint and making flags) remember, USA has 3’ on each side of their mark to be off by.
  8. bryan1

    Broken Windshield - Need new Season Pass

    Now this is seriously good information
  9. bryan1

    Glamis camp photos

    I think the saying goes “if you ain’t breaking, you ain’t drivin” we apply that to everything lol
  10. bryan1

    Sirius xm radio

    Don’t wast your money, have had it for years and don’t I even bother to turn it on. It sucks. Bluetooth and a subscription to Apple Music or Spotify is wayyyyyy better.
  11. Have seen video of my guys leaving for 2 hours worth of lunch, get out of a truck with it in drive and then chase it across the job till it went into one of our own trenches. I could do this all day. Just last month witnessed one of my minions get a chop saw out, set it behind the truck, close the box, get back in the truck and proceed to drive right over said chop saw because he forgot it was there. I just got in my truck and went on to the next job. Some things aren’t even worth talking about.
  12. bryan1

    Glamis Shiat Show

    I did see a lady walking a cat over thanksgiving
  13. bryan1

    Glamis camp photos

    No. Not that I know of. We just aired down and went for it. It doesn’t look like it but that section is fairly whooped out too. 6 days later drove right back out of there.
  14. bryan1

    Las Vegas - What is there to do for Teens?

    The go kart place by the airport is super fun. Carts are fast and the track is awesome
  15. bryan1

    The New Honda Talon!

    I could be wrong but I believe Honda was the first to turbo a lake lice (aka jet ski)

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