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  1. https://store.custombuiltmotors.com/oiling-system/cbm-motorsports-ls-style-remote-billet-oil-filter-adapter---pan-mount-standard.html
  2. If you want the best, NMB/NHBB, but $$$$.
  3. Always replace the stock crankshaft bolt. ARP makes a nice replacement. https://arp-bolts.com/kits/arpkit-detail.php?RecordID=1367 Stock or after market harmonic balancers should be ok to reuse but inspect the rubber ring between the inner hub and the outer ring for deterioration. If it’s is cracked than replace the balancer. To replace the seal correctly you should use an alignment tool like this one https://store.custombuiltmotors.com/tools-/cbm-motorsports-ls1-ls2-ls3-ls7-lsa-ls9-front-and-rear-cover-billet-alignment-tool-set-with-free-ls-.html The stock crankshaft bolt is a torque to yield fastener so you will need a torque angle gauge (cheap $) for final torque. I believe the ARP bolt just requires a torque to Ftlbs.
  4. 4 Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar M+S 255/65 R 17 mounted on factory Chevy Colorado Z71 wheels. Wheels are 17 x 8 on 6x120 BHC. 100 miles on set and wheels and tires are perfect. $1000 OBO PM is best.
  5. They make a high quality wheel. Used to make two or three different styles of wide 5 bead lock wheels but looking at their website it would seem they only offer one now.
  6. Don Kent AllState Insurance 714-633-2351

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