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  1. Will have it out to you in the next day or so, thanks again. Robert-
  2. Thanks Brandon, Jerry would you like for me to get you payment?
  3. Hey Jerry, If this doesn't work out for KnR, I'd like to get it. Bought my last lap top from you and worked out great. Need to up-grade to the Windows-10, and figured it'd be easier just to get the whole package instead. One thing I can't remember is how we worked the payment. Robert-
  4. Duster

    WTB - Press Break

    Looking for a bench model box and pan press break, for 8-16 gauge material. Ideally 48" wide. Preferably used.
  5. Central-West Phoenix, M-F 8:00 - 4:30, must have experience and working knowledge in QuickBooks, Mid-40k+ to start, Medical / Dental w/ 401K. Please respond to this thread or email me bob@centralplastic.com. Put Glamis in the subject to let me know you read it here.
  6. You're not going to find that at Lake Mary. Ten miles south east is Mormon Lake, it has public showers, may want to call ahead for camping. Showers, Lodge, Bar, store all in waking distance. Best part is you can take off from your camping spot on your toy in any direction, even on the paved roads. Just don't be a moran, and the LEO's won't give you a second look. Ideally, get a forest map, soooo many trails and fun destination rides.
  7. Small business owner as well @ 12 employees. Crunch the numbers and try what I do, pay for 80% of their health care. The 20% from their paychecks isn't that much. Employee only, no family.
  8. If the Dems are somehow able to get the Kavanaugh nomination squashed, imagine the dance they'll be doing when he becomes appointed Deputy US Attorney General Kavanaugh.
  9. A greater percentage of my equipment is cnc based, and a lot of just ole basic gear, pulley and motors styles. More specifically, routers, panel saws, water jet, vacuum former, knife cutter, skivers, two post press's just of the top of my head. As I had mentioned earlier, most of the work is mechanical in nature and trouble shooting .
  10. I was hoping that maybe someone knew someone that knew someone type of thing. Have an light manufacturing industrial shop in Phoenix that time to time needs repair work done on my equipment. What I'm looking for is someone that has good knowledge of how machinery works and can do trouble shooting as well as repair work. Basic pneumatic, electrical and mechanical knowledge would be all they need. We try and do a lot of the work ourselves, but just don't have the time to do repair work and production at the same time. So if anyone knows somebody in this type of business, I'd appreciate the referral.
  11. Central / West Phoenix. This is a full time, one shift position. All benefits available after probation period. M-F 7:30 - 4:00. Pay DOE. Ideal candidate would be computer literate and fairly familiar with cnc operations, as we are willing to train the right person. The cnc machines they will be trained and working on will be router, water jet and panel saw. We're looking for someone that interested in a career, not a job. If interested please submit resume to: info@centralplastic.com
  12. Denounce your citizenship, if your state legislature is so hell bent on protecting the rights of illegals, it'd be the way to go. Tie it up in litigation, have the state pay for your legal expenses, all the while keeping the money you'd usually pay toward taxes. For as stupidly as the state appears to be run, seems it'd make the most sense.
  13. How about retro fitting an old beam mount fire extinguisher?

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