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  1. bryan1


    Sure are
  2. bryan1

    Lincoln Weld Pac 180

    Still sitting there
  3. bryan1


    3” and Away
  4. bryan1

    Lincoln Weld Pac 180

    Yes sorry haven’t been on in a while. Still sitting in the same spot as that picture. I’m in palm desert.
  5. Brand new never been used. Bought it in El Centro for a glamis repair and didn’t realize that it was 220 till I got all the way back. Just been sitting in the box in my garage for months. $450
  6. Sorry posted that and never checked back.
  7. Leaving tomorrow to head to Alabama to pick up a new trailer and head back.
  8. I’ve had nitto and toyo mt and am now running the ridge grapler. I hate the ATs and find the Nitto brand to be superior to toyo even though it’s the same company. The ridge grapplers are cool tires with the highest load rating of them all. I will continue to run them. That being said they are no quieter then the mt and in my experience don’t last any longer.
  9. sometimes I just sit back and wonder how in the world things have gotten this far.

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